Honey Skin IPL Hair Removal Handset Tutorial

Hey guys, Today i’d like to share with you how to use the Honey Skin IPL Laser Hair Removal Device. Now before we get started make sure to shave the areas you’d like to treat. Okay, so in your package you’ll find your instruction manual, your power cable, and your device! No need to charge the device in advance. So just plug it in, Hold the power button, And it’s ready to go! You can now use the power button to switch between intensity levels. However, we recommend that you use intensity level one for your first treatment. Always ensure that the contact surface of your device, Is completely flat against your skin. Once you place it on your skin. The number on the screen will start blinking. This means it’s ready to flash when you press the flash button. To help speed up the process, Honey Skin has added an additional feature which allows the device to automatically flash at regular intervals. To do this, hold the flash button until three diamonds appear on the screen Now as you slide your device along your skin, it will automatically emit a flash when in contact with untreated skin It doesn’t get easier than that! Make sure to use the manual mode for smaller areas such as your underarms or your bikini line. When you’ve finished your treatment, simply press the power button and the device will switch off. Well there you have it. You’re now ready to start your journey with Honey Skins’ IPL Laser Treatment!

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