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Hitler phones an Indian call center

Hitler phones an Indian call center

Îi ai pe furnizorii de servicii Internet ai mei la telefon? Și le-a spus că conexiunea mea la internet este scăzută? Da, domnule, le-am spus că conexiunea la internet este scăzută. Dar ei spun că problema este pe sfărșite. Ei spun că ar trebui să verificați dacă este vorba despre o problemă cu calculatorul dumneavoastră, ca de exemplu un virus, sau de routerul dvs. care ar putea fi stricat. Nici calculatorul, nici routerul nu sunt problema, ce naiba. Domnule, ar fi bine să vorbiți cu ei. Bine, dă-mi telefonul. Alo. Ce naiba e în neregulă cu voi, nebuni incompetenți? Cum? Spuneți că-i problema mea, dar voi nu o vedeți. -Nu este problema noastră. -Da, pe dracu’ este. Dacă era problema mea, nu aș fi pierdut timpul să vorbesc cu dumneavoastră. Stați un moment, a fost dat un răspuns. Aicea spune clar: ați încercat să reporniți modemul sau routerul? Ar trebuie să verificați cablurile și să le scoateți apoi să le puneți la loc. Ar trebui să rulați o scanare anti virus să vedeși dacă PC-ul este infectat cu un virus. Asta ar trebui să rezolve problema. Pe astea le-am încercat naiba pe toate. Încă pe dracu’ nu vrea să funcționeze. Mi-ați spus că nu e problema mea, totuși îmi continuați să-mi spuneți aceleași prostii, proștii dracu’. La naiba! Idioți ce sunt. Aceste centre telefonice indiene nu sunt bune de nimic. Ar fi mai bine să vorbească cu zidul. Domnule, poate ar mai trebui să încercați încă o dată. Poate de această dată o să fie cu noroc. Las-o baltă.

100 thoughts on “Hitler phones an Indian call center”

  1. I told you it's not my problem yet you keep telling me the same bullshit you stupid fucking dumbass I love that bit alot

  2. To be fair this is exactly what I would say to someone who called about their internet being down, and I work in IT…. Also it's wierd watching any Hitler rant videos if you know German

  3. This is true. I am an indian and the internet speed is SUPER slow then expected, and the call centres say its not their problem. However, even in the news it came that the indian networks use very low quality cables, which is the problem.

  4. U gotta sympathise with Der Furher-those call centres are worse than fucking useless-irritating at best😂
    But very polite 😻

  5. If you think it's ok to laugh at a killer of millions at least have a real Indian call centre we can laugh at , because that would have been pure comedy and 10 times more funny ( forget being P.C. This is U.Tube )

  6. Why didnt they make it an Israeli call centre?
    " sorry cant repair the fault at the moment…all our workforce seem to have gone missing"

  7. They missed the bit where the call centre puts Hitler on hold for five minutes while the call centre agent answers four other calls.

  8. I talked to one once who had the flat Midwestern accent down perfectly, but was reading the script backward. Bottom to top, right to left. I thought I was having a stroke.

  9. A brilliant actor Bruno ganze. Never received a penny in royaltys from. These shit memes .they ruin a the best movie I've ever seen on the last days of the FUHRER and the fall of the reich .

  10. Unsinn! Er telefonierte mit Eva Braun. Er sagte ihr, sie solle das nächste mal besser blasen. Diesmal hat er Rückenschmerzen davon bekommen.
    Nonsense! He phoned Eva Braun. He told her to do a better blow job next time. This time he got back pain from it.

  11. It’s a shame that I cannot enjoy this video. I have to turn off the audio completely. Otherwise I am too distracted to read the subtitles. 🤔 Whatever, must be fun if you don’t understand a word of German.

  12. This would be some FUNNY STUFF if they did a Voice Over..Reading while LAUGHING is hard…LOL

  13. Forgot the first step, press 1 for sales, 2 for billing, 3 for tech support followed by the pound sign, you press 3 and pound – you pressed 3 is that correct? 1 to say yes or 2 to return to the previous menu, You press 1, You selected 1 now please enter your 10 digit account number followed by the pound symbol, You entered 2282… is that correct press 1 to say yes or 2 to reenter your account number. Now comes the deafening hold music, then when they answer, they'll ask for your first and last name, then your account number, then they'll ask how they can help, you say your internet is broken, then they'll say they will transfer you to the right department as your in the DSL, Cable, Fiber, business, residential queue (whatever you are not), they'll ask for your fist and last name, ask for your account number, ask why you are calling and say – I'm sorry this is the billing department, let me get you to the right department….Please press 1 for sales, 2 for billing, 3 for tech support followed by the pound sign…

  14. Gives the British Parliament to much credit..!….Brilliant ether way …WTO …the only true Brexit…!

  15. This had to be said!! It's so fucking irritating like they think we're fools and know no shit? Thanks HRP

  16. Boi scammer and thief Indian: Have you tried rebooting the modem or router from the antivirus you're computer
    Me: 0:59

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