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Highest Paid Mafia Boss Tells the TRUTH About the Life

Highest Paid Mafia Boss Tells the TRUTH About the Life

100 thoughts on “Highest Paid Mafia Boss Tells the TRUTH About the Life”

  1. By far, one of my favorite interviews I’ve done. So many different elements to this interview.

    Michael is a great example of how drastically one can DECIDE to change their lives. Much love and respect to Michael for doing this interview.

    I want to hear your thoughts about the interview. What’s your biggest takeaway?

    Also, be sure to get his book 📚. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur or in sales.

  2. Michael Francheze is a rat! He testified against his father’s associates. One guy that Michael testified against is named Norby Walters.

    “Marovich said one of the most disturbing aspects of the case concerned the the agents' connection with organized crime as evidenced by the testimony of Franzese.

    'Michael Franzese's presence weighs heavily on the scales of justice,' the judge said.

    Franzese testified for the prosecution, saying for years he used veiled threats of violence to help Walters keep his entertainers under contract. He also testified he provided Walters and Bloom with $50,000 to open their business, World Sports and Entertainment. Walters repeatedly called Franzese a 'liar.'”



    Picture of Michael Francheze taking the stand.

    “Franzese made a deal with the Fed's and pleaded guilty to "two of the federal charges and all 65 of the state counts, even though that meant a prison sentence.

    “Later, he agreed to testify against Norby Walters, a sports agent who was charged with illegally signing college athletes," the Times noted.

    "Within weeks of testifying against Walters, Franzese was freed from prison, having served less than four years of his 10-year sentence.

    He was sent back in 1991 after admitting to a pair of probation violations–failing to file income tax returns for two years that he was in prison and improperly endorsing a check."

    A rat is a 🐀 rat! Michael Francheze can lie all day but the facts are out there! He’s a official informant, snitch, stool pigeon, rat/ratto!

    That is why he was THROWN out of the mob! The ONLY reason he wasn’t whacked was out of respect for his father, Sonny Francheze! Sonny had no problem with Michael being whacked. Michael Francheze admits this^ in almost every interview he does!

    He was a punk and he never invented nor did he run the gas tax scam! That was Marat Balagula’s invention. Mike Francheze tried to muscle in and Christy is he Tic Funari of the Lucchese family shut Francheze down! That’s a fact! They split the money between 4 of the 5 families.

    About the gas tax scam:

    “ Anthony Casso developed a close alliance with a Ukrainian mob boss named Marat Balagula.

    This guy had multi-billion dollar gasoline tax avoidance scam going on in and around Brighton Beach. The Russians formed small companies and purchased gasoline as wholesalers.

    At that time the wholesalers were supposed to collect the tax and pay it to the government. These small gasoline wholesale companies collected the taxes from the retailers and failed to pay the government entities as required.

    When an investigation followed, the companies folded and they created new companies.The Russian Mafia learned Casso’s friend, Balagula, was paying off Casso.

    The Russian mobsters started a campaign to discredit him among other Russians and they said because Barat was a punk and had no balls. They were wrong about Balagua, he was a ruthless killer and a smart dude.

    He knew that the combined force of the Italian crime families would end any threat from the other Russians.

    In 1986, a Russian boss named Vladimir Reznikov, entered the Rasputin nightclub in Brighton Beach and confronted Balagula.

    He pushed a 9mm Beretta into Balagula’s face and demanded $600,000 immediately and a future percentage of the gasoline profits. Balagula promised to get the money to which Reznikov replied, “Fuck with me and you’re dead, you and your whole fucking family; I swear I’ll fucking and kill your wife as you watch, you understand?”

    Anthony Casso heard about this and told Balagula, “Send word to Vladimir that you have his money, that he should come to the club tomorrow. We’ll take care of the rest.”

    Casso also requested a photograph of Reznikov and a description of his car.

    When Reznikov arrived at Balagula’s nightclub to pick up his money, a Gambino associate named Joseph Testa killed.

    Gaspipe Casso would later claim, “After that, Marat didn’t have any problems with other Russians.”

    Marat Balagula – the real person who invented the gas tax scam.

    Michael 🐀 Francheze had absolutely nothing to do with it! He tried shaking Balagula down and got checked by Funari and the Lucchese family! Nothing more!

    “After the Colombo crime family began shaking down his gasoline business, Balagula asked for a sitdown with Lucchese crime family consigliere Christopher Furnari at Brooklyn's 19th Hole social club. According to Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso, who was a Lucchese family soldier present at the meeting, Furnari declared,

    "Here there's enough for everybody to be happy… to leave the table satisfied. What we must avoid is trouble between us and the other families. I propose to make a deal with the others so there's no bad blood….

    Meanwhile, we will send word out that from now on you and your people are with the Lucchese family. No one will bother you. If anyone does bother you, come to us and Anthony will take care of it."

    Casso was soon partners with Balagula in a diamond mine located in Sierra Leone, Africa.

    They opened a business office in Freetown. Casso also arranged for an Orthodox Jewish friend of his named Simon Stein, a diamond expert and member of the DeBeers Club, to travel from the Forty-seventh Street diamond district to Africa to smuggle diamonds back into the country in the linings and collars of overcoats and in secret compartments of very expensive leather luggage.”

    Michael Francheze was not a gangster! He’s a punk who never would’ve been straighten out if his father wasn’t so respected in all mob circles! Mike was not respected on the street. FFS, the media nicknamed him “the yuppie”. 🤒 Michael’s younger brother was the one who testified against his own father. He wore a wire and got his father, Sonny Francheze sent to prison for 10 years at the age of 80-85+ years old.

    Respect to Sonny Francheze! He is a real OG and stand up guy! Michael and his brother are a disgrace! Two rats…. The rat brothers.

  3. So now that this guy is comfortable with his millions in the bank and a few huge homes,.he's now a celebrity? He's now a good man' though he probably killed at least a handful of people or had them killed? Interesting interview though

  4. currently I'm 16. And I find this type of interviews very interesting. I love learning how this kinda stuff worked and what happened in the mafia. Thank you for this great lesson. No I'm not a fucking nerd. I just really like stuff like this or World War Two stuff. I find it interesting.

  5. Does he kind of come off as a hypocrite? He can break the law; but the cops can't? I honestly like him; and that was my only negative take away. Thoughts?

  6. Great interview! I know you’re Armenian, but stop sucking your teeth. Keep providing the valuable content!

  7. I’ve been watching this for only 28 minutes yet it feels like an hour. Lots of interesting things. Great interview!

  8. He deserves to die and I hope someone will shoot him. I hate people like him they try to claim They change now they are good people now fuck you man you’re still criminal you cocksucker

  9. This is what Christ can do. He can even deliver you from the mafia intact and even better in many ways then you were before.

  10. Love these interviews….a world so far apart from my own, absolutely fascinating and scary all at the same time – thank you!

  11. Or really, he was figuring out how to avoid getting defrauded by the government.

    Government defrauds it people with taxation, aka skimming off the top – not the other way around. And worse yet, the law validates this!

  12. Loved this interview, great questions and answers. Only thing that annoyed the crap out of me, was the interviewer picking at his nails. Dont do that, especially in fromt of a mobster. lol

  13. Did you know?
    YouTube’s new algorithms automatically place a like upon leaving a video if you watched the whole thing, if you leave halfway through a view or earlier, automatic dislike

    Is YouTube’s new methods effective of keeping entertaining videos your more likely to watch all the way through with in your feed ?

  14. The Mafia still exists everyone. It is now called the NWO and composed of elite bankers and both sides of America's political parties; led by the Democrat Party. They are the new Mafia! Hillary sold American Uranium to Russia. IMAGINE THE IMPLICATIONS OF THAT! But normal liberals cannot see the forest at all! They are too ENTERTAINED.

  15. he accepted the lord that made the diference in his life. god has his back he has no fear now he knows where he is going when he leaves this earth

  16. This affirms to me that each person is basically good and that we mustn't give quick judgement about them. respect for all.

  17. great video BUT hahah when I saw that he is not wearing any shoes.. I CRACKED UP. I mean his codex of serious appearance broke in a second.

  18. The funniest thing that American gangsters they need to show to all the wold that they’re mafia – sorry Made in Italy 🇮🇹

  19. It's funny how a mob boss can thank god for the stuff he has lol. His intentions were always not to hurt people which is great I think he's a great guy. I like how this video can teach people lessons about life.

  20. The gas scheme makes sense and explains alot about our gas prices today… These mobsters were probably just became incorporated and then just subsidized by the Feds….

  21. So the father kills people, and then his son is wondering why he is in prison for so long…??? The one thing he should have learned was that everything goes back to you.

  22. Real Italians don’t fucking tell stories. This dude is dry snitchin. Rat fuck must be Sicilian, Calabrian’s would slit our own throats before we tell stories. This bitch ain’t a Corleone

  23. Can I ask. Where are the Mafia when Islamists are chopping people's heads off ?
    Where are they when terrorists are destroying our way of life ?
    Big men ? Show it

  24. Great podcast with micheal franzese,,,nearly 8 million views, nearly a GALLON per person,,wat a touch,,6 to 8 mill,,,,tax,,,,man wat a touch,,old school is best to be schooled from,#silenceisgolden

  25. Damn, is he 66? He looks MAX 50… Good looking guy! Don´t say crime doen´t pay off. Look at the government biggest legal criminal family!

  26. Whose really sensationalizing ? I could care less about the mafias life. Their culture holds significantimportance in regard to The United States of America. Example, fbi released previously classified documents that have since been release since the airing of this video. Eugene, false shell for an oil company in and out of Louisiana and Los Angeles . Mr. Eugene was apprehended by the Dallas Sheriff department on suspicious behavior immediately after John Kennedy was murdered. I read the entire release of the documents. Eugene was the the Grassy Knoll shooter. He was released and later investigated by a private detective. 1 man provided more evidence with one murder and one SERIOUS FUCK UP on behalf of law enforcement at the time In Dallas. This story im listening too…. its shit

  27. Everyone dreams of being a boss or mob talking about the real thing aka family.until that laser beam is on their chest n don't see a person in sight but just tall hotels n building under construction.they don't hear me thou

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