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How to Fix a Wet Cellphone

How to Fix a Wet Cellphone

How to Fix a Wet Cellphone. It should come as no surprise that water and
electronics don’t mix. But don’t panic—your cellphone can be saved. You will need A plastic container with a lid
A blow-dryer A towel and two silica gel packs. Step 1. Remove your phone’s battery. Many circuits inside the phone will survive
if they are not attached to a power source when wet. Step 2. Consult the manual to remove your phone’s
Sim card, which stores the phone’s data and allows it to connect to your service provider. Sim cards can survive water damage. Step 3. Dab the phone, battery, and Sim card with
a towel, then set the last two items aside. Step 4. With your blow-dryer set on low (or the cool
air blast), dry your phone, getting as much water out of the unit as possible. Step 5. Place your phone, battery, and Sim card in
the plastic container with the silica gel packs. These absorb moisture and can be found in
packaging, craft stores, or online. Allow the container to sit sealed for three
days. If you don’t have access to silica gel, place
your phone in front of the air conditioner—the cool air can help dry out moisture. Step 6. If your phone does not work after three days,
plug it into its charger without the battery. If this works, you will need a new battery. Step 7. Call up everyone to explain why you haven’t
returned calls in three days. Did you know The first cell phone, introduced
in 1984, weighed two pounds, offered a half-hour of talk time per charging, and retailed for
nearly $4,000.

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  1. @ickycool101 you would only do that if it was a crap phone, you didn't want it anymore or its not your phone your throwin in the lake

  2. This is the worst thing you can do to you cell phone. Think about what happens when you take a shower. Hot water turns to vapor. The vapor travels through all BGA chips and promotes more corossion.

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  3. A easier way:
    1. Put the phone in trash.
    2. Eats cheese puffs and walk in street.
    3. Take a phone from a stranger xD

  4. Yikes! I could see that happening in my salon. In fact, I once dropped it in the sink while washing a client's hair. it was a Samsung (profile; AT&T, 4G LTE in Austin) and it didn't hurt a thing. I was astonished. I use my phone all the time to take clients' photos (before/after) and am glad I didn't have to replace it.

  5. Wrong! Using a hair dryer can blow water deeper into the electronics. Use a vacuum. If you don't want anything to get sucked up if you have taken the phone apart, put panty hose over the nozzle.

  6. I accidentally washed my dad’s cell phone in the washing machine; I am SO in DEEP shit, then again he’s the genius who left it in his jacket pocket.

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  8. How to fix a wet cell phone.

    1. get a tub of rice
    2. put the wet cell phone in the rice
    3. wait all night
    4. Rice attracts asians and they will fix your phone for you.
    5. ???
    6. Profit.

  9. Did anyone else see how she deliberately dropped the phone and didn't even put an effort into actually gasping the phone.

  10. u forgot something step 7 also if your cellphine is wet remove the SIM card,battery and put them in a sack of rice

  11. !!!
    No guys !! Do NOT step 4! Never ever use a blow dryer! even on medium or low heat ! It pushes the moisture even further in and the heat is enough to fry your circuits ! Use a vacuum cleaner instead. For 20 mins. From a distance. Too close will make static and it is even worse than water. Yeah yeah, yw ! :3

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