How to look up your Social Security statement online

Hey there! Welcome back to the Happiness IRA where we talk about how money weaves itself into your life. Today we’re going
to be talking about social security and specifically how to access your
statement from the comfort of your mobile phone. Social security becomes the
bedrock of the majority of Americans retirement income therefore we need to
understand it well how better to understand it and to actually pull up
the estimate that you have a very practical benefit. Let’s dive in on how
you can access it right now. okay we are starting off by going to you’ll see this nice website you’re looking at it from my phone so I’m going to click
on my Social Security and that’s gonna get me access to my actual statement
that they stopped sending on a regular basis they used to mail this every year
but no longer so I’m gonna go in to create an account or sign in I don’t
have an account so I’m going to click create my account of course here’s the
Terms of Service make sure you read very clearly everything it says on here and
then hit next alright now it’s gonna ask you some of
your personal information obviously I’m not going to delve in and put in my own
personal information that would be stupid so I’m just gonna kind of show
you what it’s asking your name date of birth address some information about you
including your primary phone this is just an identification verification. After you hit next it’s going to bring you to a screen where it starts to
verify your identity so it’s going to ask you some questions about places that
you’ve borrowed money from so personally I went in to get my own and I got one of
my lending institutions incorrect and it actually kicked me out and I was not
able to log back in so I have to call the Social Security Administration just
to get back in so if you happen to be in that situation or you don’t even really
want to go through the process of getting your full statement there is
another way and I’m gonna go into that now. So jumping back to the
scrolling down instead of going to the sign in or
create account there is a button called the retirement estimator this is one I
use often with clients just to get kind of a ballpark understanding of what
we’re dealing with it’s fairly accurate but it doesn’t lay out your a lot of
your personal records but you still have to confirm your personal identity
you hit estimate your retirement benefits and then you go in and fill in
that information your first middle initial last name any other last names
that you’ve had hit submit and what that will do is give you an estimate of your
benefit at full retirement age at age 62 so the earliest benefit that you have
and the latest benefit so at age 70 but then also you can even go in and plug in
estimations of your income in the next coming years so let’s say you’re at a
point of life you are 60 you’re thinking about continuing working maybe going
part-time for a couple of years and you want to see how that’s going to impact
your benefit this is a good tool to use for that so you can type in that instead
of $80,000 you’re going to be receiving $40,000 this
year and then and for the next few years until retirement and you’re going to
collect it 66 and at that point what is your benefit? That retirement
estimator is going to give you what you need that’s all I have for today I hope
this tutorial was helpful for you as you look at claiming your Social Security
whether that’s looking at the full statement or using that retirement
estimator calculator it’s been a really helpful for tool for me as I’ve been
working with clients over the years especially making those incremental
decisions leading up to retirement so until next time you take care.

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