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How to Answer the Phone in Spanish. Contestar el teléfono en español.

How to Answer the Phone in Spanish. Contestar el teléfono en español.

Hola que tal? Today we’re
going to talk about… Just a second! Do you know how to answer
the phone in Spanish? Answering the phone
can be difficult… What? And hard to understand… What? Let’s take a look
at these two situations: Hello? Hi. Is Julie there? Yes. Just a second. Who’s this? Sara. Yes. Julie. Telephone! I’m in the bathroom! She’s in the bathroom. Do you want to leave a message? No, thanks. Bye. OK. Well, bye. That was
an informal situation. In informal situations,
when you pick up the phone… You usually say… When you are the caller,
and you want to ask for a specific person
you will say: Did you hear what she said? She said… In an informal situation,
if you ask the person to leave a message you can say in Spanish… Now let’s look
at a formal situation: Good afternoon,
WhyNotSpanish Maria speaking. Good afternoon, may I speak
with Julie Gonzalez, please? Yes, just a moment.
Who is calling? Sara Torres. One moment. I’m in a meeting! Mrs. Torres?
Mrs Gonzalez is not available. Would you like to
leave a message? No, thank you.
Bye. All right. Bye. What you just watched there
was a formal situation. Notice that the person
who picks up the phone… …says: The person on
the other side of the line says… In a formal situation
you will usually hear the question Notice how she asks… This is a more
formal way to say Let’s take a look at what we learned today: So, if you’re in an informal situation and you answer the phone you will ask: To ask who is calling you can ask: When you want to speak
to a specific person simply ask: In a formal situation, though, you will need to use
formal greetings. After the greeting,
say who is speaking. If you are asking to speak
to a specific person in a formal context
you should ask: To ask who is speaking you can ask: In both formal
and informal situations If you want to ask the person
to leave a message, you can say: Well, that’s it for today’s lesson.
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62 thoughts on “How to Answer the Phone in Spanish. Contestar el teléfono en español.”

  1. The first word depends on the country "Allo?" Colombia and Argentina. "Bueno" in Mexico. "¿Sí, diga"? in Spain. etc, etc…

  2. Me encantan tus vídeos, no son ( o probablemente están es más correcto es esta sentencia, todavía tengo Problem con esto) muy largos que otros en youtube.

  3. "Le habla Juan. " What is that el for? I have seen many verbs with this kind of pronouns. Can't figure out. Thank you.

  4. Muchas gracias. Soy maestra aquí en los Estados Unidos, y muchos de mis estudiantes y sus familias son de México. Busqué y busqué el internet por videos para practicar conversaciones por teléfono así que podría saber cómo comunicar con las familias de mis estudiantes. Este video me ayudó..pues todas de sus videos me han ayudado. Ojalá que nunca deje de grabar estos videos!

  5. Oh god phones calls is the hardest thing to do in another language. There are no visual adds and the person cant write it down.

  6. "Desea dejar un mensaje" (Would you like to leave a message?) sounds like "desa jarle un mensaje". (Unleash a message to her.)
    What is being elided here? Did I accurately hear an additional "le"?

  7. Could we have a lesson on common contractions and elisions in informal Spanish, please? Of course, "Como esta/s" is a one of these items. It usually ends up sounding like "Comesta/s" – with the last vowel sound of the "como" elided – left out.

  8. love your videos, could you show the written Spanish a bit longer, no so fast, and also the exact translation and its equivalence in English.. just a thought.. thanks..

  9. Yes.Wonderful.fantastic and fascinating Esponal daily lesson and learn a lot from you.Mo cha cha!."oh lai?Mo cha cha?Come mao S do?Come mao star who's stair?Wee bee ann.gracias.E do?Kit dar?Fat dar?Mochi gracias.Muto Gusto.Ex do pend do.Alios.Un dar pend dar"

  10. maria
    yo estudiando espanol en isreal.
    pero seis lecciones.
    me encanta sus videos. usted muy bien y muy bonita y simpa'tica. yo veo todos los di'as su videos.
    y veses dos por dia.
    tener salud y feliz.

  11. Maria— you have a gift of teaching and are pleasant to listen to. I have made faster progress since finding your studies here. GRACIAS!

  12. Hola, María. Tengo una pregunta. What is the literal translation of "¿Me comunica con Julie Gonzalez, por favor?"?

    I am trying to understand how that sentence ends up being translated as "May I speak with Julie Gonzalez?" I also want to know what the object pronoun "me" is doing in that sentence.

  13. Yo: Alo? Le habla Dodo. Nadie esta aqui. Quieres dejar un mensaje? La persona que llama: Si, quiero decir que me gusta el video!

  14. 0:09 I think its Bueno?

    To my Mexican friend I sometimes say OYE? lol ( HEY) or if i'm in a bad mood
    QUE? ( What) . Lol kinda rude I know

    Lol i've never heard QUE QUE used back to back like that.

  15. Hola Maria! me encanta tu video. soy tu nuevo suscriptor. muchas gracias y saludos desde Filipinas.

  16. No comprendo por qué usas la palabra "Aló" que es un préstamo de otros idiomas cuando tenemos tantas versiones en español para responder una llamada telefónica.

  17. Could someone write in spanish what she said that seniora gonzales is not available? How to say that in spanish please?

  18. Me Gusta tu imagination y relacionada con el tema . Especialemente el primero parte cuando no puedes contestar el Telefono. 😝😂

  19. This is so good and useful, muchas gracias Maria. Oh, by the way, I love your choice of makeup, you look great.

  20. Hablas Inglés para aprendices de Inglés no para aprendices de Español. Sin ofender mejora tu pronunciación.

  21. You remind me of living in Miami, which I miss very much. De verdad quiero abrazarte eres tan adorable! Jajajaja

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