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How to charge Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 with Broken charging port / Another way of charging ✔

How to charge Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 with Broken charging port / Another way of charging ✔

Hi, In this video I’ll show you how to charge your Samsung galaxy s 3 if it has broken charging port. First of all you need to find a usb cable that can be connected to your charger. Then you need to strip the cable. You need only red and black wires, you can just cut green and white wires off. Then you need to strip black and red wires like this Then remove back cover of your galaxy s 3, and find two pins, those two pins were made for wireless charging, but you can use them for a regular charging too. Just connect red and black wires, but check the polarity it has to be like in this video red wire has to be closer to the top of the phone and black has to be closer to the bottom I used insulating tape for proper fixation Then you can put on cover back Then connect cable to your charger, and you can use it. Let’s see if it works and it works! let see one more time let’s turn off and turn on again It works perfectly Using this method my phone was charged from 7 percent to 15 percent just in fifteen minutes Thanks for watching

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  2. Awesome thanks so much, it works!! Btw, I can't believe how ridiculously stupid some of the commenters are.

  3. thank you so much dude definitely worked on mine Gotta say without you i wouldnt have been calling myself a genius

  4. Liked this video. My S4 had same problem and repairing store did worst primitive maintenance and 60% stop work lost small ic.

  5. on the note 3 it has 3 pins starting from the top the first one is the positive the second is negative the third one you dont need to put a cable on it

  6. Lollz….this port is intended for Wireless Charging…why are you using soldered wires???a charging was is suppose to fit on those terminals.

  7. For the S4 it is different, the ports are more on the top and to the left. I connected the red wire on the left and the black on the right and it worked.

  8. Hey bro i have this phone "CHERRY MOBILE FLARE XL PLUS" my charging port is completely loosen and i haved tried to open it and there are this two points on the side with a word GND what does it mean?

  9. Oh my god it worked!!! I really don’t care for the phone I just wanted the pics of my son. For anyone wondering I used the red cable and a like metal wire my cable didn’t have a black. Thank you sooooo much I haven’t charged this phone for 3 years!!!!

  10. Боже… твоё произношение…. у меня кровь из ушей пошла… недоамериканец

  11. Wired up. I have a red charging light when plugged in but the phone won’t turn on. When holding the phone power button it pulses blue, screen remains blank and it goes back to red light charging state. Any ideas? sim required etc?

  12. I don't know why people are saying that this thing works. Have u actually tried it. I am a technician. I just tried 3 phones and just nothing happens

  13. I cannot figure out how to keep the wires in place long enough to tape them down! How can this process be carried out without a soldering tool?? I get a "charging" animation the second the wires connect on the pins…but they won't stay connected the second I take my fingers off.

  14. For some reason my S3 do not have those two connectors for wireless charging???
    It's an S3 mini that I use for listening to audio books

  15. cool
    i was using a different method to charge mine
    it required alot of soldering on the inside and a second board glued to the battery

    you couldnt use wifi while charging or have the screen on or it would fry the screen

    this works fine though and lets me use it while charging
    but its less portable with a wire hanging out lol

  16. How to charge Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 with Broken charging port / Another way of charging ✔

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