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How to erase iPhone after 10 failed attemps

How to erase iPhone after 10 failed attemps

(upbeat pop music) – If you have sensitive
stuff on your phone, and who doesn’t in these days, it can be a big problem
if your phone is stolen. It is possible to make your iPhone secure, and the possibility of
erasing your entire phone can be an extra security feature. Go to Settings and find
Face ID and Passcode. So, I have to protect my phone, like this. And then you scroll down to Erase Data and toggle the function, like this. It can be a big deal
erasing your entire phone, but it might be better than giving criminals access to your phone. I have demonstrated the
function on iPhone 10s Max, but it works on all iOS 13 units. If you liked this video, then subscribe to our channel and don’t miss out on
future videos like this. Also, remember to visit for the latest and best
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