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Help Me Hank issues warning about calls from burner apps

Help Me Hank issues warning about calls from burner apps

and now we want to get to help me Hank warning about harassing texts and phone calls callers using new mobile apps designed to hide their identity yeah so one woman says that she received hundreds of calls and nearly every time the mysterious caller uses a completely different phone number our consumer investigator Hank Winchester finds out just how this is done we all get them from time to time a phone call or maybe a text message from a number that you just don’t recognize well now you’ll see how those numbers may be connected to people up to no good and what you should do to protect yourself these voicemails may sound legitimate we didn’t put any ad on Craigslist but Cathy Lewis says it’s actually somebody harassing her calls were in the middle of the night to 3 o’clock in the morning they’d call she has called and left messages as Adam Norman Billy Teresa noises and then there are the odd text messages each time a completely different phone number shows up on the caller ID but if you try to call that number back most of the calls originated from mobile apps that can be used to hide the caller’s real identity this one called text me lets you choose an area code and then one of several numbers they’re known as burner phone apps they do serve a legitimate purpose allowing users to create multiple phone lines while maintaining their privacy but the apps can be illegal in certain ways for every number I block he calls back with it some apps like spoof card let users customize the number that appears on the caller ID tricking the recipient into answering the call the caller ID had my son’s name on some of the apps websites like text me allow recipients to file harassment and abuse complaints which can lead to the caller’s account being shut down it’s quite a hassle to change your number I don’t feel I should have to change my number he should stop what he’s doing so who was the mystery man making those harassing phone calls while lewis says she has her suspicions and she’s going to be finally in a police report we should also tell you these apps do keep logs of calls and texts being made so the anonymous app likely not so anonymous after all I’m consumer investigator Hank Winchester back to you well how annoying I know all hours of the night and all the text messages and all that stuff to hopefully they can put an end to that

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  1. "the apps can be illegal in certain ways" Poor journalism. You should explain what is illegal about the app. Nothing. It's the act of telephone harassment that is illegal. No where in here did you mention how people could protect themselves, but rather continued to show the woman's phone going off to scare the audience. Very poor quality work. Glad I don't live in your viewing area.

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