100 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – ALL Breakup Phone Calls”

  1. should have you should have put a picture of each person that was calling to break up. Not everyone played the game religiously when I came out.

  2. Helena wankstein
    Helena jackstein
    Helena masturstein
    Helena ejaculstein
    Helena jerkstein
    Helena selfpleasurestein
    Helena jizzstein

  3. "You're going to jail, Carl!"
    carl: is a one man army who stole a jetpack from the san andreas equivalent of area 51 and outruns cops every day, by the end of the game he has taken down a major crack empire, owns a casino, is friends with a basically mafia boss and a rich and famous as fuck rapper, who likely has connections with the police, and is one of the most successful people in the city even if he walks around normally:
    "Lol fuck you bitch"

  4. "I gave u chance after chance after chance, but I'm not taking any more shit"

    me here thinking about my crush and how I didn't even get even one little chance 😥

  5. 01:15 cj trying to commit suicide xD
    02:34 frustrated cj rage punching to the air
    06:26 CJ DIES couldn't take rejection nomore

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