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How to block spam calls

How to block spam calls

– Spam calls are worse than ever. That’s not just my opinion,
it’s not just how we all feel, it’s true. Robocall complaints to the
federal trade commission have quintupled since 2009, and they jumped steeply
in just the past year to four and a half million total. And that’s just Robocalls. There are another two and
a half million complaints about live telemarketers. So what on earth can we
do to start fighting back against all these spammy calls? There are three steps you can take, they won’t solve the problem entirely, but if you’re fed up,
this is what you can do to start fighting back. (jazz music) Okay so, step number one: Use a call-blocking app, there are a whole bunch of these, and they all try to do the same thing, block spam calls before you
have to answer your phone. Some of the most popular
include Hiya and Truecaller, which are free. And Nomorobo and RoboKiller,
which require a subscription. We’re gonna use Nomorobo, because it won the FTC’s
Robocall Blocking Challenge. But these all work more or less the same, and they work for both iOS and Android. Once you’ve installed
it, you’ll have to get the app permission to
handle your Caller ID. They also have a huge constantly updating
list of known spammers. And it check those numbers
against who’s calling you, if it sees that a known
spammer is calling you, it either won’t let the number through, or it’ll identify you
when they’re calling. If the app does let a spam
call through by accident, then you can tell it that, and it will then fact that
information in for everybody else to help them blocking more spam calls. Since most of these apps are free, there’s no harm in just
trying one and out, to see how it works for you. But before we go any further, what’s behind all these spam calls anyway? Since our private numbers
are basically everywhere now, mainly on our online accounts, pasted at our email signatures, and printed on business cards. In giving our phone numbers
to pretty much everyone, there’s a good chance they
will be shuffled along to someone they shouldn’t. Plus, thanks to auto-dialing
software and the internet, scammers can place thousands
of calls on the minute, for really cheap. They can even guess out
numbers if they want to. And once they’re dialed, the auto-dialer can then play
back a pre-recorded message, when someone would talk. Technology is also making
spammers more clever. Letting them disguise their phone number as a local one with your own area code. That way, you’re more likely to answer, giving each fake call, a
better chance of landing. But why do we receive so many spam calls? Well, as you can guess, someone is profiting from this. The caller ID company Truecaller estimates that phone scammers
made 9.5 Billion in 2016, from Americans alone. And the more calls they send out, the more chances they
have of finding a target. And while this is a huge problem, it’s actually really
hard to crack down on it. Making spammy calls like these, are largely illegal in the US. But Robocalls can be placed from overseas, and there’s not much that the United States can do about that. And for phone service providers, it can be hard to tell whether
a call that’s coming in, is from a scammer, or from someone you actually wanna get in touch with. They have to be careful
not to block any calls that really should have been let through. And it’s important to know
that some Robocalls are legal. Your pharmacy might call you. – [Phone] Your prescription is ready. – [Jake] Or your child’s school. – [Phone] We’re closed
due to inclement weather. – [Jake] Or even an airline. – [Phone] Your gate has changed. – [Jake] Generally speaking,
these are all legal. The focus is on those calls from scammers. Claiming you want a free cruise, or they can lower your interest rate, or that the FBI is looking for you. The service Youmail
estimates that 30% to 40% of all Robocalls are scams. And you definitely shouldn’t
be receiving those calls. Alright, so what else can
you do to stop spam calls? Well, there are a few other things. First, make sure your number is on the National Do Not Call Registry if you’re in the United States. Assuming those calls
were coming in legally, that could start to come
down on some of them. Second, see what your
phone provider can do. AT&T and T-Mobile both offer
services that are designed to identify spammy callers, when they hit your phone. Verizon and Sprint have similar services, but they all charge for it. And finally, know what is it you do when you get a spam call. Don’t talk? Don’t press any buttons? Don’t let them know that
a human is on the line, or they might be likely to call back. Also, be aware of what some of the most common phone scams are, like free travel packages. So you don’t give them your time or money. If you really do wanna talk to somebody, consider calling them back, from a number that you know is legitimate. Also, and this is really important, when you’re handing out your
information over the phone, make sure you’re really
identifying yourself, rather than handing your
identity to somebody who doesn’t already have it. Unfortunately, it might never be possible to fully put a stop to Robocalls, but you’re not defenseless against them. The government, and phone carriers, are doing their best to doing their best to put a stop to them. And, if you take some of these steps, you’ll be able to start
reducing the annoyance. Hey, thanks for watching,
this is part of our series, Work Flow, where we show you
how we’re using our own tech, to make our lives a little bit easier. If you wanna see some more, be sure to subscribe to The Verge.

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  1. I think you should mention the negative sides of trucaller and those type of apps where they have your name and number linked and it's basically public information

  2. In other words; summing it up in a sentence. We’re screwed; there is no preventing annoying calls. The final solution; do not answer your phone unless the caller is in your contact list. Force all other calls to voice-mail.

  3. this wasnt usefull at all, goverment and companies should do more but they also profit out of this in one way or another, its much like the antivirus companies, this is here to stay.

  4. Hey I'm from India and I'm a photographer and I love to play games . So should I go for Asus vivobook S15 i5 8th gen or msi GV 62 7rd . I'm very confused please help .

  5. The problem is they use existing and real numbers. If I were to block every single number that turns out to be a robo call, eventually I would be blocking everyone in my city. They even used the number for the city where I live in! I was hoping Nomorobo was the solution I've been looking for and went and paid for it. Well, didn't work. I just got a robocall.

  6. So who else thinks these apps he suggested in the beginning are also a scam to sell your info/number? The apps need to have access to you phone app on your smartphone so I am mostly skeptical.

  7. I rarely get calls so I just didn't set up my voicemail. I rarely get spam calls now that they realized they can't leave any spam messages on my voicemail and they instantly get denied if their number isn't in my address book. I get a spam call maybe once every few days. Definitely not a technique most people can use but works great for me.

  8. These apps and blocking numbers is total bullshit. Here's why… When the inbound caller ID is spoofed, it's often done so ONCE, using a randomized legitimate local number. Blocking it does nothing to stop same scammer from calling again with a slightly different number. What's worse, is by blocking a legitimate local number, you've now condemned the owner of that number – and when he tries to call others, he's number is falsely blocked. By spoofing random local number, the scammers accomplish two things – they get you to answer, and the render spam blacklisted databases useless because they start to amass too many legitimate numbers.

    The only fix is to block all CID spoofing. Unfortunately, there are too many legacy PBX systems which legitimately require spoofing to operate correctly.

  9. I added everyone I want to take a call from to my favorites list, then turned on do not disturb with the setting to ring thru favorites… I now get 0 spam calls. The only downside is when you are expecting a call from someone whose number you don't know, you have to remember to turn off Do Not Disturb, or it will go to voicemail.

  10. I have an answer for personal cell phone. I want a server block from my provider where I don't even see the blocked as a blocked or missed call. On cell device have the option to block ANY incoming call unless whitelisted. Outgoing calls made by device are auto whitelisted unless the user specifies otherwise.

  11. These calls are so dangerous that anything can happen. Your voice can be used for identity theft purposes and hackers may want to steal your information. Ignore the calls or download apps to protect yourself.

  12. Hi Im from Canada and we get these calls too please spread the word I found a way to stop them from calling you in the first place. I hope it will work for others, get a magic jack port your number after it is complete go online and under call features Automated Call Screening if it is an automated call it will require the caller to press an additional number something they will not do. On the plus side magic jack will save you money.
    I do not work for magic jack I just purchased one to save money and found this feature that has completely stopped these people in there tracks! please spread the word!

  13. Do these stop the call or do they send the caller to voicemail? I have a Private caller and can not block them. It will send the call to voicemail and I want the call to me stopped before it gets sent to my phone.

  14. Don’t just hang up! get through and waste a minute of their time.
    If only 1% of us “pressed 1” it would swamp them with calls and they’d lose money.

  15. Yes, something that my regular callers and contacts won't get block with the rest of the wolf pack. ROBO CALL CHARGES 2.99 A MONTH WELL I SEE IF IT DOES THE TRICK!!

  16. or better use NumBuster. its a better way to share knowledge about telephone numbers and block scammers and robocalls 🙂

  17. what we need is a phone that can block all calls except your contacts! now that is the phone i want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I am so sick about hearing about the Do Not call registry. I'M ALREADY ON THE DO NOT CALL REGISTRY!! It does nothing. I spoke to someone from the FCC. they offer little to no help. I've spoken to my carrier. They offer little to no help. It's gotta be something that can stop them! I am sick of getting these calls.

  19. Someone called me from Cameroon and she said in Arabic hi dear how was your day that's weird… This is the number

  20. There’s a simpler way to deal with these. Just don’t answer any number that you don’t know. If they really want to get a hold of you then they will leave a voicemail. Only then you’ll know if it is a scam or not. In which you can block the number after if it is.

  21. My office has a setup where you need to type an extension to get through to someone or leave a message. I check the log in the morning and see a bunch of junk calls that couldn’t push two digits to access anyone. I’d love my non business phones to be able to do this function

  22. I just turned on Do Not Disturb and only allow callers from my contacts. If i need to hear from someone i review my voicemails and recent calls. It has stopped the robo calls cold since robo calls rarely leave a message.

  23. I get calls from numbers I've already blocked. When I block the number that calls it says they are already on the block list like wtf…

  24. I don't get these very often but since I'm in California I've gotten one from LA but I never answer I just got one today and didn't answer either
    One tip is just don't answer the phone
    If you don't get these very often and you get a number and it says they're nearby you lied it said in the video still don't answer it is don't trust any unknown numbers

  25. Here's the problem as I see it. These blocking apps are operating on the theory that the unwanted number will keep calling so once it has been identified, future calls from that number will be blocked. That might have worked 5 years ago but today, if a telemarketer number is blocked, they will call from a unregistered number that isn't even assigned. I know because when I call the number, a recording tells me that the number I dialed is incorrect. So, no app exists that can predict what number will be used the next time. The number doesn't exist. ALL OF THESE BLOCKING APPS ARE NOT GOING TO WORK AND ONLY COMPLICATE YOUR LIFE MORE. Yet, I am told that the wireless carriers, AT&T, SPRINT, VERIZON ETC KNOW HOW TO STOP THESE CALLS BUT WON'T DO IT.

  26. If someone could invent a way to actually track and/or cease spam calls they'd become a billonaire overnight. In the meantime those apps are like a band-aid on a bleeding wound.

  27. Since i am looking for relatives, I don't want to take a chance that I miss one. I do have something that works in a hurry, though. I have a YouTube thing that stays on my monitor, it is a 10 hour air raid siren. When I get one of those calls, I jack my speakers up full blast and let it rip! When that siren starts wailing, it takes them maybe 10 seconds to hang up. When I'm out and away from my computer, I just pretend to be a cop, or tell them STETAZETIYOUFUCHAGUSTAFONGOO. I have no idea what it means, but those idiots seem to take offence at it and hang up in a hurry.

  28. I answered a spam call because I thought it was my doctor. Was half asleep. Now I get SO MANY CALL AND TEXTS! And its super creepy, the texts are sending me my address and everything

  29. I am not a computer nerd.  I am stunned reading and watching you tube since I have used a method on my iPhone to completely eliminate spam calls and foreign and domestic robo calls.THIS IS WHAT YOU DO IF YOU HAVE AN IPHONE1. Go to settings and click on it2. Go to "do not disturb.  Click on it and turn it on3. Go "allow calls from" and click on contactsNow when you are not on your iPhone, only calls from contacts will come through. If you are like me you have a couple of hundred of contacts.  If anyone else calls, they will have the opportunity to leave a message.PROBLEM SOLVED.  And you don't need to subscribe to any service.

  30. Off ? If you or anyone knows.
    I call my wife at work. My phone is always on don’t show caller id.
    It’s a local number I call. But my number always shows up at her work
    I tried. 82 and *67. Then dial.
    And even with that being done.
    My number still shows up on there caller ID at her work.
    Does anyone know why ???

  31. Forward unanswered calls to your Senator or Congressperson. Very easy to do on all cell phones. The SPAM'ers number will show-up as the dialing number. Maybe the morons in the Capital will get the message.

  32. I remember in my old school a number called my mom that said "scam likely" And she answered and it was the school but I didn't believe it was the school because the name was sketchy but luckily she never talked

  33. Card-generator com provides spoof credit card numbers. These spoof numbers will will pass the telemarketers initial "check sum" test. You are then passed over to the "verification department" and the supervisor repeats the entire sales agreement on a recorded line. I have been often been verbally abused, after providing a second spoof credit card (apparently the first card didn't work either)

    I am am receiving offers multiple calls from Marriott's Luxurysitesinternational com 800 865 4157 Is it a legit Marriot company? The Marriott robo calls use "spoof numbers" representing themselves as Marriott and congratulating me for being chosen for a special promotion, due to my recent stay. After a long sales pitch they make me an offer I can't refuse, (two) 8 day resort stays and (one) 7 day cruise, all meals and alcohol complementary for four persons. Total cost $599 (no airfare).

  34. I put my number on a online website to help with my resume and ever since then ive been getting 10+ calls a day, never put your cell number online

  35. I have this idea, can anyone out there develop this app I have in mind? so here is my idea, create an app that blocks you number from existence anywhere. The only people that can call you are people on your phone contacts who you each gave an individual pass code to which is unique to each person whom you give it to, can change or revoke any ones pass code on your contact. With all the technology out there, I just know this can be created by someone who is tech savvy.

  36. If you know this truth that telecom companies such as Jio, Airtel and Vodafone sells numbers and as a result users end up getting these spams calls. Do a part 2.

  37. I get at least one scam call an hour. My whole family started getting these when our phone plan ended and we had to sign a new contract to get one. We are convinced that our network provider is selling our numbers.

  38. I was facing the exact same issue , but i had to call Google on 1-888-507-2003 ( US & Canada ). To get quick resolution for your problem it's always better to contact help

  39. I get phone calls from random numbers but when I call back it just rings like they didn’t even call or there not at there phone at the moment but they literally just called what is this ? Maybe scammers calling from peoples phones ?

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