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give a phone I could borrow maybe excuse me hi sorry Gemma phone I could borrow hey is your phone I feel I kind of want to use this pump why is that I mean I was going to get your number but I’m I’m is girl for that oh yeah girlfriend hey sure that’s cute of you though you can leave now bitch fuck off can I have your number excuse me do you have a phone I could maybe borrow yeah I need to call my mom really quick good thank you yeah I’ll call you later my life I need to have a phone I can borrow by a change yeah I’m sorry my phone beside yeah yeah yeah that’s me no yeah are you guys dating no I’m sorry okay I’m kind of your number maybe awesome thank you what was your name okay okay all right awesome nice to meet you I’ll call you later bye okay what is your name dandy Annie yes hi Suzy did you have a phone I could borrow maybe it awesome I’ll call you later thanks do your phone I can maybe borrow yeah I hear call my mom call you later Swanage your number I thought you’re cute CJ do you might deal phone I could maybe borrow any chance ever supposed to my vote no it’s not going to run away with your phone I’ll call you later Yomi sorry what was your name good Dennis just meet you I’ll call you later all right Thank You number yeah sure 585 580 hi hey um would you want to have sex with me um yeah sure like like right now yeah let’s go okay what can I get your number first oh sure yeah all right what is it um it’s five five nine you


  1. I love her… order to make this interesting to watch, you have to be straight forward in your delivery. Hesitation kills it

  2. Why would you give a stranger your phone to ring some potentially high premium rate overseas number ($40.00/min.)?

  3. The first girl is actually a bitch. She didn't have to get all fucking hostile. It's just a fucking phone number. Why are people so uptight and apprehensive about giving out their phone number. She's cute, she can just be another nice friend.

  4. Life would be so much more fun if women actually took the initiative on occasion.
    It gets tiresome approaching women only to hear about their boyfriend, etc.
    Don't get me wrong, I have an active social life but I have also wasted an hour chatting up a woman up only to have her tell me she "didn't have time to hang out".

  5. That first girl was getting jealous cuz the girl asking for the phone is 100000x hotter then her and she knew her boyfriend would choose her instead

  6. I feel sorry for all the guys cuz she never called any of them, I bet you they couldn't sleep cuz they were waiting for her to call😂🤣😂🤣

  7. I would of immediately said tempting as so many of them are, I don't really trust women. I'm a misaginist

  8. Notice how every guy she took the phone number is taller than her and when the short guy asked "and me?" she refused. Its just a social expermient but i believe her personality reflects a lot on hit maybe she actualy banged them

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