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How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work

How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work

i’m going to show you how to remove this minor door dent with paintless dent removal from the quarter panel of this hardtop convertible Volvo While this might look like just an ordinary normal door dent as we take a closer look we can kind of tell that it is a fairly deep sharp dent you can see here also that there’s a bit of a scuff in there and that minor scuff is something that will buff right out it didn’t actually damage the paint or anything like that and you can see here what happens is i go down through the window opening and I’ve got my special paintless dent repair tool and I’m just gently lightly pushing the dent and you can see this is a fairly sharp dent right down the center so in order to do this properly i have to just lightly get in there and make small little tiny pushes right in the center there and that is what starts to bring the dent up as you can see now in order to do this properly i do have to keep slowly pushing this dent out and I can’t just push it too quick or I’m going to cause more damage to the paint or or just completely destroy this panel and that’s just not going to get you a proper repair so when I do this I just have to slowly push it out and as you can see here as we do that the metal gets up push up quite a bit and I have to get in there and kind of lightly knock that back down and then get back in there and slowly push it back up just a little bit at a time and you can see with this high-definition image looking close you can see all the little marks that kind of gets pushed up but as i continue to do this and push it up that is eventually going to get all those little spots out and get them flat and then as you can see i just have to lightly tap them smooth from the outside and then go back in and this gets me the finishing touches here and smooths out the dent completely and then just a couple more taps in here to take down a little bit of high spot and then you can see in the image here the dent is completely gone we’ve buffed out the stuff and everything looks great so there you have it another dent removed with paintless dent repair here at excel dent removal that’s all I do we specialize in just the paintless dent removal process so if you’ve got a dent that you need fixed give me a call at (763) 780-4000 or just visit my website at we will take care of you get your dents fixed

13 thoughts on “How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work”

  1. Good work man. I've been looking into this, but was always concerned about cost since it is so time consuming. Are you able to give a ball park cost to removing a dent like this one? I need to know how much to save up.

  2. Hi . How do you ascertain if the tool is exactly underneath the dent from behind the panel? could you show us? thanks.

  3. Do you mind if I link the video in a tutorial section and give you guys credit? at here in Austin Texas. I will link to your website also, always trying to promote local business

  4. if the dent was exactly on the door side. can i just remove the door panel and push it from there using my fingers?

  5. That is some nice work. Would this have been possible on older cars with heavier bodies or is this really applicable only for modern cars?

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