How to fix iPhone X XS Max with touch screen that’s not working in RMB 2 oca lamination machine

Hello everybody Now we are in the FORWARD repair working room 现在我们工程师正在将OCA贴到iPhone X的触摸上面去
Our engineer is sticking the OCA to the new touches of iPhone X 今天我们的任务是要贴完这四个iPhone X的液晶
Today our task is to finish laminating these four LCDs of iPhone X 这四个液晶都是触摸不显的
These four LCDs’touch screens are not to display 它的触摸都已经失灵了
The touch is unwork 工程师已经将它这个触摸已经拆掉
Our engineer has removed its touch screen 等会我们将新的触摸直接贴上去
Later we will directly laminate a new touch screen on it 现在我们的触摸已经贴好了OCA
Now the touch screens have been laminated with the OCA 工程师正在准备把这个贴好OCA的触摸跟液晶进行贴合
Our engineer is ready to stick this new touch screen with OCA to the LCD 现在我们来看一下具体的操作
Now let’s see how to do that 现在可以看到工程师已经将屏幕跟触摸定好了位
Now we can see that our engineer has aligned the touch to the LCD 我们现在需要把这个屏幕放到机器里面进行贴合
Now we have to put this screen into the machine for laminating 当这个贴合过程开始的时候,我会给大家展示一下我们所使用的一个参数
I will show you the parameters we set when this lamination starts 我们可以看到我们选择的是LCD贴合的一个模式
As we see that we select the LCD laminating mode 然后我们所使用的参数是抽真空30s,贴合时间是20s
Then the vaccum time we set is 30s and the lamination time is 20s 整个过程大概在50s左右
The time for the whole process is about 50s 在我们等待这个贴合过程的时候
While we wait for this laminating process 我们可以直接进行第二次贴合
We can do the second lamination directly 现在我们的工程师已经在开始准备第二个液晶
Now our engineer has begun to prepare the second LCD 我们可以看到他在安置好这个排线的位置
We can see that he is placing this cable position 然后将它放到模具里面去
Then put it in the mold 在进行定位的时候,在最后也是很重要的一步
In the positioning it is a last but very important step 我们需要用双指轻轻地点击这个屏幕的中间
That we need to click the middle of the screen gently with two fingers 以让这个触摸和液晶进行一个初步的贴合
So as to make this touch screen and the LCD do a preliminary lamination 然后定住位
And then fix the position 这个就是我们刚刚贴好的一个液晶
This is a LCD which we just laminated 我们可以看到除了这个左上角有一点点泡
We can see except for this left upper corner has a few bubble 其他地方基本上是没有泡的
The other place is almost no bubble 效果是非常完美的
Its effect looks perfect 在这个过程里面,我们可以看到我们是需要将这个触摸和液晶连接起来
As we see we have to connect this touch cable to the LCD in this process 我们在这边的话,因为可以看到工程师他将咀头向上把这个撕开了
Here we can see our engineer is heading nozzle up to tear it off 这个就是之前我们把原来的触摸给剪掉的残留部分
This is the residual part of the original touch cable which we cut off before 然后把这个残留部分剔除掉之后
After removing this residual part 我们现在需要接上新的连接排
We need to plug a new connection cable 现在我们可以看到触摸和液晶已经连接好了
Now we can see that the touch cable and the LCD have been connected 我们现在测试一下效果
Now let’s test the effect 触摸是正常的
The touch is normal 然后我们可以看到显示也是没有问题的
And we can see the display is also no problem 好了,现在大家可以看到我们这四个屏幕的排线它的触摸都已经被连接好了
Ok As we see the touches of these four screens the cables have been connected 而且我们刚刚在展示里面也可以看到触摸现在都是正常的
And we just saw the touches in the show are normal now 显示也是正常的
The displays are also normal 所以这四个屏幕现在已经完成了
Thus these four screens are done now 接下来最后一步我们工程师将会把它放进去除泡
The last step our engineer will put them into the machine for bubble removing 所以关于这个iPhone X的触摸问题的话
So for any touch problems about this iPhone X 如果大家有任何的疑问
If you have any questions 可以在我们的视频下方去进行留言
You can leave comments in below video 我们也会对大家的问题进行一一的解答
We will answer your problems one by one 谢谢大家的观看
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