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How to Downgrade Any Windows Phone 10 to Windows Phone 8.1 | Simple! Step by Step.

How to Downgrade Any Windows Phone 10 to Windows Phone 8.1 | Simple! Step by Step.

hey, youtube, welcome to Geeks tutorial. and
today i’m gonna show you how to go back to windows 8.1 from windows 10. ok if you watching
this video, you are really getting annoyed of windows 10, because of it’s bugs, and slow
kind of things. So.. you need to go back to the oldest version of Microsoft windows phone
8.1 or 8, manufacturer version of you device. So for that there is a tool called windows
phone recovery tool, it’s official from Microsoft. If people want to get back to the previous
OS, the tool make it possible. I will show you how to do it. First you need to click
the link below in the description, and go to my web site, and then you need to search, windows phone recovery tool. “recovery too” ok, so here is
some results, and click the first one, Microsoft released the recovery tool to roll back windows
10 to windows 8.1, that the one we are looking for so just click that. Ok… then down here,
you can see a download link down link! Windows mobile recovery tool. Just click that
and download it, and it’s only 2 MB file size. and i already download it. This is the
file, windows phone recovery tool. So double click it! click to install and the ask for
administrative privileges. Ok just click yes, Ok it’s finished, it will take a couple of
minutes. i don’t know. Now click the next button, and check the license box, i accept
the terms and license agreement, just click it, Ok next, and create short cut on the desk top. Ok it’s installed, now click launch application. The application update, Oh, this is a mandatory
application update, so you need to do it, just click install, ok now click install again, ok it’s done again, then click next, click check this box, and hit next, check this box
and click install. Ok! here we go, let’s launch the application, this is the application,
now it showing the connection picture! it’s time to connect your windows phone to your
PC, Ok using this usb cable, this is a micro usb cable. i’m gonna connect it to my PC,
i mean my windows phone to the PC. Connect this end to the windows phone, and the other
end to your PC’s usb port. Ok it’s identifying. Now the lumia is connected, you can see here,
in phone section, Nokia lumia 525. it is connected. I will show you the version of this phone, a proof let’s go to system, about and you can see this is, software version windows 10.. mobile, technical preview. you can see that. software windows 10 mobile technical
preview. So let’s gonna roll back it to windows 8.1. Watch it! So just click the picture,
you can see your phones name here, main is Nokia lumia 525, if your connected a htc or
a Microsoft lumia 640 or any other phone, it will show the name here, and the picture,
then just click the picture, and it will reading phone information and it’s shows the firmware
version of my phone. Click reinstall software. then personal contact on the phone will be
erase during the installation, i recommend that you create a backup on your phone under
settings backup, install the software should take about 15 minutes, the download time of
the software package, depends on your network speed. I will show you how to backup your
phone. Now let’s go back to the recovery tool, Ok! click continue here, and now it’s showing
downloading package, it’s a 1.54 GB. Connect your, keep connect you device until it’s finish!
i suggest to you download with this a high bandwidth connection, or WiFi connection. Ok’ it’s take approximately 279 minutes, with with Downloading with my connection, it will
take about 251 minutes (to complete). Ok, let’s wait! well it is all most, 1.2 GB. It
is installing software, downloading is completed! you can see here, it is
showing a real time statues bar on the phone, and. So if you don’t know how to create back up of your contacts and settings watch this
video! click the annotation, right on the screen. come on click it now! Oops i can’t
wait more. So if you wanna watch that video, the how to backup stuff, i will given a link
below in the description, just click that up after you watched this video. yep it is
successfully installed! phone is reinstalled with the default, i mean it is 8.1 one on
my phone and we successfully roll backed from windows 10 to windows 8.1. let’s click fine
and the phone will restart. You can see the phone is restarting, it’s shows the logo of
Nokia, i mean Nokia! You can use it on any other, windows device, Nokia, Microsoft, htc
anything. You can use same tool, it is the official tool from Microsoft. Ok checkout
the link below for that tool, you can free download it! It shows the windows logo, and
it is restarted, Now i need to select a language, Ok, English India, let’s go, click next and down here click accept. Now it’s searching for WiFi, i need to connect my WiFi modem,
it is unplugged now, i connect the broad band cable to my lap top, so i need
to connect the WiFi router, just a minute, i will be back. Ok now the WiFi is connected.
You can see my WiFi name funny bear. just touch that, just select your WiFi name! and
add you WiFi network to your phone, Ok it’s asking for the password. Now you can see the
windows 8.1 is here, we are get rid of windows 10, Ok now let’s go to the, settings and conform
the version, i will show you the proof. actually i know this is windows 8.1, and i need to provide a proof, ok about phone, and you can see here. People this is windows phone 8.1,
so the mission is success, we roll back from, windows 10 to windows 8.1, it is possible
now you can do this your own, if you found my video help full, give it a thumbs up, if
you wanna watch more! Subscribe to my channel. Thank you for watching, good bye!

100 thoughts on “How to Downgrade Any Windows Phone 10 to Windows Phone 8.1 | Simple! Step by Step.”

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