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How to install your nbn™ Connection Box for nbn™ FTTC

How to install your nbn™ Connection Box for nbn™ FTTC

This video will show you how to set
up your NBN connection box
on an NBN Fibre-to-the-Curb
internet connection.
We’ll show you what’s in the boxand how to set up your
NBN connection box.
The NBN connection box is provided
by the NBN
and gives you access to
the NBN Network.
Inside the box you’ll find an
NBN connection box
for a Fibre-to-the-Curb
NBN internet connection.
A power cable and a telephone cable.Before you begin,
make sure to disconnect all devices
such as telephones,
modems or fax machines
from your telephone wall sockets.These sockets will no longer be used
and leaving devices connected
will affect the reliability of your
NBN service.
During the setup of your
NBN connection
you won’t be able to use
your fixed phone line,
so it’s a good idea to have
a mobile phone handy
while you complete
the installation.
Locate your NBN connection box,and once you’ve read the warningson the sticker attached
to the back of the device,
remove the sticker to expose the
ports on the NBN connection box.
When choosing where to install
your NBN connection box
make sure it’s closeto both a telephone wall socket
and a power point.
Then, taking the NBN power cord
labelled ‘A’,
plug one end into the port labelled
‘A’ on the connection box
and the other end into a nearby
power outlet.
Making sure that the
power point is switched on.
Taking the cord labelled ‘B’,plug one end into the port labelled
‘B’ on the connection box.
Plug the other end into the
telephone wall socket.
Wait for the connection light and
broadband light,
on the top of the device,
to turn solid blue.
This may take up to 15 minutes.Do not unplug the device
during this time.
And that’s it!That’s how to set up your NBN
connection box
for Fibre-to-the-Curb.Now you’re ready to connect your
Telstra Smart Modem
For more help, visit…

5 thoughts on “How to install your nbn™ Connection Box for nbn™ FTTC”

  1. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH TELSTRA they are the most expensive and will rip you off as often as they can. 10 year loyal customer means nothing to them. I was loyal for 10 years not through choice.

  2. Mines working well, with telstra. just tested now 5ms ping, 93.72 down 38.91 up. Distribution point 50 meters away on other side of road, my connection box as close as possible to lead in, ie other side of wall with all additional old sockets disconnected. Connected solid for 1 month now, never slows or drops out. Telstra router has only switched to 4G failover once when i unplugged the connection box to relocate it. An SMS is sent to your phone every time 4g backup is used and thats the only time its happened so far. Telstra customer for 10 years, never had any problems. The only issue is the initial connection stages if appointments are required – back in 2008 i was left waiting all day for no one to show up and the same thing happened with my faulty fttc connection. Dont bother calling the general help desk to be told a different story every time and constantly explain yourself, on the first annoyance start the online written complaint process and get a single point of contact to manage your case.

  3. I just changed from Telstra ADSL2 to Telstra NBN Telstra entry level plan with free telephone calls was actually cheaper and faster internet speed than TPG entry at $69 per month,

    You might have to pay extra for re-cablling if you want all the NBN equipment & gateway in a room that is not on the first outlet on you current phone line. Check first.

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