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How do I delete google search history on my android phone

How do I delete google search history on my android phone

Today in this video we will see how to delete your
google search history from your android device. Now if you want to delete individual searches
which you have made by Google then what you can do is you can go to play store. You can
install Google application. Then open it after you install. After that tap on the search
icon here, search bar here then you will see what things you have searched in Google play
store. Now for example if I want to delete the searches on the top I will just tap on
hold and you can see there is an option “Delete”. So, I will select “Delete”. But if you want
to delete all the searches which you have made in Google then what you will do is you
will open any web browser and after that you will search for the website
Then little bit zoom in and select “sign in” and then you will enter the user name and
the google user name and the password and the select “next”. After that little bit zoom
in and then you will see this three lines here. Just tap on it and then select “Delete
activity by”. Now you have the option here. If you want to delete whatever the searches
you have made today you can select today here or else you can select here and you can delete
searches for the yesterday, for last seven days or for all, last thirty days or time
or else you have option to select date also like from which date until which date. For
me if I want to select whatever searches I have today I will select today here and then
select delete and then again select delete here. Now what does this do is whatever the
searches I have made today by using my Google account whether it may be in YouTube, in Google
play store, everything will be deleted. So, this is how you will delete google searches
from your android device.

85 thoughts on “How do I delete google search history on my android phone”

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this information. I have 2 questions for you. The first is, will this make my phone faster? The second, I'm afraid is more complicated. How do I get rid of all Google Apps on a Samsung Galaxy J3 and go incognito? I want to delete fake book, messenger, the browser and find other Apps to replace them. I've just subscribed to your channel and I want to thank you.

  2. We all know why were here…
    Edit:when I click and hold the URL link and click the delete it said
    "Can not remove in History"
    2nd edit:and Delete activity by didnt help me!😵☠…👻

  3. You cannot delete your Google searches all that is said will be used against you to sell you crap you don't need and don't want to buy

  4. ز̯͡ع̯͡يــم̯͡ے آل̯͡ــد̯͡وــل̯͡ آب̯͡ــن آل̯͡ــع̯͡ر̯͡آق̯͡ ز̯͡ع̯͡يــم̯͡ے آل̯͡ــد̯͡وــل̯͡ says:

  5. I don't even use Google's search engine. I use two others and they are set to delete all searches upon closing. The search engines on my laptop are set up the same way.

  6. Sir by mistake my mom delete Google from phone and I installed again my Google but i won t that Google which in front of the phone

  7. Bro it's easy to delete the icon history of google with no singing with email just with click on words and select delete

  8. I've done the way you show, but i could not delete anything. Even from delete activity by, everything is showed like you but when i tap the deletion date and all it shows another link to go help

  9. This is fuc🏮⬇nuts. Why should we have 2 delete history.? One would think google is mining this data 2 use it in their favor N against the Human cattle. No way….

  10. sir maine k kafi log site search ki thi vo crome se delat nhi jo rhi h bar bar suggestions dikhata h kise hataye

  11. Seems like Google and you tube make it difficult to remove search history by burying it in a myriad of steps to get to it.

  12. I feel stupid. It's because when I tried deleting something it said "if you delete this website will no longer be tied with you, learn more" and I thought that's all that it said but then I accidentally scrolled down and it said "delete" and "cancel"

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