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How to Install WhiteStone Dome Glass for iPhone 11 Pro Max, New Installation Method, with Review!

How to Install WhiteStone Dome Glass for iPhone 11 Pro Max, New Installation Method, with Review!

Hi Guys! I hope you are doing well! Thanks for clicking on this video! My name is David, and welcome to UTECHPIA! I just got the new iPhone 11 Pro Max! And unfortunately there’s been a lot of reports
showing that the screens on the iPhone 11 scratches easily. That is not good news! So the first thing that I’m going to be doing
is I’m going to install the WhiteStone Dome Glass Screen Protector on my iPhone 11 Pro
Max! This iPhone 11 Pro Max costed over $1500,
so I want to protect it! And I want the absolute BEST Screen Protector
that money can buy, and I want to make sure the screen protector doesn’t take away from
the brilliant iPhone experience; that includes the Vibrant colors, the brightness, the clarity,
and the responsiveness of the screen. I want all that to be intact with the screen
protector installed! I’ve started using the WhiteStone Dome Glass
Screen Protector with all my phones since the iPhone X! And I’ve never had a problem with them ever;
I’ve always love the quality of the glass! This screen protector is the only screen protector
that I’ve found to cover the entire phone screen, and the installation process even
guarantees a perfectly aligned installation with zero bubbles! If you look carefully, you can see that cheaper
screen protectors doesn’t always align properly and, it doesn’t cover the entire screen. Here’s an example of a cheap screen protector,
you can certainly see parts of the screen that’s not covered. Now compared that with the WhiteStone Dome
Glass Screen Protector, and you can see that it covers the entire screen and it’s aligned
perfectly! If you ever want to remove the WhiteStone
Dome Glass Screen Protector, rest assured that Screen Protector can be easily removed
and does absolutely no damage to your iPhone. You can see on the YouTube cards above a link
to a video were I removed the WhiteStone Dome Glass Screen Protector quite easily and without
any problems. It’s good to know that they also have a Limited
Lifetime Warranty, so if your Dome Glass ever get damaged or gets worn out, you could request
a replacement through WhiteStone’s Website! And they’ll take care of you, they’re good
at customer service. The only downside to this awesome screen protector,
is that the installation takes about 10 to 15 minutes, especially if it’s your first
time installing one of these! But don’t worry, we’ll do the installation
together and I’ll walk you through each step of the way! Here are two quick tips that’ll get you started
right off the bat! The First tip is: Make sure that you do the
installation in a dust free environment so watch out for windows and air vents that might
blow dust onto your screen while you are doing the installation. You definitely do not want that. And the second tip I have for you is that
you can use a USB power bank to power the UV Curing Lamp. That way you can do your installation anywhere
you want; you don’t need to look for an electrical outlet. Here’s what comes in the kit:
1) UV Curing Lamp 2) Micro USB cable for the UV Curing Lamp
3) Two bottles of adhesive, you only need one, the second bottle is for backup incase
you mess up and need to try again. 4) The slider to help install the screen protector
5) A detailed manual with step-by-step instructions 6) Dust removal stickers
7) Alcohol wipes 8) Absorption pads
9) Cleaning Cloths 10) some more alcohol wipes
11) the top tray 12) The actual tempered glass screen protector
13) Speaker masking film 14) position bridge
15) And the bottom tray. NOTE the markings for the speaker and the
connector, which will match up with the speaker and connector markings of the top tray. Alright, let’s get started! Step 1: Make sure you have a leveled working
surface! You can use your phone and open the built
in “measure” app to check if your surface is leveled. You can also use a bottle of adhesive and roll
it on the phone screen to make sure it is perfectly stable and doesn’t roll around. That way, you know you have a leveled working
surface. Step 2: Turn off your iPhone so that you don’t
get calls or notifications during the installation. Step 3: Wipe down the screen with one of the
alcohol wipes. Step 4: Dry off the screen with the cleaning
cloth. Step 5: Place your iPhone on the bottom tray. The text on the top of the tray reads connector. That means, you’ll be putting in your phone
upside-down so that the lightening connector is furthest away from you. Step 6: Place the top tray over your phone,
and make sure that the text for the speaker is on the bottom. Go ahead and align the [top] tray into place. You can shake it around and make sure it’s
really stable and really aligned in place. Step 7: Take the absorption pads and place
them on the sides . They will actually be resting on the surface of your phone. Step 8: Use one of the Speaker Masking Film
and cover your speaker. Align it with the square rectangle cutout
to get it exact into position. Step 9: Use the dust removal stickers to remove
any dust on your screen. Take your time, you want to make sure there
are no visible specs of dust. Step 10: Align the Position Bridge over the
middle of the top tray, and make sure it slides into position. Step 11: Take your adhesive bottle, and unscrew
the colored cap. Don’t worry, the liquid adhesive won’t come
out, yet. It’s locked in there until you unscrew the
other end of the adhesive bottle. Step 12: Put the adhesive bottle into the
position bridge and then unscrew the black cap at the end of the adhesive bottle. This will release the adhesive onto your phone
screen. Let it continue to drip for about 30 seconds. Step 13: Carefully remove the adhesive bottle
and the Position Bridge. Step 14: Remove the protective film from the
back of the Tempered Glass Screen Protector. This backside is the side that will touch
your phone screen. Step 15: Align the Screen Protector with the
bottom protrusion of the top tray. Pay attention to the camera cutout so you
can correctly orientate the screen protector. Start at the bottom and lean it on to the
plastic tab at the top. Step 16: Hold the lower part of the bottom
tray with one hand, and hold the slider with the other hand at a 45 degree angle. Start the bottom, and slowly slide your way
along the top tray away from you. Apply even and light pressure until the Screen
Protector drops down. Step 17: Wait for about 80 seconds for the
adhesive to spread completely. NOTE: If the adhesive doesn’t fully cover
the glass, or you see air bubbles… you can clean everything with water and start all
over again. Step 18: Place the UV Curing lamp at the top
part of the tray and turn it on 15 seconds, then repeat the procedure for the middle part
of the tray for another 15 seconds, and repeat again for another 15 seconds at the bottom
part of the tray. Step 19: Carefully remove the speaker masking
film and the remove top tray. Take your phone out of the bottom tray, be
extra careful as the adhesive isn’t fully cured yet. Step 20: Use the Alcohol Wipe to clean any
excessive adhesive around the phone, especially along the edges of the screen protector. Step 21: This is the final UV curing step. Place the UV Curing lamp on the top part of
the phone and turn it on for about 1 minute, then repeat for the middle part of the phone
for another 1 minute, and repeat again for another 1 minute on the bottom part of the
phone. Step 22: Step 22?!? There is no step 22… That’s it! And we are done! Power up for phone and enjoy your awesome
new, perfectly installed, WhiteStone Dome Glass Screen Protector! Just look at what a perfect installation we
have. Everything is precisely aligned and I can’t
find a single air bubble. The touch sensitivity feels exactly the same
as the native iPhone Glass. The colors are vibrant and everything is bright,
everything is sharp, I can’t even tell there is a screen protector installed. This is perfect, this is exactly what I want. A super high quality, no compromise screen
protector. This is what the WhiteStone Dome Glass Screen
Protector is. Now that my screen is fully protected, it’s
time to add a case to protect the rest of the phone. I really like the fact that the screen protector
is compatible with the majority of the cases out there! As you can see, although the screen protector
covers the entire screen, there is still space around the phone to install a case. Let’s compare with the typical basic cheap
screen protector. Here, if you look carefully, you can see that
most cheap screen protectors don’t always align properly and it doesn’t cover the entire
screen. You can certainly see parts of the screen
that’s not covered. Now compared that with the WhiteStone Dome
Glass Screen Protector, and you can see that it covers the entire screen and it’s perfectly
aligned! If you want the absolute BEST Screen Protector
for your iPhone 11 Pro Max; there simply is no other choice than the Whitestone Dome Glass
Screen Protector! I highly recommend them! Do you think the WhiteStone Dome Glass is
the best screen protector out there? I do, and that’s my opinion! But if you don’t think so, let me know what
your thoughts are in the comments below. So, if you’re ready to buy the WhiteStone Dome
Glass Screen Protector, check out the link in the description of this video for the best
pricing. We’ll that’s the end of this video, if this
video was helpful, please remember to LIKE the video. And if you haven’t already done so, please
consider subscribe to UTECHPIA; your support is always, always appreciated! Thank you so much for watching! And, I’ll see you guys, next time! Hey, Hello! Are you still there? Oh, there you are! I see you! Thanks for sticking around. Well, if you want to see more videos, check
out these! And, yeah, these are pretty interesting videos. I hope you like them, and thanks again for
watching! I totally appreciate it! You guys are AWESOME! Welp, I’m going to head out now, so I’ll see
you later, Bye!

12 thoughts on “How to Install WhiteStone Dome Glass for iPhone 11 Pro Max, New Installation Method, with Review!”

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    Edit, can update your review in several months to see how it’s holding up?

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