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Holly Willoughby mortified as Michael McIntyre TRASHES her contacts 😂 – Send To All

Holly Willoughby mortified as Michael McIntyre TRASHES her contacts 😂 – Send To All

Ladies and gentlemen,
who would like to play Send To All? So, let’s find out who is in
our Send To All box this morning! I mean, this evening. It’s the nation’s sweetheart,
it’s jolly Holly Willoughby. Holly! Hello! Hi, Holly, good evening. How are
you? I’m so good. How are you? Thank you for coming. Now, this is a very exciting Send
To All, but this is blowing my mind. Yes, I brought my girls with me
tonight. Would you like to introduce the
crew – not that they necessarily need introducing! Who have we got, Holl? Well,
I’ve got my friend, Niki de Metz… Niki. Then I’ve got Christine
Bleakley, who I think you might all possibly know. Oh, Chrissie B. Gorgeous Nicole Appleton here,
who I think you might know as well. And also Shiarra.
Girls are in town. Girls’ night. Girls’ night. And you are all best friends? Yes.
So, Holl, exciting times for you? Very. I mean, really… I mean, it’s quite scary times too. So you are going to Australia.
Yeah. So what about the stuff
on I’m A Celebrity… And the creepy-crawlies and stuff?
Yeah, I’m not good with any of that. But you don’t have to be.
I’m not even good about flying, so even getting there for me
is a challenge. Somebody said to me, once you go
into the jungle, you just get used to flicking stuff off you
because stuff lands on you all the time. Yes.
So you just get used to doing this. And I’m not sure… That’s not good. No, I don’t like
the uninvited guest. Very best of luck. Thank you. It’s an absolutely sensational show,
it’s going to be amazing. The girls are behind you, aren’t
you, girls? I can feel the love in the box, you’ll be texting
like mad, going, “You’re so funny tonight.” Thank you for doing this. Because you have to be quite brave
to hand over your phone. Or crazy. A big part of your life. Massive part of my life. I’m a bit
addicted to it. Yeah. I’ve realised. What about shopping, do you shop on
your phone a lot? Yeah, I mean,
I keep Amazon afloat, I think. I mean, I’ve bought chicken stock
off Amazon. What about clothes? Oh, yeah, yes. Cos I’m just thinking
about my wife now. The other night…
You used to go shopping when the shops were open. Yes. So you’re restricted to that,
then you had to drive there and park and browse and queue and stuff. Now,
my wife, she buys shoes in the bath, she buys it in the car,
on the way up a roller-coaster. She’s just buying shoes.
The other night, I was lying in bed on my laptop on internet banking,
she was lying next to me on her mobile, I could see money
coming out of the account! I was like, “Are you buy things
right now?” Yeah. All right, I’m sorry you’re
going to be without your phone for not too long.
Yes, we can do this. It’s going to be a whole lot of fun. If you would like to place
your mobile telephone… Right, Niki, this is your job,
you’ve got to put it in that little… Thanks, Niki. Pop it in there and then I will
bring the phone down. Thank you very much. Here we go. MUSIC: THEME FROM THIS MORNING HE HUMS ALONG I’m now in possession of
Holly Willoughby’s mobile telephone! Thank you, darling. Oh, my God, what have I done?
So, here we are. Oh, there we have it.
There it is, it’s Holl’s phone, ladies and gentlemen! Oh, there you go. Your girls are there for support,
that’s right, Nicole. They’re scared too!
Yes, you just help her out there. All right. Oh, Amazon – does this
show what you’ve been buying? Oh, God.
How do you get to previous orders? The three lines at the top. And then it says history.
Oh, do you mind? Oh, yeah,
I bought some Halloween stuff. Halloween stuff.
Oh, stuff for the kids. Thinking Putty. Oh, you know why, cos it’s
Christmas! Oh, no! They’re not Christmas presents! No!
They’re Christmas presents. No! What are the names of your children? Harry, Belle and Chester. Chester, go to bed, go to bed now! Brush your teeth. Go and play with your Thinking
Putty, which you don’t have yet. LAUGHTER All right. OK. Let’s have a little look at your
photos before I put the text in. Oh, God. What’s this, then? Oh, that was the World Cup ball. That’s the one they won with. A lot of people say that. No, that is.
LAUGHTER Don’t tell you me,
you got it from Amazon. LAUGHTER What’s this one? Oh. Oh, no, that’s the picture
I was telling you about! What is that? What… What’s going on here, Holl? Oh, my God. LAUGHTER This needs an explanation. So… Oh, God, it really does. So, this picture, my husband went
downstairs last night to go and get some sweets out of our kids’ sweetie
cupboard drawer thing. Nice. We have a very lovely lady that comes in and cleans sometimes, and she’s emptied my handbag and, in my handbag, there was some sweets for the kids, and also…possibly a tampon. LAUGHTER And obviously, she’s thought it
was something that looked like… No, the yellow one. OK. LAUGHTER She’s obviously thought… Is this one for Halloween? LAUGHTER So, yeah, my husband took a photo and sent to me going “Darling, “I’m not sure this should
be in the sweet cupboard.” LAUGHTER All right. Well,
that is very awkward. Wow. Ah, that’s Bluebell. That’s your cat full of sweets…
or something else. OK. So, we’re going to, I think,
pop the text into… LAUGHTER OK. Don’t panic. “Don’t panic”? Are you joking?
Don’t worry, don’t worry. One of the things we all
love about you, Holl, as you’re surrounded
by your lovely girls, is that you’re very down-to-earth, girl-next-door, very modest, you’re just like us. You’re certainly not
arrogant in any way. Oh… So, the text is, “As you know, I am
a global style icon.” LAUGHTER “This Morning are
doing a feature…” That really could be about
anything, couldn’t it, Holl? You’ve done features
on everything. We have. Have you ever done a feature
on this, though? Oh, God. “This Morning are doing a feature “where I help people “with absolutely no… “..dress sense… “..and I immediately… “..thought of you.” LAUGHTER APPLAUSE I bet the girls are pleased they’re
here and not receiving this text! Oh, my God. You’ll like this bit… “What was…?”
I think I’ll go capitals. “What WAS…” Oh, God, there’s more? “..that hideous thing… “ were wearing
last time I saw you?” LAUGHTER Oh, you know what we’re
going to do here, Holl? I think we might
involve some emojis. Oh, it’s nice to see
your recently used… Oh, when did the pukey one…? When did you use that one? Is that when you tried
one of your new sweets? LAUGHTER Oh, I do like that one. Do you think that’s a good one? Which one is that? The face, that one. “Oh, my God.” Like, “Oh…” Yeah, I like that one.
“Oh, my God.” That works quite well. “What WAS that hideous thing you
were wearing last time I saw you?” Yeah, yeah. And I might throw
in some crying-laughing emojis. Yeah. Two of those? Yeah, two of those. Oh, my God, I actually think, now that I’ve seen it, that that works quite
well, the puking one. I think that, on its own,
might be more effective. LAUGHTER OK, “What WAS that hideous thing you
were wearing last time I saw you?” Oh, my God! OK. New line. “Hope you
won’t be offended… “..but could you come in “with a few of your outfits “for Phil and I “to laugh at?”
LAUGHTER “In return…” Here’s the bait! “’ll get a whole new wardrobe! “What do you say?” OK. Oh, my God. Oh, I might throw a
“Need to know asap.” Holly, how would you sign a text? I’d put, “Love Holly
kiss-kiss-kiss.” OK, it’s good to
put some love in there. Well, it needs it. “OK, as you know,
I’m a global style icon. “This Morning are doing
a feature where I help people “with absolutely no dress sense “and I immediately thought of you. “What was that hideous
thing you were wearing “last time I saw you?” Puking emoji. “Hope you won’t be offended “but could you come in
with a few of your outfits “for Phil and I to laugh at? “In return, you’ll get
a whole new wardrobe, “what do you say?
Need to know asap. “Love Holly,” three kisses. Shall we send that to everyone
in Holly’s phone? Oh, my God. All right, ladies and
gentlemen, that text has gone! Yay! Ladies and gentlemen,
it is time to find out who has replied to Holly Willoughby
in tonight’s Send To All!
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE How are you, girls? Hi! So, here’s a quick reminder
of the text that I sent in to Holly’s phone earlier. “As you know,
I’m a global style icon. “This Morning are doing a feature
where I help people with absolutely “no dress sense,
and I immediately thought of you. “What was that hideous thing
you were wearing last time “I saw you? Puking emoji. “Hope you won’t be offended,
but could you come in “with a few of your outfits
for Phil and I to laugh at? “In return, you’ll get a whole new
wardrobe. What do you say? “Need to know ASAP.
Love, Holly, xxx.” So that went out in your phone
not so long ago… Oh, God. ..and there has been
a flood of texts. Really? We shall start with…ha!
Jamie Oliver. LAUGHTER It’s good, it’s a good one, it’s a
good one, he’s a good one. But I told him he had bad dress
sense. That’s fine. He does. LAUGHTER OK. “Hi, Holls. “I’m not going to pretend
your text didn’t offend me, “but to be honest, I’m so sick
and tired of my checked shirts.” Then he’s put an emoji
of a checked shirt, which I don’t even know existed. “I’ve been stuck in a real rut since
the Naked Chef. I deffo need help. “I’ll bring them all in tomorrow.
I’m so up for a new wardrobe. “Love, Jamie.” Aww! Jamie’s in.
APPLAUSE We’ll do it. We can do that. Oh, oh, bless him. This is from Louis Walsh,
ladies and gentlemen. Oh, Louis! Louis Walsh has texted,
“I’m Louis Walsh. “You must have the wrong number.”
LAUGHTER “My clothes are fab. “Philip is the one you need to
style.” LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE Oh, he’s another very stylish man. Mr Hook? Oh, my God! That, that’s my kids’ headmaster. LAUGHTER Mr Hook. Oh, God! Oh, my God! That was the one, that’s the one
I worried about the most. Mr Hook, the headmaster.
Is it quite a posh school? It’s a nice school. Is it, yeah?
I just hope they can still go there. OK.
LAUGHTER He’s gone with, “Yes, of course, “but I will probably be too busy
with pre-prep assembly.” Oh! “Are my suits really that bad?
Oh, no!
LAUGHTER Oh, my God, no! Oh, no! Quick text back. “Yes, see you
tomorrow.” No! Don’t do that!
LAUGHTER Don’t you dare, don’t you dare! Oh, my God. I’m so sorry, Mr Hook. Romesh Ranganathan. Oh, Romesh.
Oh, bless Romesh. Oh, it’s a brilliant one. “If you’re a global style icon,
I’m the world’s most “inspirational black woman.” LAUGHTER And he’s ended it with,
“Get stuffed. Love, Romesh.” Oh, sorry, Rom. Erm, who’s Kez? Oh, that’s, that’s
my husband’s cousin. “Thanks, but no thanks.” Then he’s put, “Don’t watch morning
television. Who’s Phil?” LAUGHTER Kelly, Kelly Hoppen.
She’s not taken it well. Oh no! It’s very short. Oh no. She’s just
gone, capital letters, “NO. LOVE, KELLY.”
LAUGHTER Oh, she’s a very stylish lady. Oh, my God! OK. Oh, Philip Silver Fox. Oh!
CHEERING Bless him. Oh, bless him. He’s actually been quite rude to me. “As you’re there, you could help
Michael McIntyre with his outfits.” “Those dark suits are looking a bit
thin and shiny these days.” Thanks, Phil! Yeah, Philip would know, wouldn’t
he, about the items you’re doing. Yeah. On This Morning. Yeah,
he might have guessed that one. I get that.
Great one from Rylan Clark. “Two words – stop drinking.” Hannah Peckham. Oh, she’s my old school friend.
Hannah Peckham? Yes, we went to school together. “The last time I saw you
was my wedding day – “bit harsh, Hol.” That’s too good. You looked
beautiful on your wedding day. Oh, my God. How awful. “Bit harsh, Hol.” I think that has been an absolutely
sensational Send To All. And you’ve been amazing, they’ve
been hilarious responses. I know. Ladies and gentlemen,
the absolutely fantastic Holly Willoughby, what about that?

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