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History of the iPhone

History of the iPhone

iPhone,29 jun 2007 iPhone 3G, 11 JUL 2008 iPhone 3GS 19 JUN 2009 iPhone 4, 7 jun 2010 iPhone 4s,14 oktobar 2011 iPHONE 5, 21 septembar 2012 iPhone 5s,20 Septembar 2013 iPhone 5c,20 Septembar 2013 iPhone 6,19 septembar 2014 iPhone 6 plus,19 semptembar 2014 iPhone 6s,19 septembar 2015 iPhone 6s plus,19 semptembar 2015 iPhone SE ,21 Mart 2016 iPhone 7,7 Septembar 2016 iPhone 7 plus,7Septembar 2016 iPhone 8 12 septembar 2017 iPhone 8 plus,12 septembar 2017 iPhone X,12 septembar 2017 iPhone XS,12 Septembar 2018 iPhone XS MAX,12 Septemar 2018 iPhone XR,12 septembar 2018

96 thoughts on “History of the iPhone”

  1. I have an IPhone SE, a small phone not a huge one.. perfect for my small hands (I’m NOT a five year old I’m over ten)

    Idk what else to say

    It has a headphone jack



  2. У меня были все эти айфоны кроме четвёртого и этих маленьких третий что ль😂😂

  3. Rest in peace Steve jobs we will always miss you god may bless you and hope you realise how much you changed humanity ✌🏻

  4. Ko biết bao mới có loại isung nhỉ^^ hì hì, lịch sử của iphone là đây chứ đâu, nhưng trong khi mình lại đang dùng samsunh, ngộ vc😂

  5. 0:06 first phone 3:26 my moms phone 10 years we’ll be looking back at the IPhones now and saying how junky they were

  6. 0:35 my mom phone (in 2009 how buyed)
    1:17 my mom phone (broken)
    2:00 my mom phone (extra broken)
    2:27 my mom phone (America)
    3:08 my mom phone (got it in $599.99)

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