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Henry’s Closest Calls Revealed in His Group Chat | #FunniestFridayEver

Henry’s Closest Calls Revealed in His Group Chat  | #FunniestFridayEver

My brother is Kid Danger,
but my brother is gross. So Kid Danger is gross?
But I love Kid Danger! So I love my brother? [screaming] Why were you hiding your broken arm?
We have a right to know. OK, listen everybody, listen, I’m not– I’m not Kid Danger, OK? OK, stop poking me.
OK, stop poking me, Melvin. OK, I have the arm, I get to speak now. Shh!
Shh! Thank you. Now, as I was saying, I’m not Kid Danger. – Prove it!
– I will prove it, Melvin. As soon as I… Think of something. Come with me to the janitor’s closet. I will be back with answers. Until then, Melvin has the arm. What is it, Jasper? Alright, take a look of the footage
of the playground pooper again. Dude, we messing with you, we know
we know you’re not the playground pooper. – I know I’m not, but what if you are?
– I’m not. – What if you are?
– But I’m not. – What if you are?
– But I’m not. – What if you are?
– What are you talking about? Just watch the footage. Yeah, man, we’ve all
seen the footage. You got a big problem on your hands. – I know that, thank you.
– Guys, listen! What if Henry was
the playground pooper? – That’s impossible, it’s you.
– Not it’s not! [gasping] How did you get in there? Wasn’t easy. I have an idea that will solve
all of Henry’s problems. – So do I!
— Cloggin, Cooper, what do you got? Schwoz? We set off a memory wave, and everyone within
a three block radius has no memory of any of it! Or anything else in their lives. – I mean, maybe.
– It is simple. Henry is Kid Danger,
Henry is Kid Danger. Why’d you tell Otto
that I’m Kid Danger, Charlotte? Yeah, not a great move, Charlotte. I didn’t mean to, I was trying
to get you guys to stop saying that Henry is Kid Danger. Henry is Kid Danger,
Henry is Kid Danger. – I have a problem.
– I have a solution. Sorry Otto, blame Charlotte. You can’t kill Otto,
it’s not his fault. Yeah, it’s your fault. Yeah, that’s why I said
blame Charlotte. Look, we can talk about
whose fault it is later. – Yours.
– Yours. Right now we have to deal
with the fact that Piper’s about to walk in here and hear… Henry is Kid Danger. OK, new plan, new plan. You, go outside, stall Piper
for as long as you can. How am I supposed to do that? I don’t know, just tell her that
you lost a retainer and she needs to help you find it. I don’t have a retainer,
my teeth are perfect. I lost my retainer last week,
been using a paperclip. Works just as well. Look, I’m not gonna say
I lost retainer, that’s a terrible excuse. OK, then make up a new excuse, OK?
I don’t care, Charlotte, you’re the smart one. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Hey, help me bring this
seed sack inside. Uh, you can’t go inside! – Why not?
– Because! Uh… I lost my retainer and I need you
to help me find it. But your teeth are perfect. I know! Because I have a retainer! Which I lost, and now my teeth
are going crazy! Ahh! So you gotta help me
find it right now. – Why can’t you just use a paperclip.
– Girl code! – Really?
– Girl code. Ugh. Girl code. Help me hide Otto upstairs
until we figure something out. Alright, what do we tell Piper
when she comes back and there’s no Otto? – That someone broke in and stole him!
– Yes. – Where you going
– I got a great idea, Henry! Henry is Kid Danger,
Henry is Kid Danger. Yeah, I know that, Otto,
shut your dang beak! Henry, how was the makeup store? – Huh, wakeup store?
– Yeah. You went to
the makeup store, remember? You sent us that text about
the “makeup” excuse. Which clearly meant
you were going to the makeup store. Clearly. Yes, yes, I was at the makeup store. Buying makeup. At the store, so, cool, yep, uh-huh. What’d you buy?
What’d you buy? Uh, that’s a good question Dad,
what did I buy? I bought… makeup. Well, where is it? Good question, sis,
where is the makeup? Mhmm, OK, so I don’t have it obviously. Because I saw an ugly person
on the street, and I gave them all my makeup
’cause they were so ugly. – That’s our boy.
– Oh!2

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  2. come on melvin isnt it obvious? henry was hiding his broken arm because he didnt want u and the other kids 2 think he is kid danger.

  3. Can you make full episodes please because my TV keeps on telling me to pay money to watch nickelodeon

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  6. This is like miraculous because you have a mask on that covers around your eyes and a different costume and no one knows you 🤯🤯🤯

  7. My brother is kid danger!
    But my brother is gross!
    So kid danger is gross?
    But i love kid danger!
    so i love my brother?!

    Me: *inserts leny face*


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