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Henry Goes Undercover & Steals Piper’s Phone 📱| Henry Danger | Henry Danger

Henry Goes Undercover & Steals Piper’s Phone 📱| Henry Danger | Henry Danger

[yelling] [yelling] [yelling] [screaming] [laughing] Now I don’t want to hear
any more arguing in this junk store. – Fine.
– You’re not the boss of me. That is true. But I am the boss
of your brother, Henry. And since you’re directly related
to Henry via The Transitive Property, ex post facto, as long as you’re standing
in this commercial property VISA VIM infects somewhat! The boss of you! [laughing] What? Uh, Piper, you’re creating a disturbance
in my workplace. Oh, please! I’ve never seen anybody
work in this place. OK, well… – Look at Jasper.
– Hm? Just sitting there. Doing nothing but stuffing his face
full of popcorn. [laughing] Piper, go! Hey. You’re his boss. Dang right. [laughing] Then tell him that when a guy’s
nice little sister needs help to make a meet cute happen, her nice brother should say yes and
do his best to make her dreams come true. – Yeah, man. What’s wrong with you?
– What? [laughing] She needs a favor, man.
She’s your family! She’s your sister! – I get that, but–
– Do you have any idea what I’d give to have my sister back? I never will. All because of
a dark, rainy Wednesday in Kansas. And that terrible… Awful farm accident. Oh my God, seriously? No, but it happens. [laughing] So maybe you should appreciate
having a sister who’s still here and breathing, and not under
a dirty tractor wheel in Kansas. What…
OK, what planet have I landed on? You know, you’ve spent more time
whining about why you won’t help me when if you had helped me,
we’d be done by now and I’d have a boyfriend named Jackson! – Look, Piper I want to help you–
– Kid, go help her. – I can’t. I have to pack for New York!
– That’s an order! [laughing] I’m on my lunch break, man. Piper, come on.
Let’s go. Oh, yay!
This is going to be so great. Oh, yeah.
So great. Hey. No eating on the job. [shooting] [laughing] I’m on my lunch break! [laughing] [music playing] There! Over there.
See him? The cute boy in the blue jacket? Yeah, I see him. Isn’t he cute? I have no opinion on that. [laughing] Well, trust me.
He’s super cute. All right, cool. OK.
Boy… Blue jacket, super cute.
Now can we please get this over with? OK, hold on. Wait. – What is that?
– I’m giving you a disguise. – Hold still and be quiet.
– What– – Why is this necessary?
– ‘Cause… When Jackson becomes my boyfriend,
he’s going to meet your some day and I don’t want him to think
my own brother tried to jack my phone. Well, I…
What about… Yeah, OK.
That makes sense. [laughing] – We’re good?
– Oh, bend down. – Why do I have to bend–
– ‘Cause I said bend down! [laughing] Yeah Mom, I sent you the flowers. – You did? Why?
– Ah… – No reason.
– Oh come on, what’s the reason? – Just ’cause you’re my mom.
– Oh my God. You’re perfect! OK! OK, you look good. Yeah, I don’t know about this. You remember the enigmatic? Yeah, how’d you make that? I’ll tell you later.
Just go hide and get ready. Go! [laughing] [laughing] No way!
You’re mom got a new car? [laughing] Does it have a sun roof? It does! Oh my gosh! When you open it
can you see the sky? You can! Hey!
Give me your phone! What? [laughing] – No! Oh my gosh!
– Yeah! Help!
That jerk just stole my phone! Hey! Whoa, man.
Just give her back her phone– – What the butt do you think you’re doing?
– Oh my God! [screaming] [crashing] [laughing] Here’s your phone, kid. Great.
Thanks so much. [laughing] [moaning] [laughing] [moaning] This.. Was not covered in the enigmatic. [laughing]

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