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How to fix the iPhone 5 Charging Port in 5 Minutes

How to fix the iPhone 5 Charging Port in 5 Minutes

All right, so today I’m going to show you
how to replace the charging port on the iPhone 5. And it’s actually pretty simple, you know,
if you’ve ever used a screwdriver or ever even opened anything before, you can probably
accomplish this. Basically, take off the bottom two screws. This is the same Pentalobe screwdriver
that you would have used for the iPhone 4. They’re pretty inexpensive online. I’ll list
the tools that I use in the video description below as well as where to find them on Amazon.
The tool kit itself is only like fifteen bucks. So not too bad. Anyway, grab a little suction
cup once you’ve got those screws out, and pry up a little bit. In hindsight, definitely
use a plastic tool for this if you don’t want to scratch up your phone. But by this point
the phones are mostly scratched anyway. You wouldn’t be able to tell. Then be very careful
when you’re pulling the screen away from the body. You can see that there is a metal bracket
right here. If you’re going to take the screen off, unscrew these three screws, take them out,
and then you can pop the screen off. But what I just did is I kind of just leaned the screen
back against something so it wouldn’t put any stress on the cables but it would still
be out of my way. Right here I’m taking apart three screws off the metal bracket. The metal
bracket comes apart in two places and you can kind of see that I’m placing the screws
on the piece of paper in such a way that I’ll remember where they go later. So all three
screws and the two bracket pieces are organized right there. Pop the ribbon cable off with
just your plastic pry tool. Lift it away, it’s kind like a little LEGO piece, snaps
on and off just like that. Then there are seven screws down at the bottom. This corner
one. And once again I’m placing the screws very carefully in a certain order. Then there’s
four screws holding the actual charging port in place. There’s the two upper ones, and
the two lower ones are smaller. Then here’s the other bottom left corner. And then there’s
one more screw right here that kinda holds this other little metal part in place. Anyways
you can see the placement of the screws just corresponds directly with where they are on
the phone and then I can put them back a lot easier now that I know where they’re at. Anyway,
there’s a little wire cable right here that you have to snap off. Just kind of pry it
up a little bit. And then this part you have to be really careful with. This little ribbon
cable is glued onto the plastic piece below it, so if you just kind of pry up around each
of the corners eventually the glue will just unstick itself and you’re good to go. If you
rip that cable you’ll have some problems in the future. Anyway, here’s the speaker itself.
Pull that out. You can see this little plastic bit up top. That’s what kept it under the
main motherboard. If you need to replace that, that part’s only like five bucks on Amazon.
I’ll put a link in the video description for that as well. Anyway, then you take the ribbon
cable and just kind of pull it away, gently, and just kind of unstick it from the glue
that is below it. It comes off pretty easily. And then pull it off. And you can see that
all of this right here is the part you’re replacing. You have the headphone jack on
the left side. And then the microphone, between the headphone jack right here, and then you
have the charger itself. To put it back in, I start by just putting the charger port in
the correct spot and then just kind of popping it in place. It fits, it slides right back
in that groove where it came from. And then positioning the headphone jack and the microphone
in place as well. And then just kind of pressing down, you know sliding this little corner
underneath the motherboard and pressing down the rest of the ribbon cable into place. And
then you snap the ribbon cable in just like a little LEGO, just where it came from. Anyway,
put the speaker back in by sliding that little notch underneath the motherboard and then
all you have to do is make sure all the little cables all line up. There’s a little groove,
a little pin that sticks up that aligns that ribbon cable. Anyway, get all the screws back
into place. Doesn’t really matter what order you do them in. And then snap the wire cable
back in. It’s just like a little pin that snaps onto the head of the little pin on the
motherboard. It’s pretty straightforward. Anyway as far as these little metal brackets
go, I position them, and then I put the center screw in first, and that keeps the brackets
in one place where I can adjust them just a little bit, so I can put the top and the
bottom screw in. And then I tuck the top ribbon cables in, and snap the screen down on top
the iPhone itself. And you’ll hear it snap all the way around the outside. And then you’re
good to go. Make sure you do put the bottom two screw in, the Pentalobe ones, to hold
the screen down. But yeah, everything works. If you have any questions, make sure to leave
them in the comments section below. Make sure to like this video if it helped you. And don’t
forget to subscribe. And once again I’ll put everything you need in the video description
below so make sure you go down there if you need any parts, just click them right from
Amazon. Anyways thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “How to fix the iPhone 5 Charging Port in 5 Minutes”

  1. Followed your video as it was less involved than others on YouTube. The only thing was you didn't demonstrate swapping out the microphone foam sleeve. Replaced with a cheap $6 OEM Chinese replacement from Ebay. There is a small difference with the OEM part in that it's missing a screw hole flex cable on the left of the headphone plug. Anyhow, this guide is great and all worked out well.

  2. Thanks for the great video. However I highly discourage anybody from using repairs universe for their parts. They sent me a defective battery then wanted me to pay to ship it back to them. Very poor customer service.

  3. I have changed batteri and charging port- bought a new cable too- and still NOT charging…:/ what Can the problem be??

  4. Thanks for the video Jerry. My iPhone packed up the other day and I use it heavily for work but don't have the money to buy a new one. You saved me !

  5. Perfect!! Thank you so much for posting this video. I have no prior knowledge of any iPhone internal parts and with this video I easily replaced my charger port and speaker. Plus I got some cool new tiny tools! Other videos told me to take off the screen and remove the battery and gut the entire inside….This is exactly what worked and what I needed. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!


  7. Thanks a lot man; I fixed it myself! It's taking a charge now. I went with the GooDgo port because I needed it quick from Amazon prime and it fit perfect! I'm happy my phone's back up an running.

  8. Thanks for the video. I was bummed that I couldn't sell my old phone and it was a cinch to get the toolkit and swap out the new part. Really appreciate the vid!

  9. ordered part from link and the top plug was not the correct size. too bad because it was pretty easy to take apart and put back together

  10. Have had my iphone 5 for almost 3 years. Been having charging issues for nearly a year. At first cleaning out the gunk took care of it but then that stopped working. I could tell the charging port in the phone was getting corroded by water damage. Wouldn't charge my phone no matter what cable or charger I used.

    Ordered the part for $6 and another $15 for the tools. Did step by step what was described here. Took some time but got it all done. Clamped phone back up, turned back on, plugged in charger…. Bam! Works like it did the day I got it.

    Other people have mentioned it and I will too because it isn't seen in this video; make sure to take off the cover over the mic from your old part and put it on your new one which doesn't come with it. It's a little tricky but steady hands and patience will get the job done. If you don't apparently the sound quality for the person on the other line isn't great.

    With AT&T moving from away from giving discounts for upgrades on iphones and charging you the full amount of a few years this was invaluable! A $6 part vs $650+ for a new phone. I'm extremely happy!

    Thank goodness for youtube and knowledgable techies. The world is a better place (and my wallet more full) because of you!

  11. Thanks for the video, my first iphone repair went without problem, but I wouldn't say smooth. A few tips and pointer I would like to point out- Leave the far left screws in until you have removed the home button ribbon cable from the plastic arm on the speaker because they must use super glue on some of these . Also be very careful to not break the cable running from the speaker that screws into the bottom leftmost screw on the phone if broken you will have to replace the speaker components. Next please use a tool to peel off the glue on the charging ports ribbon cable so you don't rip it and make the removal of the piece harder on yourself. Last but not least on the right side of the speaker is a piece of cable (probably a ground) that screws into the body put this in before you attach the new home button sensor back to the left plastic arm or you run the risk of ripping it or tweaking it- this would cause the home button failure that most of you report!!

  12. jerry
    i can only charge my iphone 5 when it's dead(out of battery)
    and when it's has enough power to start, the charging stop.
    about the battery, charging port, all fine


  13. I'm having an issue with my iPhone 5s & wondering if someone could help me. My iPhone dropped into sand & when I cleaned most of it my dad wanted to watch a soccer game. I let him borrow it & when I got it back it was hot. After I let it cool down, I tried to charge it but it notified me that the cable was "not an accessory". I bought an Apple lighting cable but it didn't charge & I thought it could be the battery so I replaced it with a new one. It still didn't charge & now I'm thinking of replacing the lighting port. Is it likely I have to replace the port or could it be something else?

  14. I followed this guide thoroughly, but I ran into a problem, when trying to tuck the screen back in. Although this guide helped fix my charging port problem (thank you for that btw), my home button is no longer functioning and I can't get my screen all the way down, which I think is the reason to why my home button isn't working anymore. Any solution/help?

  15. Had a problem with my iPhone not charging, expected to pay a fortune to get it fixed. But I got a £5 replacement port + tools off eBay, watched this video & sorted it. Really helpful video, thanks.

    My Problems after attempting this repair:
    1)Microphone inoperable
    2)Home key inoperable.
    My Solution to:
    Problem 1)see below #1-3
    Problem 2)see below #4
    1. Make sure the microphone is properly seated in the rubber sheath that matches up with the microphone holes, also make sure there is no protective tape over the microphone.
    2. Make sure all washers are reinstalled where they were originally.
    3. Make sure you reinstall the special ribbon that wraps around the headphone port between the mounting screws that does not come with the replacement charging port.
    4. The home button will not work if the screen is not seated to the base as to connect with the contacts.

  17. Hi Jerry! Thank you so much for the amazing tutorial, may i ask ,what is the cause of this charging port?
    Sometimes i could not charge the phone properly. Thank you so much 🙂 Jason

  18. Really good video. However, I did notice no mention was made of the rubber alignment gasket over the microphone that needs to be salvaged from the old part. Another part I found in my device is a ribbon from the left of the headphone jack to the top left of the loud speaker. Oh, and I did find two washers under the charge port that need to be put back in place. Lastly, no real mention of the adhesive was made here and that's a little tricky. Nevertheless, Great Information and directions and worked well for me. Many thanks.

  19. excellent video and instruction…thank you! With your video the right part and th tools I replaced the new charging port assembly in about a half an hour.

  20. Hello! Is there any difference from the Iphone 5 Charging Port from US model to Europe model? Is safe to buy the one you recommended to Europe model? Are all the same?

  21. I have one tip! 🙂  when laying out your screws, don't let your magnetic screwdriver roll over the top of them.  you can figure out the rest. HA.

  22. Hi Jerry, I was reading through a lot of your content in preparation for replacing the chargin port on my iPhone 4s. One thing I saw you wrote on one of your reddit posts was, "Just make sure to buy from highly rated sellers, as the replacement parts from china are not always super reliable. " Could you perhaps elaborate on how to determine whether a source is reliable (in a comment or video). For instance, I was considering this charging port, Based on your advice, I found a top-rated seller. However, my concern is that it is coming from Malaysia and is the cheapest price that I found online for the charging port. So, I am not really sure how reliable the part will be and this has me worried now espeically due to all the phone batteries exploding as of late. Thank you for taking the time to read this and any advice is appreciated.

  23. Hi Jerry please help i have these parts left and i dont know where they go for my charging port , i have sent you a photo on face book, i need my phone in one piece desperately please help. facebook name is Claire Hayfield, thanks.

  24. worked perfectly. thanx for vid. my ownly suggestion is that you have good quality screwdrivers for this. the 2 little ones that came with my kit were garbage

  25. My chargin port was almost dead. Had to push the charger adapter really hard for it to start charging, while finally one day it stopped charging at all. I thought it was old cable but I bought a new cable and new battery and still not working. Finally changed the charging port by this video, connected everything back nicely, but after connecting the charger, I waited for 30min. Guess what, still no signs. What might be the problem?

  26. I think any video like this should be prefixed with the simple tip of trying to scrape lint out of the port first with a paperclip/needle.  I was all set to purchase this, wait for it to ship, potentially ruin my phone by messing up the repair, when I looked at the amazon reviews and saw that hint.  30 seconds and a spare paper clip later and my phone works great.  hundreds of comments on amazon with the same experience.  Please consider adding it to your video (which was very helpful) too.

  27. Great video and very well explained – you should re-do it with a better camera, and better light condition as some of the video was too dark and blurred.

  28. My iPhone 5 works now. I had a few more parts and found some loose parts in my iPhone 5 that the video did not highlight. I'll list them here.
    1) Loose silver washers: After removing the charging socket I found some small silver washers loose. I tracked these back to being used around the 4 charging port screw sockets. tacked in place with some sealing wax.
    2) Small speck of kidney shaped black plastic out of position under the charging port. It appeared to be there to protect the protruding lighting port connections on the ribbon cable. The hollowed out side seemed to be to avoid a pressure point or structural support.
    3) The screen wouldn't fully close the last few thousands of an inch at the right lower corner and the iPhone would not turn on. A small U-shaped silver metal camp around the right lower ribbon cable screw hole had been found loose and was pushed back on, but position was not allowing the screen to seat. Studying the video it appeared that orientation was with the vertical section at the bottom and running horizontal with the iPhone and changed the clamp to that position. Made sure that screw was a smidgen below just being flush. After this refitting the iPhone was able to fully close. It still would not turn on, but the screen lit up when I plugged it into the charging cable! Everything so far seems to work.
    4) The small cable/Antenna (I think the iPhone 5 has something like 5 antennas!) originally had a insulting dot of rubber on its back. It didn't come on the new assembly and I used some alcohol to refresh the adhesive and move it over to the new cable. It might short out in contact with metal behind it and the rubber also pushes on the plug and the metal behind it to keep it seated.
    5) There was a small ribbon cable circuit between the two holes of the earphone jack mounting screws that was not shown in the video and didn't come with the new assembly. I removed it and and transferred over. It is not obvious what this circuit does. It maybe to reduce RF inference.

  29. good video. I would suggest letting people know that the replacement part may have some tape that needs to be peeled off so that the cables will be sticky and stay in place.

  30. Thank you so much Jerry! You not only saved me a lot of money but you made me feel like an electronics badass!

  31. USE THIS VIDEO! This is the best tutorial – you don't have to disconnect the screen or remove the motherboard (something that all other guides like ifixit require you to do). This is my second swap and the last time it took me 2 hours to complete. With this tutorial – only 30 minutes.
    PS: depending on the replacement module you purchase, pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the flex cable that connects to the headphones jack – my replacement didn't have it so I had to put it from the old module. The previous module I replaced didn't have the rubber "muffler" for the microphone, so I had to spend quite some time to put the old one back.
    Another trick is to connect the Lighting cable to the phone once you put the new port in – helps secure it in the right place, then tighten the screws. Of course, the cable has to be unpowered.
    JerryRigEverything, thank you so much!

  32. Thanks for this video! Great tutorial. Two items of caution for others attempting this repair.
    1. As mentioned by another comment, you need to swap the rubber cover for the microphone off the port you're replacing. The new one doesn't have this. You'll note that the replacement part has an exposed brass piece just to the left of the port itself. This is black on your original, because it is covered with a rubber sleeve. The rubber sleeve has notches that line up with the phone casing.
    2. Be extremely gentle removing the battery. I thought I was being very careful, but I ended up ripping the ribbon that connects my volume buttons, so now my port is fixed and battery is replaced, but my volume buttons no longer work.
    I hope this helps others!

  33. I come to this video every year or so to replace my charging port. I like my iphone but the lighting port is fucking awful. Micro usb all the way,

  34. my i phone 5 is disabled how to solve the problem please tell me
    im connected i tunes but not restored
    how to solve this problem in my i phone lot of data i have data dont erase

  35. My phone battery low after off 6 months off my set &
    Today change iphone 5 charging port replaced but not On & charging {watch after change port your video }
    Solution …???…..solve ….problem….

  36. So i tried to clean the charge port and it still did not work. I am pretty savy with iphone repairs but I hadn't done an iphone 5 charge port in ages so i used this video to refresh and luckily i had my old iphone 5 as a donor phone and was able to fix my moms iphone within 10 minutes. I accidentally got a splash of water the night before at the jacuzzi so im to blame ): but im also to thank heheh
    Thanks jerry!

  37. My wife's iPhone 5c fell 5 stories down an elevator shaft and suffered a cracked screen and the case was slightly dislodged. I had an extra phone and swapped screens and a couple buttons that got scuffed. Now my 5 is intermittent on charging and most cords I have won't work so I figured the charging port is worn out. Thanks for the excellent tutorial.

  38. TRY THIS TOO. Untill my new parts arrived i found cutting a little strip of thin paper and sliding it on the top side of the lightning port with the lightning connector into the phone. This puts a little more pressure on to the side of the lightning connector making contact with the lightning port. Its the only other thing that worked for me. Good luck

  39. Very helpful. Mine didn’t come with 2 things 1)the rubber thing for the mic, and 2) the thing that sticks to the headphone jack and screws next to the headphone jack. But it is easy and cheap, but I can see that it might not be for everyone. Put on the bigger screws first before the small ones.

  40. Since I took some stuff out the iPhone and after u turn it on will u lose everything? I ment to say taking the stuff out like u did lol

  41. How exactly is the loud speaker connected to the phone? I replaced the charging port successfully, but the loud speaker stopped working. I was a bit puzzled putting that back because it didn't really connect to anything, but I assume I made a mistake somewhere.

  42. Thankyou P Gorman! I was feeling such trepidation at the thought of replacing the charging port. Your comment saved me from having to do it. Five minutes with a needle and my phone works perfectly now! Thankyou so much.

  43. This was overall a good video. I noticed a ground wire I had to remove from the old assembly and place it on the new part. It connected to the lower left hand screw near the mic jack and wrapped around it. It was glued on also.

  44. My iPhone 5 won't start after I tried to install a 5s battery into a receiver meant for a 5 battery, I suspect a polarity problem (the 5 battery has 4 "plugging studs" while the 5s has 3). When I got the correct battery, my phone was non-responsive. Could the charging port be blown, or is there any other circuit breaker mechanism? Does the receiver for the battery plug come with the charging port?

  45. Apart from destroying a screw head and having to drill it out this worked perfectly!!! Thanks so much for help!!!

  46. Thank you so much! Very clear and easy to follow. Also, after removing the old port and reading P Gorman's comment about checking for lint, I did indeed find a ton of lint in the port. So this may have been the actual problem. So definitely try that first. Unless I reconnect the old port, which I will not be doing unless absolutely necessary, I won't know if it was a lint issue or a bad port. But thank you again for this awesome video, but def. try the lint cleaning first!!!

  47. I bought a new port that came with a tool set online for $10. Following this video, I was able to replace my port and my phone is working fine now. The replacement part did not have a wire and metal attachment coming from the headphone jack, and that confused me for a second, otherwise, it fit perfectly. You will need very good eyesight and a clean surface to work on because these screws and connections are super tiny. Good Luck!!

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