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How to Append Names and Phone Numbers to Customer or Business Database Lists

How to Append Names and Phone Numbers to Customer or Business Database Lists

Hi folks, Noah Wieder here with and we’re going to demonstrate our new phone number and name
services for bulk or batch services you can upload up to
ten thousand records here ten thousand names addresses are just
addresses to get names and phone numbers if you want to know how much it’s going to be
it doesn’t matter how big the file is uploaded to 10,000 if we find three
thousand of those 10,000 for example it’s still going to cost $462 dollars,
if we fined 5000 of the 10,000 this it’s $712 dollars,
it doesn’t matter how many numbers you upload up to 10,000 there’s no
charge if No Name and or phone number is found. The best way to
start is just start with your list first name, last name, address put the
suite in with the address if you have suite numbers. Because you’ll see once we
upload this file there is no way to define the suite number
later, so make sure the complete address is in the Address column. We’re going to save this as a tab delimited
text file so save as… a tab delimited text file
within excel select this option. Go ahead and save as tab delimited
text then click yes, yes, and then we’re done. we’re going to click choose file and
You’ll see our tab delimited text file select to open it and then click
Continue, it’s going to process that
and pull in your file rows so after you upload
the file we need to define columns In this example
I’m not sure the first name I don’t want to use it because
I want to get more results at this address here if I use the name and the address it’s
only going to give me the phone number found if it matches both the name and address
If I want other names and phone numbers at that address do not use the name fields
just use the address fields The suite must be included in the address field.
because there is no way to define the suite column note: don’t mix business names and
consumer names in the same file finish defining city, state, zip columns
then we’re going to click the continue next step button now it’s going to tell us the
maximum cost for the seven records since there is a $5 minimum
and we only have 7 records then our maximum cost is
the $5 dollars The system will tell you the maximum cost
based on number of records uploaded However you will only be charged for hits
so it will be less than maximum cost For larger files there would be an option
next to process now called, process later this would be a good option if you have a
lot of records and don’t want to wait So if I click process my data now its going to ask me to login here and I’ll go ahead and do that now you can see it says processing seven
records zero are done seven more to go you’ll also notice that I didn’t have
to enter my credit card since I have a prepaid balance which
is shown up at the top right so the system will deduct my fee from
the prepaid account balance once it’s complete it shows it’s
all done and tells me the number of hits, the hit ratio and that it
took less than a minute to complete If I want to download the result
I click on download results or I can right click and
use the “save as” link I’m just going to save the new phone numbers
and names in a temporary directory basically your file name with our
number after it which includes some information like the day.
The file is going to come back in a tab delimited text format
you can open this with excel and it will prompt you with the text
import wizard in Excel its going to show this is a
delimited file tell me what to do the information looks messy but
just click Next and the delimiters will automatically be placed in the columns then the names and or phone numbers
would be in the right place once the column delimiters are shown
click Finish you’ll see we’ve added new columns
with name one, phone one, name two, phone two,
name three, phone three, etc telling you which field we found
which information for. widen the columns and you see all your
original information plus the appended info if you can’t find a report you can
always click on my account at the top right then click reports and they’ll be down
at the bottom under Searches by Type and you can open it up here. Thanks for watching, please subscribe
or visit us using one of the links above

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  1. This service has been updated. Please note there is no limit on the number of records you can upload now. The 10,000 limit is obsolete. Also, when we suggest adding the suite or Apt # in the same address field, that is no longer necessary as we will provide all the names and phone numbers we find at the address and there is only one record charge. So even if we find all the apartments or suites in a building you're only being charged for 1 hit (match). It's a way to cheat our system so take my advice!

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