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How to Fix IPhone Camera Shaking Easy and Quick Fix

How to Fix IPhone Camera Shaking Easy and Quick Fix

Today I’m going to show you how to repair my iPhone 6s plus The camera is the back camera is shaking as you can see Please like and subscribe if this video helps you. thank you It’s terrible and However, the front camera it’s perfectly fine as you can see, that’s smooth Yeah It’s really smooth It’s really smooth The only thing you need is is a magnet I’m using my name button And there’s a magnet on my On my casing so you can see my iPhone 6s plus Casing I please see magnet on this Side, you can just super glue it and put like this And future iPhone Like this Chasing it. Oops Using it then let’s try the cover that it’s working on If it’s fix as you can see Without this you can see shaking It’s working All right Please subscribe share Me my video and so that others can know also how to repair it. Alright guys. Thank you, please subscribe On my channel. Thanks a lot

44 thoughts on “How to Fix IPhone Camera Shaking Easy and Quick Fix”

  1. This actually worked pretty well for me. I had to use a stronger magnet than a refrigerator sticker though. Focusing isn't perfect, but the shake is completely gone.

  2. For how long I have to put that magnet on my phone? Will it be fine after I remove the magnet? Will it work with my iphone 7? But I have literally the same issue. Please answer.

  3. Sir, i have the same problem. I need help, what is the problem? Is it the camera or the engine or motherboard? What if i replace the camera? Will it works? Please i need answer

  4. Thank you for this, it worked well for me, although i don't know what to feel about a magnet sticking out of my phone case haha. Again, thank you so much for this, it helped a lot🙌🙏

  5. Good tip tho but I would like to fixit for good not temporary. Am not saying that your Tio is bad. It’s good no shame but it’s impossible to have a magnet in the same spot for long time. Like I said I respect your tip or idea but I need a for good fix. Thanks and good luck on your chanel keep it up friend

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