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How to charge your mobile phone in 5 seconds? | Tamil | LMES #32

How to charge your mobile phone in 5 seconds? | Tamil | LMES #32

72% of earth’s surface is filled with water and 97% of water we have is salty sea water Therefore, it is not going to much long before we run out of drinking water In fact, even today, there are many lives that suffer and die without access to drinking water in some part of the world Apart from water, we have also been depleting natural resources like oil and natural gas for industrialization and transportation There is a limitation to such non-renewable resources and someday earth will run out of it completely At this juncture, it is critical to think about our survival and sustainability for the future. Do science and technology have a solution to sustainability? The obvious solutions that occur to a common man are desalination and electric vehicles. However, they aren’t as simple as they sound ! Establishing a desalination plant for such magnitude could cost somewhere around 13 trillion dollars ! Additionally, operating this plant will require enormous amount of resource and energy incurring further costs Therefore, desalination plants aren’t a viable solution at this point of time for our drinking water scarcity Lets move to transportation. It could take up to 20 to 30 hours to completely charge a mid size electric car. So, with this limitation, electric cars don’t appear to be a solution to the fuel crisis Just imagine how better would the world be, if we have a simple water filter that could separate salt from sea water ! What if we could charge our smart phones completely in just 5 seconds ! How about charging an electric in 30 seconds ! That must be a dream, isn’t it? Not at all. Fortunately, such things are technologically possible and there are R&D work in progress towards achieving this marvelous feat ! Someday in the near future, such technologies may reach the regular consumers You will be surprised to know that one stop solution to all these problems is pencil !!! Really?? Yes !!! Let’s see how… As we know, graphite in the pencil is used for writing which is made of carbon atoms Using a pencil, let’s draw a line on a paper and observe it through a powerful microscope. Just assume it can show the graphite line at atomic scale. At this atomic scale, the structure looks like a stack of paper having many layers one over the other Let’s just take one layer from this and observe its structure It looks like a honey comb made up of many carbon atoms. The thickness of this layer is equivalent to that of a carbon atom. Therefore, any graphite line on a paper is made up of millions of such layers at a microscopic or atomic scale In 2004, physicists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov conducted a simple experiment using some graphite particle and a scotch tape As shown in the video, they placed graphite particles over the tape, folded it and separated it and observed the graphite particles being separated Technically, those millions of layers explained earlier got separated gradually each time They repeated this experiment plenty of times and each time more and more layers of graphite were separated. And… At the end of experiment, they were left with just one layer of carbon atoms called as “Graphene” ! This outstanding discovery yielded them the Noble prize for physics in 2010 ! Surprising, isn’t it? Want to know why this simple experiment was considered for such an honor? Prior to this discovery, scientists strongly believed that it is impossible to extract a single layer of graphite as it is chemically unstable In spite of that, these two physicists demonstrated graphene extraction using a simple method which fetched them the honor So why is graphene so important? It is the strongest material discovered on earth so far. Hundreds of times stronger than steel. Even an elephant standing on it cannot break it So it can be used to build aircrafts, spacecrafts, satellites, cars, motorcycles, bullet proof jackets, etc. with high durability In spite of being stronger, this material is millions of times thinner than a paper, as flexible as rubber and transparent too ! Also, graphene is 1000 times a better conductor of electricity compared to copper Therefore, graphene has the capability to shape up the future of electronics We may see super slim electronic devices built using graphene in the future. Phones, tablets and laptops as thin as a paper ! Just like paper, we will be able to fold these devices and carry it in our pockets. Charging time consumed by mobile phones and laptops today is a big inconvenience. In the future… Using capacitors made of graphene as mobile phone batteries could significantly reduce the charging time up to 5 seconds ! Similarly, an electric car can be charged in 30 seconds Various researches have proven that salt ions in water can be easily filtered using graphene materials Lockheed Martin is already working on a research program to manufacture graphene based water filter Wish we could have those filters in our homes soon Coming to solar energy, with current technological limitations, we haven’t been able to store solar energy efficiently Using graphene, we will be able to address this challenge Solar panels made of graphene will be able to store solar energy in electrons in the panel itself On the whole, graphene has got the potential to eradicate the power crisis completely Hope now it makes sense why this discovery made using pencil and tape deserved Nobel prize However, there are huge challenges associated with manufacturing graphene for such commercial purposes A friendly request to today’s students who are ambitious about making the world a better place to live in… Please do specialization in materials engineering and… figure out an efficient way to manufacture graphene and make all our lives better 🙂 If you are interested to learn more facts about graphene, nano technology and other science and engineering concepts then… Please follow our facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks for your support 🙂

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  1. Bro ellarukum puriyumpadi theliva sollirukinga aana yen ivlo dislike… Adhan puriyala… Oru vela indha video dislike pannavangaluku indha video puriyala pola..

  2. Anna oru doutb appana pencil la irukuran grapite ta na oru oru layer ra aduki vachu water pour panna athu filter airuma

  3. Graphene oru vela gaali aachina appa ennapannuvum elllarum use pannna ara micha kandipa gaali aaiydumla

  4. How did u arrive to 19 trillion usd for a Desalination plant. It may cost around 4500 crore rs only

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  7. Thank you so much for your videos..
    It helps a lot…
    And please clarify the below one….
    How could the graphene is stronger than steel… cos graphite is multilayer of graphene but we all know we can easily break the pencil lead by simply tapping it.

    Can you please elaborate this?

  8. i have a doubt for a long time, that is 'why can't we get the items [things manufactured to make our life possible] for free????" because the manufacturer of these machines will also need water for living….. and can't they accept for making this process free….

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  12. Hey stupid, change the title, lier . U didn't tell how to charge in 5 mins, also u cannot see atomic structure under microscope. It is determined by chemical reactions.

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