7 thoughts on “Growing Globally with Phone Number Identity (Google I/O ’17)”

  1. How is this secure? I lose my phone, and the next person that finds it now accesses my bank account? To use this, we definitely need to make the phone itself is only usable to the correct customer.

  2. Excellent demonstration of Mr. Devvret Rishi about phone auth in iOS and android.. and excellent feature you added phone auth for Mobile app Developers like us. Thank you…

  3. i am getting error in geny motion

    INVALID_APP_CREDENTIAL : App validation failed. Is app running on a physical device?

    and in android emulator

    Google play services need to update….?

  4. Wait, I want to be sure of something, its 10k verifications for free PER MONTH, does that mean I can verify 10k mobile number this months, and another different 10k next month meaning over the 2 months I can authenticate a max of 20k different numbers for free or…?

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