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How to enable dark theme mode on Gboard ( Google Keyboard ) mobile phone android app

How to enable dark theme mode on Gboard ( Google Keyboard ) mobile phone android app

Gboard or Google keyboard app now supports
dark theme mode. You’ve certainly noticed a rise in dark mode lately. Most phones now
support OLED panels, which use less power to display darker colors thus preserving battery
life of the phones. Google has been very active when it comes
to dark themes. They’re working on a system wide dark mode for Android 10, they’ve actively
added the feature to many of their apps, including Messages and the Phone app. Adding the feature
to Gboard is an important win for dark theme users. For many of us, the virtual keyboard
is almost always open as we tweet, post, message, and send emails, so making it dark can potentially
save a lot of battery life. If you like the dark theme feature in Gboard
app then click the like button below. Let us see how to activate dark theme mode
on GBoard or google keyboard app Once installed, you need to access the settings
menu for Gboard For Android users, open up the keyboard and
long-press the comma key, then slide your finger over to the settings icon that appears
and let go. In the newly opened interface. click on themes
option. As soon as you click the themes option you
will see many colorful themes here like solid colors, landscape themes, light gradient themes,
dark gradient themes etc. choose any one and click on apply option here.
Thats it. Now you can type as much as you want and also preserve battery life at the
same time. This makes your phone more energy efficient. At any time you can change this theme by just
long pressing the comma icon and then choosing setting icon. This will open the setting page
here. Now click on themes and in this user interface you can choose different themes
that suits you the best. You can also access the themes option through
phones settings. First go to settings page of your phone and now scroll down a little
bit and click on language and input option . Now in the newly opened user interface click
on virtual keyboard option. In virtual keyboard page you will see different keyboards that
are installed on your phone. Choose Gboard from here. In the google keyboard settings
page click on themes option. This will open the different themes colors and types that
you can choose from. So this was the quick introduction of dark
theme feature in Gboard mobile app If you like this feature then consider subscribing
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