How to fix the Damaged SD card error on android, USB wont open

Hello Guys! Today a very annoying error popped up on my phone Let me show you! Let me just enter my password here… On my Samsung S4 If i go down.. Here we can see an error, saying Damaged SD Card, SD Card is damaged. Try reformatting it. I don’t want to reformat my SD Card because i have some files on here like All of my games for example Except piano tiles, Its the only game that works I’m going to try and help you fix this error If this doesn’t work for you than i’m very sorry If it does end up working for you then, Congratulations!!! Let’s switch to the computers screen to see if we can fix this issue 😉 There will be a windows sound that is quite loud Hey Guys, i’m on the computer now and apologies for any hiccups on CMD later on I do have it written down If you try and open the memory card or try to copy the files to it LOUD SOUND WARNING! There you go It might say “G: is not accessible, The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable I’m going to go and hit ok What you want to do, is go to the start menu and type CMD and press enter. Another method of doing this is to press the windows button (on your keyboard) and type CMD followed by pressing enter CMD Should then open up Type what is on screen LOUD NOISE WARNING! After you type what i have here (chkdsk /X /F) hat you want to do is look for your drive letter Mine is “G” What you want to do is, type in your drive letter And then “:” After you do that, you need to press enter and it should start the command I’m going to do a time lapse to speed up this process as it can take a while Right now, its showing that the card has an “invalid link” Its 19% complete and i’ll start the timelapse OK Guys! Were back and as you can see, my SD Card is fixed!!! As you may be able to see, it says “Windows has corrected the file system” You can pause and read this if you want But here, now (you can just close CMD) We have all my files all intact on my SD Card So, if this didn’t work for you i’m very sorry, if it did then lets unplug the SD Card from my computer I don’t normally do this but, lets safety remove the card just in case! LOUD NOISE WARNING! Yep, We’ll go back to the camera OK, so i have my Samsung galaxy S4 turned on here, yours may still be turned off But i turned mine on because it takes a while to startup erm, but, yeah,eh, turn, eeb, I recommend that you turn leave/turn you phone off while doing this. BZZZZZ!!! (PEBBLE SMARTWATCH) What was that? Anyway, I recommend that you turn leave/turn you phone off while doing this. But, i’m not going to do it Here, we have my SD Card, we can just plug that in Normally, you would be able to turn on your ANDROID (not ondroid, i know) phone and it would load, whatever As you can see here up the top it is preparing the SD Card (you cant read that) but its just preparing that We’ll go into settings and take a look if the SD Card is detected So, Storage And then here we go! My SD Card is working fine! And i have available space 19GB Total space, 29GB so, yeah! I guess that concludes this video! If you liked it leave a like subscribe if you want Again, if this didn’t work for you i am very sorry This is the only way that i really know and it seams to work! so erm… SEEYA!! (Finaly, i finnish typing this Transcribe…)

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