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Honor MagicWatch 2 – 46MM Smart Fitness Watch – AMOLED – 5ATM – BT PHONE CALLS

Honor MagicWatch 2 – 46MM  Smart Fitness Watch – AMOLED – 5ATM – BT PHONE CALLS

What’s up guys Chigz here from Chigz
Tech Reviews. So today I put my hands on a brand new smart Fitness watch by Honor. Honor Magic Watch 46mm model. Which features an AMOLED display water
resistance fitness tracking 14 day battery life and lots more now quickly
show you what’s inside the box you get a user manual a magnetic a USBC charger a
USB a 2 USB C charging cable and the SmartWatch itself so first of all let’s
quickly discuss the obvious this watch looks exactly the same as the Huawei Watch GT2. Functions features all seem identical apart from a slightly different selection of watch faces on each. Now both are identical watches but
the major difference between them is going to be a price the Honor Magic
Watch 2 Is available to purchase for a £159 and the Huawei Watch GT2 is currently available for £199 so you’re gonna save and around £40 pounds if you go for the Honor Magic Watch 2. Now coming back to the magic watch 2 you do have an attractive build quality the body is made from
stainless steel finished in black but you can also pick this up in the
stainless steel silver now on the front we have a 1.3 9 inch AMOLED touchscreen
with a resolution of 454 by 450 for now the watch is powered by Huaraz Kirin a1
chipset and it’s running the new hawawa wearable platform and for connectivity
you have bluetooth 5.1 and a dual satellite GPS built in now battery wise
you have 455 milliamp hours which promises 14 day battery life and it
takes only 2 hours to fully charge the watch furthermore you do have water
resistance up to 15 meters and your swimming strokes and distance is
automatically tracked by the watch now the watch dimensions 45.9 millimeters in
diameter 10 point 7 millimeters in thickness and weighs 60 9.2 grams
and to give you an idea of the size I will bring in the Samsung Galaxy watch
active – so the active – is currently my daily driver I use this watch on a daily
basis and I absolutely love this watch this is at the fair side-by-side and
compared to the automatic watch – you can see that the Galaxy watch is 44
millimeters in diameter with a 1.4 inch screen ten point nine millimeters thick
and weighs only forty six point two grams you’ve got more or less the same
screen size and the same thickness interesting comparison there Samsung
Galaxy watch active – versus the honor magic watch – but we’re not finished
there let’s also bring in again the while we
watch gt2 so side by side they look and feel identical both watches are forty
five point nine millimeters in diameter with a ten point seven millimeter
thickness but the weight is slightly different I think we need to bring in
one more watch so this is the owner magic watch 42 millimeter model so if
you’re considering buying the smaller watch this is how they fare side by side
the smaller 42 millimeter model is forty one point eight millimeters in diameter
with a 1.2 inch screen it’s nine point four millimeters thick and weighs only
55.1 grams in fact I will wear both watches on my wrist to show you how they
look so both versions 46 millimeter and 42 millimeter honor magic watch twos are
exactly the same features exactly the same specs and the only significant
difference is the smaller watch has no speaker or microphone built in so the 42
millimeter model the smaller watch does not support bluetooth phone calls
however the larger watch does support bluetooth phone calls so those are your
options and if you don’t care about Bluetooth phone calls and you only want
it for the fitness then you can save quite a bit of money by going for the 42
millimeter model but do also bear in mind that there is a 255 milliamp hour
battery versus a 455 milliamp hour battery so 14 day battery life and 7 day
battery life so there you go we checked in a quick head-to-head comparison as
well now coming back to the 46 millimeter
honor magic watch to the straps are made from silicon
the watch does feel very comfortable on the wrist it’s quite a slim design and
doesn’t feel bulky especially for that large 1.4 inch screen so absolutely love
the design and aesthetics of this watch furthermore the straps are easy to
remove and you can replace with your own 22 millimeter band now on the side we
have two buttons one for power and one for back but on button or down button is
actually customizable so if you go to settings click on down by so you can set
the down button to open any app you like and I think I’m just going to quickly
set it on workout so now when I press the bottom button will jump straight to
workouts so it’s completely customizable you can set that to any app you like and
at the bottom of the watch we have an all day optical heart rate sensor and
your charger pins and I’ll quickly show you the charger it’s a magnetic charger
and clips aren’t very easily stays in place and this will basically charge
your watch up from 0 to 100 in just two hours but then we’ll give you a massive
14 day battery life and they’re not lying when they say 14 day battery life
it really does last that long now this might watch connects to your smartphone
via bluetooth and you need to download the huar weight health app it works on
both Android and iOS smartphones but the only drawback is when you’re connected
to your iPhone you don’t get the additional watch faces however when you
connect with an Android phone and that’s any Android phone you will then get a
larger selection of watch faces which you can change to everything else works
absolutely fine on both iOS and Android including Bluetooth phone calls now
furthermore you do have a standalone dual GPS so you can leave your phone at
home you can go for a run and your entire Run will be logged by the
SmartWatch also there is actually no built-in Wi-Fi no sim card slot and no
NFC but the good thing is it does support bluetooth 5.1 and the connection
is very stable so this is basically a fitness SmartWatch and the main
functions of this watch are all-day activity tracking stress test calorie
distance info you have notifications and alarms sleep monitoring and lots of
built in apps and you also have the ability to
transfer music from your smartphone directly to the watch so you just click
Add and your and away you go and you’ve got four gigs of internal storage and
from that you have around two gigs free just for your music collection and you
can listen to music directly on the watch but also you can connect your
Bluetooth earbuds or your Bluetooth headphones and you can listen to music
on the go now you do have a whole bunch of watch faces built-in to change all
you do is keep the center press for two seconds and then be presented with a
whole bunch of watch faces that you can immediately change to now there are a
handful of watch faces which can be downloaded from the smartphone app as I
showed earlier and I will now give you a quick look at all the watch faces
available on this watch so now let’s have a quick look at the
hawawa health fad now at the top you will see your live step counter with
distance and calories over here you’ve got your exercise records your all-day
heart rate and then you have your sleep monitoring weight and stress tests if we
click on exercise you can actually initiate any exercise you like from here
you can see a map will appear and it will show you exactly where your
location is and it will give you a real-time location update of your route
one thing I actually want to talk about is the sleep monitoring I want to
quickly talk about the sleep monitoring you can see seven hours and thirty
minutes last night and the Samsung Galaxy watch active which I had on as
well also gave me exactly the same time seven hours and thirty minutes
now if you want to see detailed information on the honor watch you have
to pull out your smartphone app click on the app and then it will give you
detailed information but it will also give you a score so it says you step for
seven hours thirty minutes last night the quality viously was okay and it
gives you some tips there on how to improve your sleep now another thing I
wanted to talk about is the actual workouts now we’re doing a workout on
the Samsung Galaxy active two and you get a heart rate sensor at the time and
calories burnt that is all the information that is provided and it will
give you a constant heart rate sensor reading as well but the honor magic
watch 2 takes it to another level it gives you your heart rate tells you your
calories tells you your time and distance but also at the top you have a
meter letting you know how much fat you are burning to see that me to get to
orange and red on a heavy workout is really motivational but as your heart
rate increases I’m telling you that you’re just warming up that is a very
good fitness feature now I did some exercise bike last night I had both
watches on and I really really preferred the health tracking of the honor magic
to when compared to the Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 now if you want to
detailed information the galaxy active 2 will give you it o track your health
very accurately but at a glance the information that the automatic watch 2
gave and it motivated me to exercise more so definitely enjoyed the fitness
tracking better on the honor magic watch 2 now let’s quickly go through the watch
features if we swipe from the top you have some quick toggles
along with Bluetooth connection information and battery if we swipe up
you’ve got audio notification for whatsapp audio messages emails
everything will come up here you can’t respond to any of the notifications but
you can’t make and receive phone calls now if we swipe to the left you have
some health tracking there you put your heart rate sensor you put your all-day
heart rate sensor and it will keep tracking your heart rate as long as you
put the watch on your wrist and if you don’t want it to continuously test your
heart rate you can switch that off from settings on your smart phone now if we
swipe again we’ve got a stress test and again you need to enable the automatic
stress test from your smartphone you put your local weather so music you can add
your music from the smartphone now once you add your music you can play that
music directly on the watch but if you don’t have music on your watch you can
just click this button tap on the phone and then you can play and control the
music so basically becomes a remote control the music is actually playing on
the phone but you can control everything from the watch including bodies okay so
that’s your music and music control if we swipe again you’ve got your health
rings so the aim of the day would be to close these rings by being more active
taking more steps moving around more and when these ring closes it means you’ve
done well now if we swipe again we’ll come back to the watch face now if you
press the power button it will show you all your apps we will quickly go through
them together workout workout records workout status heart rate activity
records sleep monitoring stress breathing exercises core log contacts
music air pressure compass notifications weather stopwatch timer alarm flashlight
Find My Phone and settings so now it’s time for my favorite test the screen on
Henry’s tests we have the Samsung Galaxy watch active two which is the current
champion and the honor magic watch two we’re going to see which one is faster
so here we go screen on Henry’s just people exactly the same speed let’s try
that again Wow exactly the same speed so the
fastest screen on hand-raising has to be the Samsung Galaxy watches now I’m quite
amazed to see that the automatic 2 has exactly the same speed of screen on pan
rates as the Galaxy watch so absolutely amazed by that
good job honor so while we’re here I would like to run a heart rate test on
both watches so you can see what we have on the owner magic watch already we’ve
got 98 to 100 and we have exactly 800 on the Galaxy watch active 2 so quite
pleased to say we have accurate heart rate sensors on both smartwatches
so there you have it guys that was the honor magic watch 246 millimeter model
and here are my thoughts on this Smart Watch now this is predominantly an ultra
premium Fitness watch with some smart features to go with it the build quality
is superb stainless steel body finished in black with a beautiful AMOLED display
now you have a superb quality speaker and built-in microphone and both music
and phone calls sound great on this watch now the watch also supports
bluetooth phone calls and it has been implemented very well notifications are
read-only so you cannot reply to any messages emails etc Fitness is where
this watch excels you have multiple sensors built in giving you superb
accurate results for the step counter optical heart rate sensor and GPS this
watch can also automatically monitor your sleep and swimming strokes very
accurately battery life is also quite impressive you can achieve up to 14 days
and only 2 hours to fully charge the watch now there are a few drawbacks
there’s no third party app support so no app store at all on the watch no NFC and
no SIM card support while weighs wearable platform however was actually
better than I thought it was very smooth in operation especially with only 32
megabytes of RAM bottom line if you’re looking for a super premium Fitness
SmartWatch which looks professional and attractive and will give you an amazing
battery life and lots of premium extras like water resistance Bluetooth phone
calls superb fitness tracking
and more then this is the one you need to consider now you can pick this watch
up right now on Amazon for a hundred and fifty nine pounds that’s 40 pounds
cheaper than the Hawaii watch gt2 and with that being said I will leave the
links in the description so you guys can check this product out meanwhile thank
you so much for watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day I’ll see you
guys in the next one

52 thoughts on “Honor MagicWatch 2 – 46MM Smart Fitness Watch – AMOLED – 5ATM – BT PHONE CALLS”

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