How to make CUSTOM Text Tones / Ringtone for iPhone! [2020]

Firstly, download this free app by Apple from
the App Store, GarageBand. Find the app download links down in the description
below. Now, open this app. Tap this plus sign on the top right corner. Tap on Audio Recorder. Now, tap on these 3 broken lines. Now, tap on this blue triangle. And then, hit this Plus sign on the top right
corner. Tap on section A And tap on arrows and make this value 4. Hit Done. Now, tap on this circular loop icon. Select Music. Select Songs. Now, tap and hold the song to bring it inside
GarageBand. Now, use handles to edit this song as per
your liking. Also, you can tap on the song to reveal more
editing options. Checkout the separate editing tutorial on
the cards as well in the description below. You also want to swipe to the right
from the left edge of the screen and make sure the volume level is
set to high. Now, when you’re happy with your editing,
tap on this Inverted triangle button. Select My Song. Now tap this Select button And select the ringtone
that you just made. And, tap on this Share sheet button. Select Ringtone here. Name your ringtone And hit Export. Select Use sound as… And select Standard Text Tone. Now when you go to your Settings, you should
find your new Text tone. And that’s how you make text tone on iPhone
using GarageBand. Hope you guys found this video useful. Stay tuned and I’ll see you guys in the
next one!

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