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How to Buy a Used Car for $300 (Runs and Drives)

How to Buy a Used Car for $300 (Runs and Drives)

100 thoughts on “How to Buy a Used Car for $300 (Runs and Drives)”

  1. I went though the comments and you overwhelmingly want separate videos on how to fix each problem and restore the car. That series will start soon but for now, here is the next video:

  2. Don't even think about buying a car with issues thinking you fix it if you don't own tools. Tools alone will cost alot depending on what you need and where they're from.

  3. I bought a running/driving Lincoln Town Car Signature Jack Nicklaus Edition for $500. I've been daily driving it for a year and a half. The guy named his price and I paid it.

  4. Dude get some better shirts… The ones you have are just kinda lamesauce (could have it made on etsy for $8…). Sure, it's your tagline, but… :/ Ask a creative friend to brand you better and I'd rock one!! Just sayin'… Love the vidz tho keep it up!

  5. Chris, why don't you like hondas? I'm confused! LOL I hope the three you would own are Accords, Civics, and Del Sols, but I wanted to know if you have a year preference as well. Pure curiosity! I fix and sell and hondas sell FAST and for higher prices! Currenly got a Saturn Ion with an exhaust leak – thanks for the JB Weld Extreme Heat Video! Gonna do that this weekend!

  6. How come i see people post cars and say serious buyers only but ive had to deal with 5 sellers that keep flaking on me i need something that says serious sellers only lol

  7. 11:00 I can't believe you just ran the guy over after He sold his car. very informative video BTW great job. I'm 40 and don't know anything about cars . what a shame.

  8. Bloody america, in Australia its illegal to tow a car like that, all four tyres have to be on a platform like a big trailer, or truck

  9. Be careful opening that radiator cap anytime. Best to leave that thing alone unless you can feel no heat anywhere on in the engine compartment. You can get burned like you would not believe. Major injuries.

  10. Just bought a 94 del sol right before starting to watch your vids. It needs some fixing amd these vids really help me out. Thank you

  11. I need to know how you justify a good car when the coolant is going to be tearing up the crankshaft bearings?
    I have seen a lot of advertised ones with blown this or sitting for how long and my first concern is the lower end will die quickly.
    No one does videos to justify the quality of a vehicle by the main bearings and that is where and why I shy away.

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  13. Hey Chris do the whole enchilada,put it on video everything from soup to nuts.A great project fix but also bring your friends in also>>just an idea?

  14. I’m watching this video for the third time crying in broke Bc I don’t have the money to get a car and get all the parts and things to install the parts

  15. I was watching this video at 1 o'clock in the morning. The day after my dream car a 1970 Lincoln Mark III slipped through my fingers. I then decided to try this website out and found my dream car again for the same price in better condition. Thank you Chrisfix and Autotempest!

  16. when I was 19 I bought the best car that I have owned for $300. It was a 95 Pontiac Grand am and when I bought it the owner said the water pump was leaking and thought it was going out. It was a really slow antifreeze leak and had to add every month and after 6 months it stopped leaking. Few year later had to put in an alternator. Shortly after that it had an oil leak where I had to add a quart every 4 or 5 months. Wellll that is where this cars story ends after having the car for 6 years and a few deer later car engine started knocking a little and then I might have forgot to check the oil then when messing around aka racing a friend all of a sudden the oil light came on and 10 seconds later she was done.

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