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How to Fix iOS 10 update or restore problem, “connect to iTunes” error

How to Fix iOS 10 update or restore problem, “connect to iTunes” error

Helloguys, This is your host and you are watching Tech Dishoom channel. Guys in this video session i will be showing How to Fix the Update issue in your iPhone. Whether it is iPhone 7, iPhone 6 or 5 So you can see on the screen this is the iPhone on which i got stuck with Black screen. where you can see iTunes logo also. So basically We need to go to our PC and download the iTunes software So as you can see on your screen I already downloaded and installed iTunes software in my PC. All links are available in description below. So you can go there and download . So I go to open the iTunes software in my system. Now we need to connect our pc with iPhone using data cable. And once you connect your iPhone with PC. You will see a popup like this. Contacting iPhone Update Server. and After this popup you will see another popup with 2 buttons UPDATE and RESTORE If you click on Restore button it will restore your phone. and your all data will be lost. and your iOS version will be updated also. But if you click on the UPDATE button. It will update your iOS version but your all data will be safe. So i just clicked on UPDATE button. It will show you another POPUP click on UPDATE button again. and Now click on NEXT. Now click on AGREE. and Now downloading has been started. Update is downloading now. Size is about 2.34 gb. So it’s too large. okay so I go to skip this step. okay so now downloading process is completed. Once downloading is completed. you just need to click on UPDATE button. and After that you will see a screen like this. As you can see at the top of the screen “Extracting Software” which is the status. Now we dont need to do anything extra. We just need to wait and watch. I am showing you my pc screen as well as my iPhone screen. It’s showing the process bar. this process will happen 2 times. so you need to wait and watch. and your iPhone will be started automatically. Don’t do anything now, You just need to wait and watch. Now 2nd time process will be running. It will not take much time. This is almost done. So after this process your iPhone will be running well.

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  1. You can also use dr.fone – iOS System Recovery to fix iOS 10/11 update failed/error with NO DATA LOSS:

  2. I am trying to restore my iphone7 with iTunes but my one error is there now that can't activate because update is missing

  3. If you backup your iphone on your older Mac OS iTunes, it lets you backup. But if you need to restore it for any reason, it will not let you restore and will force you to upgrade your Mac OS. And if you try to upgrade your Mac OS, it will tell you that your hardware is too old to upgrade, essentially forcing you to buy a new computer.
    Solution: 1. Make a time machine backup of your old computer. 2. Buy a new computer 3. Restore your new computer from the time machine backup. 4. restore your iphone from the itunes backup of the new computer 5. Delete your data from the new computer 6. Return your new computer within 14 days!

  4. When I try to restore it there pops up in the middle of the loading an error that says that my iPhone is locked with a password, so I have to type it. But guess what, my iPhone is still not working. What can I do?

  5. Hello it does not work in my case, it keep on waiting for iphone some mins later error 4005 appear on my macbook screen i tried to used dr. fone in the last steps its telling am using trial version?

  6. Hello sir!, my iphone's os is 11.3
    I dont want to update my os, if i choose restore my phone will erase all datas but the os is still ios 11.3 or it will change in to latest os?

  7. OK so I updated my iTunes and software on my MacBook Air but then once it starts updating it says error. it stops halfway on the screen but doesn't move after that. WHAT DO I DO????

  8. I have tried differnet methods but none of them work inclueding this one i have a iphone 6 and ikt says when it is done that there has been an error
    PLS HELP!!!

  9. hy, can you help me,i had connected my iphone to store music from itunes but my phone sitched off and on my phone the logo of iphone and upgrade is not increasing.can you help me plz

  10. Help me fix my iphone 6s, stuck in "connect to itunes" and the other problem is my phone cant connect to PC. Thanks for the help

  11. Yo !!!! This shht worked …. thank you brother yours was the only video that worked and saved me from buying a new phone. For anyone else having issues don’t use a Mac i tried countless times on mine. Use a PC worked on first try.

  12. My iPhone 7 is stuck on the "connect to iTunes", but my 7 is not showing up on any computer, mac or pc. v

    Please help me, Thank You

  13. Umm I need help I have iPhone 6 and I haven't updated my iPhone since 2014 cause I listened to my friend and umm while this year I was trying to update it , it doesn't want to update so I looked up some videos and I deleted my update thing and now I'm trying it with iTunes to update but it keep saying my password is wrong and I don't know what to do please help me!!!

  14. What if you don't have a macbook anymore cause it broke, and your iphone doesn't have service because the microphone is broken

  15. I takes too much time to download even my internet is very fast but in itunes it takes too pong time how to fix

  16. bro plzzzz help me mera phone restart k bd jb update hota h to error a jata h or phr iTunes wli 1st stage py a jta h kindly tell me

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