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How to: Determine What Model iPhone You Have

How to: Determine What Model iPhone You Have

direct fix dot com presents how to tell
which iPhone you have be sure to check us out on the web it direct fix dot com
use coupon code YouTube seven 47 percent off your first order in this video were
going to take a look at each generation of iphone and help you determine exactly
which one you have so that you need better select the correct replacement
parts for your damaged phone starting with the also called the TEG we see that it has a
silver back and is black on the bottom is the only iPhone with this design next is the iPhone 3G the easiest and
fastest way to tell this iPhone apart from others is to look at the back case
the Apple logo is shiny and silver the text on the bottom serial number and
model numbers are an adult gray also the model number for the iPhone 3G is a 1241 next is the iPhone 3G s these look very
similar to the 3G and are easily confused with one another he’s also have a silver Apple logo
however the text of the bottom will also be in a silver print also the model
number for the iPhone 3G s is a 1303 moving on tone for the AT&T or GSM model and the
Verizon Sprint or CDMA model can only be differentiated by looking at the model
number printed on the back the AT&T GSM model number is a 1332 the Verizon Sprint or CDMA model number
is a 1349 for the iphone4s has only one model that
works for multiple carriers and networks making it easier to pick replacement
parts however it is still very easy to mistake
it for s 404 to make sure that you have an iphone4s again look at the model
number the model number for the iphone4s is a
1387 please be sure to check our website
direct fix dot com just click the link below for all your parts and accessory

22 thoughts on “How to: Determine What Model iPhone You Have”

  1. Ty for this video..
    so i want to replace my broken screen for Iphone4
    i need to tell my supplier that i need screen for Iphone4 Model Number  A3332 (is that AT&T GSM .. or Iphone 4g model.. i dont understand that part..) please help

  2. Yeah… I thought I had an Iphone 4 for 3 months now
    Turns out I had an iphone 4s.

  3. My iPhone front LCD looks like a 5s home button without a small square in it..but when checking the back..its says model A1429… this right???

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