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How to fix iPhone 5s Charging Port in 5 minutes

How to fix iPhone 5s Charging Port in 5 minutes

All right, today I’m going to show you how
to replace the charging port on your iPhone 5s. It’s a relatively simple process. There
are two Pentalobe screws down here at the bottom of the phone. There will be tools and
parts listed down in the video description below. So go ahead and check there if you
need to buy a new charging port or if you need the tool kit for it. Lift up on your
screen with a suction cup and then I use a razor blade to slide between the screen and
the frame of the phone, and I also pry up just on the frame of the screen to make sure
not to bend it or damage the LCD at all. The screen is really fragile so make sure you
only bend up around those metal clasps around the outside of the screen. There’s a little
metal piece attached to a ribbon cable down here so lift that off, and then unattach the
ribbon cable from that little clip down there at the bottom. It’s similar to a Lego. So
just unsnap that and the screen will lift up. Make sure not to fold it past 90 degrees,
otherwise you’ll damage those ribbon cables. Take out the four screws that’s holding down
the metal plate, lift off the plate and then there’s three ribbon cables here attached
to the main board, so just lift off each of those three little cables. Similar to Legos,
just unsnap them. Once again tools and parts will be down in the video description below,
so check those out. Down here there is a bracket holding down the battery connector. Take out
those two screws, lift off the bracket, unconnect the battery, unconnect this little wire cable
down here, and then unconnect the cable that goes to the charging port. There is also a
little bit of glue that’s holding it down as well so just fold that back. Make sure
not to kink it too much. There are seven screws holding down the charging port, so just take
off every single screw you see down there. Lift off the loudspeaker. You can see right
here on the corner of the loudspeaker there’s a little metal circle thing. That’ll get lost
really easily so make sure you keep track of that and keep it where it’s at. And then
here you can see where the loudspeaker connects to the charging port cable. Right now I’m
disconnecting the headphone jack and the microphone from the frame of the phone, you can just
slide those away from the frame of the phone. That way they won’t get caught as you try
to peel up the charging port from the phone. And I’ll show you how to do that here in just
a second. You can see I’m using a pry tool to kind of scrape away the glue down at the
bottom. Try not to kink the cable too much, and also be careful where you pull on it as
well because it can rip, so just make sure you pull it away from the phone gently. Just
keep working at it. If you need to slide your plastic tool down in there some more you can,
just make sure not to use a metal tool and you should be fine. Lifting it up and away
from the phone. There are a few little metal parts attached to the ribbon cable as well,
you can see this one kind of came loose as I was lifting it off, just put it back in
place, lining it up with the screws so you’re ready to put it back on when the time comes.
Here’s the charging port itself. If there are any parts that are on your old charging
port that aren’t on your new one, you need to move them over. Like metal brackets, or
even the little rubber boot down there by the microphone. Most charging ports will not
come with that so just disconnect it from your old one. And then your new charging port
should have some adhesive that will hold it in place and allow you to snap it into the
phone right here on that little plastic bracket. Pretty straightforward. So now that I have
the new charging port in place I’m going to go ahead and pinch the earpiece and the microphone
back into place kind of like where they were before. I’m going to screw that part in. And
then that’ll leave me enough room and enough places where I can maneuver the charging port
to get the loudspeaker in place. I’m going to screw that as well just to hold it in place.
And then I only have four screws left for the actual charging port itself. Wire cable
clicks in, battery cable clicks in, charging port cable clicks in, pretty straightforward.
Similar to Legos like I mentioned before. And then you can take that metal bracket and
just screw that down into place as well. So like I said, pretty simple repair. Not a whole
lot to it. And then just getting that screen back into place there’s those three ribbon
cable connectors right there as well. And remember any tools or parts that you need
are always going to be in the video description. So check that out. Get the metal bracket back
into place with those four screws. And now this you’re going to hate. This is the worst
part, trying to get that little guy to snap back in that little hole again. As long as
you get it to line up, you can click it down like a little Lego. And then the metal bracket,
it just wants to fly all over the place. So if you line up the back of it first in the
little grooves, then you can pinch down the front. It’s kind of like a little door. Like
a little latch that you can snap down into place. Then line up the top of the screen
with the frame of the phone. And make sure it’s snug. Make sure it’s all the way in the
top or else the rest of the phone won’t snap down into place. So just run your fingers
down the sides of the phone, snap it all in, make sure it gets in at the bottom as well.
Phone turns on, everything looks good, make sure you get those bottom two Pentalobe screws
in place. And test out the charging port. Looks great. If you have any questions, make
sure to leave them in the comments, also read the comments, some people leave very good
tips and suggestions as you’re dong your project. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, subscribe
to my YouTube channels, check out my Facebook. Thanks for watching. Hope to see you around.

100 thoughts on “How to fix iPhone 5s Charging Port in 5 minutes”

  1. so, I did this almost sucessfully, the screen isn't going back in quite right and it now has a weird rectangle pattern going across the screen with the power button no longer working


  3. i replaced the charging port and battery just fine, put it back together without any real issue but now the loud speaker doesn't work. I suspect that i might have damaged it or the connectors aren't lining up properly, which bums me out. Its a real hassle to take apart, adjust, put back together and then test again. I have a spare new charging port i could try out but i wonder if that isn't the problem.

  4. Hi i have done all this and put it all together again show its charging but its not charging the battery had it to a shop cos i thought it was the ic chip but all is fine but he does not no wats wrong any idears

  5. Thanks for the help. Saved me a few dollars and I got to so the inside of my phone.

    P.S. Unconnect is not an English word. Disconnect works better.

  6. I have changed out my charging port for my iphone 5s using this video. I plugged it in to recharge and the only response I have is a blinking apple screen. Do you know what that means?

  7. Like your easy breezy carefree attitude however I feel you are unintentionally encouraging inexperienced people to destroy their phones. So many important things glossed over and genenerally bad advice. Using a razor to remove the screen can easily result in damaging parts, removing the screen before the battery connector is backwards, not informing people of the different length screws in certain locations means potential problems with reassembly.
    I highly recommend people watch other videos to learn how to do this job safely and successfully.
    Good luck.

  8. Hey Jerry! In case I do all this steps, will I lose all the information in my Iphone? I just can´t turn it on because the port is damaged and I´m afraid of losing everything.

  9. u should call this how to REPLACE the charging port & VOID your warranty in 2.5 HOURS

    (you did not fix/repair anything and i can promise this took even YOU much longer than 5 minutes 😉 )

  10. Perfect! Thanks Buddy, this video is exactly what I was looking for! My charge port on my iphone SE has given up so I'll order the part and tools asap

  11. Loud speaker getting in the way of the screen a bit but WTV its old phone and guess what, a little epoxy is on its way to fix things up. Just gotta live with the mark appearing on the screen if I push too much on it.

  12. Sir,   Please upload a video on how to change the firmware of iPhone 5s device.  Also,   Please provide the step by step procedure to downgrade the firmware from 11.2 to 10.2.1

  13. This is the second time I've repaired the docking port for my itouch and iphone. It works perfectly now. having to go back and rewatch steps I've heard the phrase "snaps in like legos" a few too many times. However this 100% fixed my charging issues. I tried cleaning the port and it didnt work, the port was heavily damaged and worn out. everything works great.

    Just remember to remove the adhesive strip on the back when replacing the new port.

    took about 30 mins. thanks.

  14. Please help! I had sound on left side only while using headset. Tried cleaning. Change the jack as per your video, still the same! I have tried with different headsets. Works on bluetooth.

  15. How do I know if it is the port that has gone bad or the battery needs to be replaced? I have never change the battery

  16. Hello guys im having issues with my Iphone 5s and i thought you could maybe help.

    So a few weeks back my iphone stopped charging. i have tried multiple chargers and cables and that doesnt seem to be the problem. i just charged the phone one night and then tried to charge it again the next day and it didnt react. the phone came in contact with water a few months back but the water probably didnt even get inside. youre probably thinking that the charging port just went out, but the problem is, when i put my iphone in the charger (its 0% battery now) i can see the little white charger picture pop-up, so the phone RECOGNIZES the charger but doesnt charge, even when its completely black. should i replace the charging jack? is it a software or hardware issue? any help is appreciated, thanks

  17. I’ve had problem charging phone for months. I used a toothpick to clean the dust out the port today (quite clogged up) and it charges perfectly now. Try this first before attempting replacement, could save you a few quid.

  18. Lint! My port was jammed with lint! I used a tiny pin to clean out the port and now it's charging like a champ. I sure am glad that I didn't have to install, or have installed, a new charging port.

  19. Dude I have an question if I changed my iPhone 📱 5 battery (1440mah) and insert new battery of 1660mah does cause any problem ???

  20. But shouldn't you remove yhe battery before you remove the screen and the same bofore installing the screen so you won't damage the screen?

  21. how to know if the charging pin is broken? Can you answer my question please my iphone always stop charging i dont know what happend

  22. Ha 5 min man your funny it took me 5 hours to even understand what your saying

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I just got clickbaited
    And so did you

  23. Simple repair?! You have to take half the phone apart. Starting at the opposite end. And you need some tools that not all of us have. Plus very delicate at times.

  24. Hi man! Thanks sooo much for this tutorial, the jack in my phone was kinda "eroded" because I´ve been using a generic cable (I guess that the plug of the cable is thicker than the original), and it was really hard to get it charged. Thanks to your video, I bought a 14 € spare part and a tool set (12 €) and changed it exactly as you explained. The thing works perfectly now!!! cheers!!!

  25. if you think this is complicated with this amazing guide you need to go back to school, this is as simple as it gets and even a caveman could do it with this guide

  26. Thanks for the video, before doing this, I decided to check that the port was clean… dust built up over time and simple cleaning it out can save any problems (such as breaking the screen) Thanks again , I was preparing to repair one and luckily didn't have to follow the video!

  27. When i charge my iphone and notif pop up its said that thid accesory my not be supported my i clean the charging port or replace new one?

  28. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  29. Hey Jerry i reach the point where you completely dismantled it and I’m putting in the new part, however I’ve noticed one of the components isn’t on the new part and it’s that little piece on the top which is connected to a ribbon. I have removed the bracket off the old component are you supposed to superglue that on to the new component?

  30. 45 minutes and everything works. Success. And saved me cost of replacing a new iPhone. Hardest part by far was that teeny tiny power cable connector. Holy crap that took up half the time. I need a damn magnifying glass and a good light next time.

  31. The metal piece at 00:44
    I had my phone repaired due to damaged charging port, and I noticed that such metal piece wasnt there when they reassembled it, now my phones touch ID wont work, cud it be because of not putting that metal piece back?

    And what do you call that by the way?

  32. Slow the fuck down Jesus Christ…. everyone always tries to make it look so easy for views while just making it so hard to even follow along….

    Not listening to your damn instructions anymore that’s for sure even at half speed you talk at a reasonable pace it’s just bullshit man what are you hopped up on speed?

  33. Hello! Thx for this video!!! I fix my phone! I have a question… my screen start white white stripes… have you any ideas what it can be? Something I can easy fix or I the screen bad now for ever?! It started after I fix whit this video

  34. Hey JerryRig, I was having trouble with my iPhone 5s charging. I always had to wiggle and prop up the cord to get it to charge. I checked out your video and some comments. After reading the comments about the build-up of lint in the charging port and your comment that a wooden toothpick works, I tried it. I took a round toothpick and flattened it with pliers so that it would fit all the way into the port. I pulled out a whole lot of lint! After I removed the lint, my phone is charging. The cord went further into the charging port and I didn't need any wiggling of the charger cord to get it to charge. Thanks for the video and the advice in the comments!

  35. Umm No …Im not doing all that..disconnecting ribbons, brackets, pinching ports, moving microphones and speakers around. I just need it to power on without dissecting an iPhone . No way I will attempt this.

  36. Thank you so much for this video! I just finished replacing my charging port. Idk how to thank you enough for this video. I'm glad i bought the tools along with the part. It took me longer than 5 mins since this was my first time opening any phone to this extent. I did however, have to buy double sided sticky tape, the thin foam kind one, since the new part didnt come with one of the thingamajigger and had to transport over some parts as per your video. But again, THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!

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