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Hitler and the phone interruptions

Hitler and the phone interruptions

ich habe heute einfach clausewitz ascot mein führer wenn es in berlin zur schlacht kommt wir werden kämpfen bis zum letzten mann wir hatten jetzt kann ich verstehe ihre bedenken den tausenden von verletzten und den halten wir werden die im norden und osten besser an den aushang verteidigungsring mit welchen kräften mein führer aber mein führer die zwölf teilnehmer steht nach westen richtung geldes denn endlich ihr die westfront die leute haben wir verfolgen ihn bewegungsunfähig die fein kräfte übersteigen unsere mannschaft nur ein zehnfaches führe ich kann nicht zulassen dass die soldaten die für sie von mit ihr wollt könnt ihr pferd sie bezahlen sie mit ihrem eigenen blog [Musik] nein

100 thoughts on “Hitler and the phone interruptions”

  1. Hey HRP you are a genius. You bring a lot of laughter to the world. I have a request. You should do the same skit but insert from the movie 'student bodies ' the character 'the breather' should be calling Hitler. That would be priceless! Thank you for making the world a better place with laughter

  2. I also get those annoying phone calls, but mine are usually from a Indian call centre trying to sell me something.

  3. Hilarious, one of your best! But don't blame Köller, it's obviously Fegelein making mis-sold PPI calls 🙂

  4. Here's an idea for a video: Hitler and the "Nein" interruptions. Or does that already exist on this channel?

  5. Krebs: The fish and map pervert
    Koller: The phone pervert
    Goering: The food pervert

    How many other perverts does Hitler have working for him ? Lol

  6. should have the last few phone calls from generals who were in battle against the allies and were trying to get permission to fall back to better positions or to launch pre-emitive assaults

  7. It would be funnier if the last call was Stalin calling to offer a peace treaty, and Hitler picked up the phone is and called him a wankstain.

  8. Oi, HRP mate, you could've made another, better ending for this episode. Could've got the scene of Shitler's ranting from "The Last Ten Days", bloke, when he smashed his telephone in anger. Remember that? You've had it in the War of Hitlers.

  9. What I find hysterical is the chiming sound from the telephone after its slammed down. That what I love about corded phones, Hanging up on someone aggressively was a joyful thing to do when annoyed. You can't do that with mobile phones.

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