55 thoughts on “How to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone & iPad!”

  1. Hi Justin, Thank you so much for all the videos! They have all been so helpful to me as I'm Tech challenged. You have inspired me to finally start a channel (The spirit experience) I've only got a few videos but I couldn't have done it without your videos! Thank you!

  2. Using your preferred tool opens another tab in my browser and asks if I want to install an updated Flash Player (aka malware) FYI.

  3. Hey Justin. Loving your channel. Already changed my banner and my thumbnails because of your videos. I was watching your Video Editor video and had a question? I have a HUGE question. I have some copyright material on my videos and no matter what i do I get the same error. "sorry video edits cannot be saved" I am trying to erase music. I also used the editor for days to simply cut the material out and I get the same thing? I've been looking everywhere for an answer and if you can help me I'd be very grateful. Or if anyone else wants to weigh in I'd be thankful too. Cheers.

  4. Justin brown is really great! I love his videos.
    I’ll also be making a video similar to this one so I’d love it if y’all support me 🤗🤗

  5. Another brilliant helpful video. You’re the man 🙌🙌🙌🙌. Any tips or comments on my crappy little videos will be much appreciated
    I’m old and technophobe 🙈🤣. Keep up your great work xxx

  6. Download Bolt web browser to directly download the copied links from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. & copy video directly to the camera roll.

  7. Thank you for this tutorial. I went as far as recording the video and saving it on my iPhone 7+. Unfortunately there is no sound. I did it twice and it still didn’t have any sound. Please help me! 😰

  8. Or you cand just save the video from your PC and after this you send the video on facebook messenger, hold the video and save it .

  9. I was helplessly trying to find this and after a few deceiving solutions I found your video ! You’re the man ! Hi from the French Caribbean !

  10. If YOu Are Still Facing aNY iSSUE wITH your Facebook Account Please Call

    Facebook customer support number {{1-800-358-2146}}..

  11. This nonsense android have Facebook video download iPhone doesn’t have what a nonsense it makes me hate using iPhone 🙄

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