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How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number Without Being CREEPY!!!

How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number Without Being CREEPY!!!

100 thoughts on “How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number Without Being CREEPY!!!”

  1. One very important thing kyle did here but didnt explain is: Do NOT approach a girl from behind and touch her by the shoulder to make her turn around. You see in the first few seconds how he doesnt „run“ directly at her, but a bit sideways, so she stops by herself because she saw him and turns around without him having to invade her personal space. Very important guys!

  2. be goodlooking lol all you unnattractive blue pilled guys i feel bad for. If your ugly asf it dosent matter what 'game' you use

  3. the fact that people actually watching this video makes them a fucking creep and proves that they'll never find a girls lmao

  4. never walked her to the edge of the park and definitely would have finished convo while walking cause she said she was tired of sitting and was walking for that reason but not everything can be flawless

  5. This guy is so oblivious. He actually thinks that his “game” is what’s getting the girl to like him 🤦‍♂️

  6. This video deosnt work if you're under 5'8 or ugly, unless you wanna be called by the cops for sexual harrasement !

  7. esse cara é melhor que todos os "Coach de sedução" do brasil juntos, mostra na pratica como fazer ao invés de ficar comentando vídeo e filme sentado em uma cadeira

  8. Don't take the advice from these kinds of coaches cause they are attractive people, there's are the reason why they're really good at getting girls is because they are attractive. I've taken all these tips in consideration and have still got rejected by all girls. I even lowered my standards a lot and shit still stayed the same even ugly girls have high standards too.

  9. Why girls don't put effort to walk up to a guy!!!!!! All this coaching in dating and stuff why a guy should be so smart and edgy to connect with a girl!!!!!! I hate all this

  10. Trust me I do all this get their number and they will never text back that is girls for you, you just have to move on with your life don’t make having girls a priority and they will come instead

  11. Yo this guy's got no game, keeping it 100. After watching many videos by the likes of Daily Dropout, Steven Shapiro and the GOAT Jack Denmo this guy seems very lacklustre and below amateur.

  12. You should have asked to go to the flea market she was going to, or where she was going to be thrifting. What sounds more appealing, going to where you were going to go with a nice guy you met, or go sit on a bench with him

  13. My personal problem: I can't speak, I never talk, someone talks to me.. I dont respond, even if it's my friend I knew for months.

    Nothing, got an idea for me?

  14. After the video:

    Him: Phahaha I’m just kidding we’re just filming a video for youtube is it alright if we can use it?


  15. This is the best video on your channel. You know why? Because it doesn't look like some cheap pick up. Rather it looks like that it could probably lead to a meaningful relationship.

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