How to Edit Youtube Videos on your Phone (LIKE A PRO)

Sunny Lenarduzzi: Hey, Boss. I’m asked this question all the time: How
in the world do you make professional-looking video simply just using your phone? Well, I’m going to show you exactly how to
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will have you set to make pro videos simply from your phone. Real quick, in the comments below, I want
you to let me know what color font you use for your videos and in your brand, so what
font do you use, and what color is it? Put it in the comments below. How do you edit videos on your phone? Well, first, I’m actually recording this video
within the app that I want to tell you about, which is called KineMaster, and it does everything
that you need to make your videos look pro straight from your phone. The first thing we’re going to do is once
the clip is inserted, you just click on it here, and these are all the different options
that you can do to make sure that the clip and the audio and video all looks great. There’s audio filters that you can add, some
different voice changers, which is kind of cool if you just want to just change one clip. If you want to trim some stuff off or you
want to crop it in tighter, you can also crop in tighter, so you can make it look like you
have a camera movement, which is fun to play with, but I’m just going to keep it simple
just to show you guys the basics of this. What I want to do is just trim off some of
the excess at the beginning, so we’re going to take that, and we’re just going to trim
it slightly to make it start at a different spot. “Not the most flattering angle, but … ” We just trimmed it so I didn’t have any dead
space on the beginning, and then say I want to go to, ” … flattering angle, but all
good, so how … ” Let’s just say I want to cut out that “um.” ” … but all good.” Go there, and we’re going to go to Clip, and
we’re going to go to Trim/Split, and we’re going to Split at Playhead, so you split there,
and that makes it into two separate clips. We’re going to play it again from there. ” … so … ” We’re going to bring it back
there. ” … flattering angle, but all good, so how
do you … ” That gets rid of that excess that I don’t
want to keep in there. We just trimmed out of few pieces, so that’s
as simple as that gets. If you have any excess pieces that don’t work
and you want to edit them out, that’s all you need to do, so you could click on here. You could also do color filters, which is
kind of cool. I’m not going to add any, but if you wanted
to change the look or the feel of your video, you can do that. Let me go back to None there. Speed control, so you can speed it up. You can rotate the angle. You can also mirror it so it’s flipped around. Lots of fun, different things you can do within
here just on the clip itself. Then if you want to add certain transitions
into your videos, which we obviously want to do, or add any text onto it, you go to
layer, and there’s different effects that you can add on here like different transition
effects and blurs and mosaic. I’m going to keep it simple because I don’t
actually like adding those things into my videos, but you could also add in different
images or videos on top. Let’s just say I wanted to add in an image. Let’s say I want to add in this one. Cool. You could actually add that into your video
wherever you want to place it. It would look like this. That’s added in there. ” … angle, but all good, so how do you … ” You can add in images. You can add in entire text box over top. If you want to add in your name or anything,
you can add in that on the bottom so I can put @sunnylenarduzzi. There’s tons of things that you can do within
this app, which is really, really fun. You can also add music to your clips. They also have sound effects in here too,
music assets you can pull from your library. You can get music from their library as well. Only thing about this is if you want to get
rid of the watermark at the top you do have to upgrade. 6.49 a month in Canada. I don’t know what it would be in the states,
but the other app I want to show you is completely free. We’re going to get into that right now. The other app for teaser videos you want to
make for social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat or Instagram Stories, all of that’s
available on this app. It’s called Pocket Video. I’m going to show you exactly how to make
an Instagram teaser on Pocket Video. I’m in Pocket Video. If I wanted to create a teaser for Instagram
to share my full length video and promote the full length video, I go in Instagram Video,
I’d hit Square, and then just add in the video clip that I want to use, so say I want to
use the video that I already shot for the YouTube video that I did in the other app,
go to Text, go to Add. There’s all these really cool presets that
you can add directly on top of the video and just change what it says, change the text. What I really think is rad is you can go here,
and can make it look like a meme and native to Instagram and grab people’s attention. What I would do is I add a title that says
How to Edit. Can make it a little smaller, so you click
on it, make it a little smaller, and I just move that up to the top. When someone’s scrolling through their feed,
they’re going to see exactly what the video’s about as soon as they click on it. “Not the most flattering angle, but all good.” It’s a great way to grab attention on Instagram
and use Instagram to promote your full length videos. Everything on this app is free. Some of the other things I wanted to just
quickly show you are if you wanted to add, say, one of those titles or something, you
can add that in there. Play around with it, change the text on it,
and it’ll show up as the title card or title screen on your Instagram videos as well. Lots of fun stuff you can do on here. It is a little more limited than KineMaster. It’s a free app, so I usually only use it
if I’m going to do quick videos or quick teasers, but yeah, keep in mind there’s a bunch of
different presets as well. If you want to go back and you want to create
a new project, you can create an Instagram Story or a Snapchat Story, and it’s already
formatted for you and get super creative with it. You can create YouTube vlogs as long as they’re
under 10 minutes, or reaction videos directly in here. This is a really fun app to get creative with
as well. Now you know how to edit your videos on your
phone, and if you’re wondering, “Okay, great I’ve got it, but how do I actually make the
videos look professionals in the first place?” check out my video on how to make pro videos
at home without pro gear, and you can also grab my editing cheat sheet even if you’re
a total newbie with editing. I break it down and exactly how to edit your
videos step by step so they look super professional with all the bells and whistles that you need. That’s below in the description box. You can grab the link there. If you enjoyed this video, I would love and
appreciate if you give me a Like. If you want to share your favorite video editing
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every single week. Thank you so much for watching, Boss, and
I will see you in the next video. I can’t wait to see your pocket mobile masterpieces.

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