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How To Develop Your First iPhone App Step-by-Step Course: For iPad and iPhone

How To Develop Your First iPhone App Step-by-Step Course: For iPad and iPhone

Hi, my name is Josh and I’ve got a question for
you if you were to develop a simple app that
landed in the top 10 list at the Apple App Store and made some killer cash what would that
do them well in this video want to show you how
you’re able to do that and more because I’ll tell you how to
get marked kin’s app to riches multimedia course and you don’t
have to have any programming skills or any crazy expensive program software be done in like four weeks. But first check out this powerful cool little quote
I found and this guy named William James and it goes like this: a new idea its first condemn as ridiculous then
dismissed as trivial, until finally it becomes what everybody knows and here’s a name everybody knows and maybe you know it too does the name Rovio ring a bell to you? how about this heeey Angry birds. Rovio is a mobile
game development company who made Angry Birds and addictively cute
game in which the player uses a slingshot to
help flightless faul seek revenge against some green pigs who
stole on the ropes on our way reached this combines the elements easy playability with a
participatory storyline its moral and her role dished rocket be with this
simple and addictive game in June millions to
pull out their wallets and by 99-cent app I mean look at this hour its sole simple he may even have one on your
phone iPod right now think bach you could have made that even better you can develop a simple app with no
programming experience but no expensive programming software
and have you have up and running time to show your friends and start
making money but only after you let markan and his
head trainer Rohan Patel guide you step-by-step
through their four-week multimedia course i say
more to me because every day you’ll be swimming in loads
resources ranging from video lessons mp3’s so that when you’re on the go printable
PDF says for each lesson to review and much more so here’s what you’re gonna get week
number one planning your apt you know laying on a
foundation you got had with your new money making
idea cooking line you be able to properly plan you do
that so it’s going to be game or nap you discovered key factors apply
for development because you gotta know the different iPhone and the iPad development
processed apparently there’s a difference marks
also do get your feet wet by following proven market research and analysis strategies
and not to mention niche product research issue alright if you don’t know what a niche
is at okay you know netsh is pretty much the top people your apt as for it’s like
that arrow you know hitting the right target make
sense good let’s move on we’re gonna get a
little technical here but don’t sweat once you’ve got
your back better structured and planned out in
week to introduced troll you’re going to be and
you’ll be guided step-by-step the process of creating simple app and exclude arm then you’ll be provided
specific steps necessary to test their also known as debugging so yeah transmit I’ll you learn how to save time when
developing your apt 102 library train inside the course I now for those of you that don’t wanna
learn anything at all about programming there will be a a variety of software
programs and still enable you to create an app or
game for you want to use they haven’t
forgotten about you you chew will be able to use Windows to
develop your app so no worries there still with me good because a week number three I think you’re gonna love it you’ll be
able to put some fully fund to your cooking app idea to
be focusing on designing your app you discover three key factors designing
your he also observed benefit some a popular trend designs out there and
get ready to master to YouTube and 3d graphic
attic as well as splice sweet audio animation design to give your app’s life to keep people
interested finally but not limited to you working with
adobe flash cs4 on it p another programming term don’t worry the guys at to riches will help you out
step by step and now before we go on to a
week for let me share something with you that you
may not know about they say it’s a little hard to get paid apps downloaded at least rather
than the free app if only there was a way to make money
with at users down your free app I’ll it’s like they say today’s your
lucky day check this out you know those who can
step pop up there that when you do something that I know
it does why use Pandora radio well those ads popping up people painter advertised in your free
cap space and when you make it to the top 100 list up to Apple Store it can burn you 400 to five thousand dollars just for
letting people advertise but we’re not done yet we’ve
got more these let me ask you this you wanna
mixed by right to do that you need to market your
ad the right way remember that arrow has to
hit the right target and weak number four you get to use simple tricks tactics that gets you
instant results yep peace strategies have a track record
and generally cash flow you were discovered insider secrets only select few individuals had mastered and you get to see the learn to avoid com marketing mistakes downfalls know how to publish your app and at this
point you’ll buckwild begin to advance development exercises so that you can
create some whiz-bang stuff there are two other
courses you beginning I feel like I’m talking too much salt
let you find out for yourself you go through course where you need to
do is click on the link below to get the step-by-step course but
that’s not all mark so-called about his court stay usually stuff like
this class 1000 to 5000 miles right now repressed he gives you the course tryout for like five bucks
you owe no sweat and he says if you don’t make any money with your
new apt he’ll give you your money back no questions asked so China risk-free to get there just click on the link
below and be on your way to great success in
creating a rat think about your hat that’s doing your head can be working
its way 20 Apple device near you again the link below used to be clicked in
order to get the corpse warning after it is for people who want
to develop create Zach struck a pose bill produced
but after with no experience much for the
programming and as little as four weeks to get it now now now it while it’s hot
be careful when you get rich because it what you want is to love me

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  1. Yes, I made it to help people find an AWESOME way to Develop Apps. Being that App Development is booming I believe the App Industry is going to be the New "Information" Highway.

  2. Sure…If you are looking for the link to click it is in the description box.When you click on the link you'll then scroll to the bottom and click on "Click Here To Gain Access". In which it'll lead you to Apps2Riches website. Hope this helps…let me know. 🙂

  3. Hi Josh–app development is the way of the future for most coders. I have a few friends that are app developers and the job market is unlimited. Great video.

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  6. Great video. I never thought about adding apps to my arsenal as I am not a coder; however, this might a good idea for another avenue stream.

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