100 thoughts on “Hands-On With The First “5G” Smartphone [!]”

  1. The carriers need to work on service coverage , data speed means nothing if you can’t get service. The U.S market is so fragmented due to having multiple carriers. Very tired of this idea we need higher data speeds!?

  2. Everyone needs to check out exactly what 5G is and then you will wish you'd never heard of it. Check out the YouTube videos about the unbelievable dangers of 5G

  3. NO YOU DON'T REALLY NEED IT!! Say NO to 5g wake up people this is a killer of your mind and your body! It will radiate you to your death! Please get the real info on what this technology truly is!

  4. Holy shit, there are so many spambots in this comment section, saying bullshit about "Smartphone Radiation" and whatnot. That's not how signals work.

  5. It's not ready. You get the plasebo effect due to non congestion on the network. Talk to me in 2021 about 5g. 4g lte got faster when it was thoroughly rolled out and they began shutting 3g down. 4g lte was trash when it first started and took a few years to be good.

  6. So will my Lenovo Moto z Droid Force work with the 5g I have the prongs on back and it was advertised when I got this phone before the z2 and z3 came out?

  7. Looking like it's time to move on and all the money I spent on the mods I have the first Moto Z force it's been a good phone for me and my battery life is pretty good for a day of moderate use I'm good with that! I'm looking for a new Moto z play 2016….

  8. I have a z3 and although the specs aren't exactly cutting edge, it's nice to have a phone that will last 2 days on a single charge. More and more mid range phones are outselling top tier phones because, like the z3 for me, it gets the job done with amazing battery life. It's almost 2019 and we shouldn't have to charge our phones every 6-8 hours. Also, I would personally recommend shaving your facial hair.

  9. I don't understand why Moto puts so much money and effort into their X series phones and mods when no one is buying them. Who do you know with a Moto phone other than than the budget E or G series?

  10. I don't think 5G will have helped in your airplane scenario; 5G is so short range that you wouldn't have the signal on the tarmac.

  11. I heard that 5G tech has waves so strong it kills birds flying all over I do Not think it will be safe …. It will make people sick … Read it up from internet its scary

  12. Id just be happy if they build a mobile with enough memory to hold all the video and games I love, without the operating system taking up two thirds of it!

  13. Get a 5G phone. It comes with brain tumor capabilities. For quick results, place firmly against your head for long periods of time….

  14. Isn't 5G designed for the next generation of personal devices?

    Does it even need to be said?

    Smart phone distruptors? What some in financial are calling "iPhone killers"?! In a decades time people will be laughing at how we used a 4G system using flat 2D screens…like it was old school

  15. China will steal whatever American or European companies patient. China is ABOVE THE LAW and answers to no law or patients or copy rights … nothing. China will steal your idea and manufacture it putting your or any creator out of business. Waste of time to create anything just to have it stolen by thug-China.

  16. 5G has too much radiowave radiation that can damage your health. Don't be too excited about it. I won't buy 5G phone until 5G radiation issue is addressed and rectified.

  17. This entire 5G technology is just the latest techno-gizmo electronic play toy being trotted out by The Great Whore itself, otherwise known as AT&T/Verizon/the Bell System. In all honesty, the Bell System is just a giant psych ward. If you're listed in their directory, well then you're an inmate in the asylum. After all, the emperor has no clothes!


  19. A 5G phone is 100 times faster than a 4G silicone phone.The 5G can control robots that is 100 times faster and control self driving cars.

  20. I think the bottom line is that we don't need a $1000 smartphone. So let's hope 5g can hit our $500 phones. I won't be sticking with Samsung on my next upgrade next Month because of their ridiculous prices and the fact that every phone I've had of theirs has broken in a protective case from a waist height drop.

  21. You as professional, and responsible for the life of many you at least should know about the health concerns and political environment around 5G. Just not speaking about that is not just ignorant but harmful.

  22. I'm just wondering are there any 5g ready phones already out ? What about the Samsung S10 will this phone support 5g or only the Samsung S10 5g model?

  23. 5g radio frequencies can’t travel through wet foliage which has already led to cutting down hundreds of thousands of trees

  24. I am srilanka bro not shop moto phone i like phone

  25. I wouldn't consider this moto Z4 the first 5g phone. Sure it may access the network but only because of the very separate mod that must be attached to it for you to receive said 5g network.

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