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How to crop and trim a video on your iPhone or iPad — Apple Support

How to crop and trim a video on your iPhone or iPad — Apple Support

Take a long video
and cut right to the good part with easy-to-use crop and trim
tools in the Photos app. We’ll show you how to crop your
video to another aspect ratio and trim the length. We’ll start with crop. In the Photos app,
tap Edit while viewing a video. Then tap the crop button. Now, tap the aspect ratio button
in the upper-right corner. You can manually crop your video
by using FREEFORM, or you can select a preset crop. Drag the video to reframe it
if you need to. Looks good! Need to shorten
your video a bit? To trim it,
tap the Video button. From here, slide the handles to change the start
and stop times. Tap play to preview. And when you’re happy
with your clip, tap Done. Want to go back to how it was? You can undo your changes
anytime by tapping Edit… …then Revert. And that’s a wrap! Now you can post and share your
video at just the right size. For more iPhone
photo and video tips, subscribe to
the Apple Support channel, or click another video
to keep watching. ♪ Music playing ♪

100 thoughts on “How to crop and trim a video on your iPhone or iPad — Apple Support”

  1. I do not know whether this is an Apple support. I detected there is a bug on ios 13. If i turned off my mobile phone option. I can still received my incoming calls and i can make an out going call and also received sms. Even my mobile option is turned off. And i can see my cell phone signal cell on my iphone 7 plus. How come it have such problems??? I already feedback the matter to apple. Can apple please fix this bug.

  2. With iOS 13 I can’t restore my password from: Netflix, Amazon video , when i wrote the pass never save from safari.

    Come on 🤔 iOS 13
    ios still has errors

    Too the fast charger now is like a BlackBerry charge = very slow 😡

  3. i updated my iphone7plus ios v12.3. 1 and got interrupted then my camera mulfunctioned (black screen on default, only usable on 2X zoom) then recently updated to ios 13 and still no improvement. please help

  4. what if u want to to save storage and u want to delete that part of the video like you used to be able too were you would ht trim original

  5. Hi can you answer this please. Before the update when I edit and trim my video I get both the new trim and the original video but now you get only 1 short video that you've trimmed and not the original. I know you can revert but I when both videos.

  6. Can you please get back the option to trim original or save as a new video! This is not nice at all! I need this feature back asap. Now we have to pay apps to get it ☹️

  7. Hi Apple Support team. Can you give me a tip, how to export trimmed video to a new file? – "Save as a new video". It worked absolutely fine in a previous sw builds, up to iOS 12.x.x. I can't find this option on iOS 13, I hope it's a bug?
    For example. I capture long video, from which I want to use several short shots.
    In iOS 13, I used original video to select short part and I saved this short part as a new video. The original one, long with some "waste" around, I can delete. But in iOS 13, I must duplicate the original one and long vide to several copies and each edit to trimmed version. So in a device memory I have unnecessarily several extremely long files.

    I hope for some change in a next sw builds.
    Current situation is … you know, … extremely … awkward

  8. Before the update (that I didn't request) I could edit a video and at the end, I would have the choice to keep the original and the new one or to modify the original. Now I can revert if I want but I cannot keep both. This is very bad, because often one want to use different segments of a video and for that, it is crucial to be able to keep the original. What's going on?

  9. It’s hard to tim video since ios13!!! We are trimming to remove parts of the video!!! We don’t like to keep it!!!! And everytime i trim videos now it takes too long at the same time it eats a lot of space🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  10. hi apple, why are trimmed videos twice on my phone and are taking up up to twice as much space? trimming creates a new/ separate videofile why ? this takes up lots of space. already filed bug report. or is there anything i missed? loved it way more back in ios 12

  11. the only problem i have with ios 13 is that when you go to trim a video it doesn’t save as a new clip anymore so if i wanted to take a long video and split it into parts i can’t do that unlike before in IOS 12

  12. I film my performances and then like to split my videos into individual songs by using the Save as New Video feature. But I have now lost that functionality with ios 13. What gives Apple? Had I known, I would have NEVER upgraded to ios 13.

  13. Anyone having issues with trimming slow mo clips? Its taking FOREVER just to trim it slightly… with the supposed new processor blah blah, it shouldnt take 5-10 times longer than the iphone x on the previous OS

  14. This new IOS update took away something so major when it came to editing videos on your phone. You can no longer create a new clip from trimming a video without overriding the original video and it's beyond ANNOYING.

  15. The new trim function is really bad, it’s really hard to edit videos of a few minutes, almost unusable to do some proper editing work, not sure how Apple doesn’t see this

  16. Yeah good luck with the trim working when you send it to social media. Sent my trimmed video to FB and it uploaded the entire thing

  17. i love trying to crop out the beginning of the video, only to be able to move the playback cursor to various parts of the video instead! the trimming and cropping before was fine, there was no need to tamper with it – yet now it is impossible for me to properly trim the beginning of a video.

  18. Thank you for fixing the issue, I hope on the next update you can bring back the wheel animation, so we could approximately measure the progress of the trimming.

    Anyway, I'm still happy "Save as new video" is back :)).

  19. This makes no sense cause when I hit edit on my video I don’t get any of those options and I have XS Max so it’s a newer phone

  20. Hi Apple Support! I was recently trimming a video but instead of pressing “save as new clip” I pressed “trim original”. I immediately pressed cancel but my 31 minute video was still trimmed to 1 minute and 52 seconds. I’ve seen where people have a revert option but I’m not seeing that on my phone. Do I not have enough space to revert it, or do I just not have that feature? Thanks in advance!

  21. How can I trim the end of my video without having to watch the entire video to see where it cuts off? It doesn’t match the time stamp in photos if you trimmed from the start (I ended up crunching the numbers to get the edit time stamp.) it’s impossible to move the white bar in edit without trimming the start of the video!

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