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How to Make Dreads Thicker | Get Dreads

How to Make Dreads Thicker | Get Dreads

Okay, so today I’m going to demonstrate how
to make dreads thicker. My model Ayesha here has a beautiful head
of dreads and the great thing about her dreads is that they’re kind of small. Small enough to do a lot with. They look nice and full, kind of like natural
hair does. However, she may or she might get to the point
where she wants the dreads themselves a little fuller, a little thicker, a little bit rounder. So I’m going to just demonstrate for you exactly
how to do that. So I’m going to take two of her dreads here,
right here at the root. As you can see these two dreads, they’re fine
on their own, but if Ayesha gets to the point where these dreads get a little weak, she
can combine the two to make a bigger dread, but also to make it a little stronger. So that’s what we’re going to do today. So I’m going to clip this off here, get this
out of the way. I’m going to take these two dreads and the
first thing I’m going to do, knowing that I’m going to make these two one, I’m going
to use just a little bit of product to twist it. It just kind of smooths it out a little bit
and makes my work area a little bit cleaner. So I’m going to take these two and twist it
as if I’m twisting to tighten her roots. I’m only going to twist about that far down. Then I’m going to take a small rubber band
and I’m going to rubber band where the twists are the biggest. That’s going to be right about here. This is where the two are really joining and
becoming one. And I’m not going to make the rubber band
too tight, I’m just going to go around a couple of times. I just want it a little bit more secure, and
then I’m going to continue to twist all the way down to the end, and as I twist I’m putting
a little tension to smooth the two dreads together, because I want them to look like
one. If I just twist like this, then they’ll unravel
and you could tell it’s two dreads put together. But if I use just a little tension and slide
down the dread as I’m twisting, then the closer I get to the bottom you can see that it looks
like one complete dread, just a little thicker. And once I get to the bottom, I’m first going
to try and combine the two as best I can at the bottom here. I’m going to take another rubber band and
rubber band the bottom, because I want them to stay together. And as you can see with my twisting, my root
is nice and tight, and I have a nice full dread, so I’m going to clip it at the root
right there to keep that root secure. And I’m going to continue my twisting all
the way down. And as I get further down, I’m going to slide
the rubber band down, because the rubber band is not we need to make the two become one. The way these two dreads will become one is
by twisting and palm rolling and locking together. So as I continue pulling the two together I will pin it out of the way, and go back
over it with a little more gel, and I will continue this until I get a nice tight roll,
and I get the size that I want. And as you can see, they start blending right
in with the other dreads there. And that’s how you can combine two dreads.

100 thoughts on “How to Make Dreads Thicker | Get Dreads”

  1. To save everyone some time take one of the two dreads u want to combine and run it thru the root of the other dread and twist. After that u can just leave it and they will start to grow as one dread, the tips won't be combined but the roots of the two will

  2. Everybody Just always have something to say well hey i have locs n they are thinning how do I prevent them from thinning…rubber bands are bad i get that then how do u stop them from thinning???????????

  3. Not a good idea especially from someone that doesn't have locs and keeps calling the style "dreads" please learn that this is offensive as Caucasians (Europeans) have given hair that looks matted together in this form "dreadful" A rubber band can and will damage the locs. Do real research first please! Love and peace!

  4. First Of all LOCS, not DREADS. Secondly You're clueless on how to handle locd hair. Everyone knows rubber bands are a big NO NO and secondly your not suppose to twist the root so tight.

  5. I don't even have and my gut telling me something isn't right. The way she said and explained product was fraud. Then what she did with that rubber band had me tickled. She knew she didn't know wtf she was doing.

    2.Locks ARE NATURAL
    3. You lost me, you don't seem to know whats going on at all. I agree with YHWH

  7. Hey soooo funny my name is Ayesha as well but I had the exact opposite problem. I had a loc that was too thick nd splitting at the ends so I had to unravels an 8 month old loc to create 2 more locs so I literally have just 2 4 month old locs on my head of year old locs❤💛💚

  8. SMFH!! She keeps referring to her hair as "dreads" They're called Locs there is nothing Dreadful about her hair. As a beautician you should know that

  9. i don’t recommend following any of the techniques used in these howcast videos about “locs” the techniques are incorrect especially on the interlocking video .Failing to interlock correctly will lead to damage overtime. So yall beware

  10. This lady does not have healthy edges…no reason to trust her skills. However it is from 2013, hopefully she as a better idea of how to treat locs.

  11. Uhm…this will unravel folks. Do not try this technique. As u can see in her faulty demo, the twist did not hold even w rubber bands.

  12. Now I have learned from experience that you should use rubber bands at the top or the bottom of your locks. I don’t get this “dread” explainanation.

  13. Lady Wtf is this? you don't know what you talking about.. those rubber bands will over time snap her locs.. And stop disrespecting us locstars calling our locs "Dreads!!"

  14. I’ve been having a little trouble with thinning on my new growth from retwisting, not the loc itself. I usually retwist every month. Do you have any suggestions for root thinning?? Anyone??

  15. Well it IS slave mentality to tear each other down and not lift each other up. BUT she gets what she got because she’s working for a corporate plantation making their business sweet!

  16. I had to come see what the comments were saying, my exact reaction and thoughts that every expressed below. Lol

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