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How to Make Any Android Phone Look Like the Pixel 2

How to Make Any Android Phone Look Like the Pixel 2

– If you’re not gonna buy a Pixel 2, but are still slightly
feeling the sting of jealousy at how clean the software looks on the new devices sold
by Google themselves, here’s a quick video on
how to get all of that stock lovely Google software,
at least the look and feel onto any Android phone, including those new live wallpapers, which I
personally am in love with. Now, before we get
started, we are gonna be downloading apps that are not necessarily in the Play Store, and by
default, our phone blocks those. So, to allow them, we’re
gonna head to settings, and if you can, search
for allow unknown sources, otherwise just search through
your settings for this. It’ll be somewhere for sure, it just might be called another name. A lot of times it’s maybe under security, someplace like that,
once you find it though, turn it on and we can continue. First up, let’s change the launcher. The launcher, if you aren’t familiar, is an app, basically,
that is just summoned whenever you hit the
home button on your phone and that allows you to
launch other apps from it. Whether you are aware or not, you are using a launcher right now, most likely a customized
version from your manufacturer or if you’re privy to them, third party ones from the Play Store. This is probably the single biggest change you could make to the look and
feel of your Android phone, so let’s start there. To get the Pixel 2 home screen look, you could go with the
actual Google Now launcher from the Pixel by downloading as an APK, but since that isn’t
gonna work on all phones and the Play Store version isn’t updated for the new Pixel 2
look, I found a simpler, more widely compatible option. Head to the Play Store and
download Nova Launcher. Don’t worry, it’s free. Once downloaded, we’re going to actually join their Beta Program in order to get some of the new features that they’ve ported over from the Pixel
2 as customizable options. To do that, we’re gonna tap home and select the Nova Launcher or tap always and select the Nova Launcher, depending on the phone you have, and then it’ll launch Nova from now on when tapping the home button. Don’t worry, you can easily undo this by installing it, by the way. And then, we’re gonna tap
and hold the background and tap the settings icon. From there, scroll to the very bottom and you’ll see the Google Plus icon. Tap that and make sure you’re
logged into the same account that you use for Google on your device and accept the Beta. If you don’t have a Google
Plus account, by the way, it’ll make you create one really quickly. You can then go back to the Nova settings and tap on check for updates and tap that. Then, tap the three dots at the top right and select Beta from there. Now, you could wait
for the Beta to show up automatically at this point as an update, or you could tap the
link there and then tap the Beta download link on
Nova’s page to get it faster. Once downloaded, tap on the download in the notification shade and tap install. We can then start customizing
it to get the Pixel 2 look by going back into settings, tapping on app and widget drawers and
turning on swipe to open. Then, going to doc and
tapping search bar in doc and selecting under the doc. Then, go to desktop in settings
and tap on search bar style and select the rounded
one and the colored G logo to match the Pixel 2’s. Also, we can go into look and feel and turn on adaptive icons
and tap on adaptive icon style and set them to rounded,
and also tap the toggle to reshape legacy icons
so that they all match. After that, we can go to the home screen and remove the app drawer icon, since the Pixel 2 doesn’t have that and the search bar
widget that’s at the top and we’re pretty good to go. Next, let’s get the new calendar widget from the Pixel launcher
onto the Nova Beta one. Simply head to the Play
Store and search for and install Another Widget, it’s called. Once installed, head to the homepage, tap and hold on the
background, tap widgets, and select the new Another
Widget calendar widget, and place it onto the home screen. It’ll then bring you to a setup page. In there, leave the default options, but go to the bottom and
tap the calendar option to give it access to your events
and then the weather option to give it access to that as well. Then, we can tap add widget
and see how it looks. Not bad, right? One of my favorite,
although more subtle updates to the Pixel’s look is the new
living universe wallpapers. To get those, we’re gonna
head to the Play Store and download the Google Wallpapers app. Now, these won’t be available
inside of it by default, but we need it installed
to actually get them. So, next we’re gonna
head to this link here, beneath this video, it’ll
take you to my site, where you can then go to
EXDA from the link there. Make sure you do this in the
phone’s browser, by the way, and then download the APK
file listed in the first post. Again, on the phone, to save the hassle of having to get it to your
phone from your computer in a separate step. Once downloaded, you can
tap it and tap install. After that, head to the
Google Wallpapers app and now you’ll see a
section for live wallpapers. Tap that and you’ll see the
new Pixel ones in there. Tap whichever one you
want, tap set, and then set it as either your home
screen, lock screen, or both. Now lastly, if you wanna
really complete the look, let’s swap out the icons. You can search for Pixel
2 icons in the Play Store and there are a bunch of them. Some are paid, most are
paid, and some are free. The free one that I used
though that worked pretty well is called Launcher Theme
for Google Pixel 2. Once you download an icon pack, you can set them by tapping and holding on the background of the home screen and then tapping settings to
get back into Nova settings and then head to look
and feel, tap icon theme, and select the new icon pack in there and it’ll swap out all of
the icons for the Pixel ones. There you go, guys, any of
this can be easily undone, just by uninstalling those apps from your settings applications. So, worth trying it if you’re interested. But I hope you did like that. If you did, please thumbs
up, share it, subscribe, all that fun stuff if you enjoyed this. And, as always, regardless,
thanks for watching. (upbeat music)

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  1. its cool the badger use's smartphone. they dont use me. i love this video and think you sould be on tv. my first comment was tongue in cheek. the hardcore phone nerds need to chill out qnd lighten up.

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  3. Help! The pixel wallpaper live version apk I got is the wrong one, and I can't update it with the real apk! Any suggestions? It won't let me uninstall

  4. Or, you could use the lean launcher. Pretty much Identical to The pixel 2 launcher with a bit more customization

  5. I also recommend Cornerfly, a free app on the Play Store. Only if your phone has sharp edges on its screen, then install Cornerfly and set it up. This gives your screen rounded corners to make it look more like a Pixel 2, however, to change the size of the corners, you need to pay for premium, but it works well without installing premium.

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    Nova's Pixel layout doesn't look exactly right. The searchbar has way too much bottom padding. Even if you turn it off it is still too high. Weird.

  7. The video was very helpful 🙂 Thanks a lot. But now Google already gave away that calendar widget with their widgets as beta, so you also don't need to install that "another widget" app 🙂

  8. Loved the Vid! Everything worked but the Icon pack, That specific icon pack wasn't there. I couldnt even find anything from that developer Dinu Inc.????

  9. Great video!

    XDA has "Pixel Launcher 3.0" apk. Just one install and you'll have a nice home screen that's really akin to the Pixel phones 😊

  10. Despite having a phone with Snapdragon 636, nova's lagging with Live wallpaper. BTW this is a very informative video.

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  14. U can just join the beta version if u scroll all the way down on the play store and it doesn't show the Google plus logo anymore


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