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How to Make a Desk with Hidden Wireless Charging

How to Make a Desk with Hidden Wireless Charging

100 thoughts on “How to Make a Desk with Hidden Wireless Charging”

  1. This is awesome. I love the bowtie emblem in the surface. Hopefully your charger pad doesn't overheat and is able to last a while within your table! I probably would have cut about 1" of extra hole radius so it at least gets airflow around the sides of it. But if it works, it works.

  2. I bet 99.9% that are watching this video aren’t going to actually make this 😂 who else jus t likes to watch videos like this

  3. Wireless charging worst invention ever.. You waste a lot of power and still can't get rid of that wire bcoz it is connected to charging pad and you need to keep phone on your pad..

  4. when i heard you say the glue joint is more than strong enough i remembered a longboard i made that it snapped right next to the glue seam XD

  5. youtube recommended this vid out of nowhere but gotta say, i had no regrets clicking it!!! your creations are awesome!! tho i dont understand most terms used in your videos your explanation is easy to understand 😀

  6. Damn bro that came out awesome, you should be proud of yourself, I need to get my hands on some walnut board's. I thought ur welding worked out just fine and the top came out beautiful, great job! I think I will be making a desk for my office pretty similar to yours, so thanks for the tips and tricks!

  7. Option 1: Have a shop with $10,000 worth of tools, have skill, and have time. Option 2: Buy a wireless charging desk.

  8. What I would've done with the copper inlay was put it right above the charger so there would be no guesswork involved at all

  9. i really appreciate the attn to detail w/ the process, its so cool to see everything being done!
    also i wish i had that desk!!

  10. when you weld, even with mig don't do a circle pattern and just do a zigzag pattern at a little slower pace. you'll get better penetration and you won't have flux inside of your weld pool. just a tip, I wish i had a welder that nice.

  11. I absolutely need to build a desk similar to this. Love that hour glass inlay, perfect finishing piece to that gorgeous walnut

  12. Seriously using that much of tools …
    Come in INDIA bro…less tym same work or may even better😂😂i didn't ever watch these type of tools😂

  13. seems like an easy task. but not easy for those who have not that instruments like you have. Especially in Pakistan.

    Btw your welding machine is too good as well as your technique.

  14. I love it… if u have done it differently, I mean we are not here to see how u make table or what type of coatings you have done on your table.. Because non of us going to build the table or has equipment what you have..

    we wanted to know how to make wireless charging on table..

    I love if you have removed that copper coils from 3 to 5 wireless chargers and placed it on the different side of the table (not underneath) and then use/apply clear epoxy resin on it..

    This will be something different from others.

  15. I like everything about your video and idea except the thought of gluing in the charger what will you do when you need to replace it which is inevitable

  16. Brad: Beautiful work and am loving your and John's MFP podcast. Just started listening about two weeks ago and have been bingeing it during my business travel, trying to catch up. I'm hoping to use my son's Harbor Freight welder on an upcoming build; would love to a 210MP, but need to get a few builds under my belt to determine if I can cost-justify.

    Question: I didn't notice the front or rear cleats being slotted to allow for seasonal movement. Not sure how much RH change you experience in Tennessee, but curious how it is holding up, now that it's just over a year since this video was released.

  17. Can you make a charging dock for andriods/iphone, fitbit/watches etc.? I am trying to build one. maybe you can give me an idea.

  18. how deep did you go in the wood for the charger to work on the phone? how much wood between the wood and the charger?

  19. Fantastic video! Your style is brilliant and really helpful! You are very humble which makes the video so easy to watch. I’l definitely be trying out sinking a wireless charger with the help of this video!

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