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How to Make Effective Sales Phone Calls – Sales Techniques

How to Make Effective Sales Phone Calls – Sales Techniques

You need to prepare for proper phone
calling. Right? And part of that is you know, even you know if you’re going to
make calls right, you turn around and you know you’re going to exercise your voice
a little bit, so you can get comfortable hearing your own voice prior to the call.
So if you’re going to make a lot of phone calls one morning, it’s probably
wise you say something to yourself. “I’m ready to go!”,
whatever, and what it does is it allows you to you justify the tonality, so when
you get on that first phone call, you’re not going because you’re not
breathing. So if I have a big, big, big phone call I will actually you know go
through the phone call “Hi my name is”, and I’ll go through it a few times, because
you’re more likely to be on. And one octave down, really makes a huge
difference to whether people pay attention to you or not. Especially with ladies. If you’re talking to the gentleman, one octave down, not really really low because it’s weird, but just one octave down.. So you have to be in a place where you can actually hear your client, if you’re turning around and driving the car,
you’re going to have interference, it’s really a lot harder. I don’t like taking
phone calls in the car. I did two this morning, and I got to tell you I have my ear right here, so I’m like literally zoning out all the sound. So I’m exerting extra
effort to zone out sound so I can hear my client, and interestingly enough I
only use one ear to hear my client all the time. I only use one ear to hear my
client all the time. This is to hear everything else that’s around me so I
can turn it off. So I’ve trained myself to do that when I’m on the phone. This is
the ear I listen to my client with. You asked me to put my headset on the other side, I’m a mess. I can’t do a sales call. Always use a headset. Why? Because when you’re sitting compacted like this, your diaphragm is
compacted, you’re sitting down and you’re at your desk, and you’re going like this,
and your brain is ready to do the finger movement. Like we want to do something
with our fingers right? And so it’s really hard, there’s those distractions, or ‘shiny objects’ that the you know at the computer and we lose focus really quickly. When you’re with your client you stand up your voice changes.
You go down an octave or two, and it establishes leadership faster. Tonality is easier to
project and fast on your feet and you’re more likely
to ‘zone out’. So which means when you’re zoning out of all the stuff around you,
the room gets narrow, and you’re in that zone where you’re just with your client.
You’ll sense things on the other end of the phone that you wouldn’t in person,
because there’s too much other information going on, and you can pay
attention you can pay attention much, much better. You can zone in, right? Right, because when you’re standing in front of somebody I
have to shut it all off, because of too much information. It’s a harder skill to be sitting in front of somebody and effectively study their body language
enough to get going in the sales process than it is to actually turn around and
just listen to on the phone. So if you want to, you know, kind of do an
example of that, you can put a bag over your head and you can just kind of listen to
what’s going on around, you you’d be surprised what you’re hearing. Or, close
your eyes pretend you’re sleeping even at home if there’s other people around
the house and just hear what you hear you’ll be surprised at how much
information you get in from that. You become attuned to different things. You sense different things and we need to be able to turn the switch on, and switch

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  2. That makes Sence, see its the closing and the flack that I have a script that's abit mono log…. I get to, hi my name is adjusting calling from americhems, general manger please, ring rig, answer machine or a hello? Hi this is Austin calling you because I work with a lot of other hotel properties and the general managers-sorry click….. x.x arggggg

  3. I need to tell you about my script and show you how I call, do you have a phone I can contact you on??? Please, I work for ameri-chems and I'm a cold caller for hotels about cleaning products

  4. I work in a sales environment and have been a bit slow in making sales.
    However, there's a woman who started only a week before me
    who constantly says "um" throughout her pitch, and even her cold calls,
    and she's makes sales left and right. She's completely dull and
    lackluster on the phone with absolute no enthusiasm whatsoever. Here I
    am making so much effort and trying my best all day, every day….and
    here she is sounding like a complete goon on the phone – and customers
    are buying from her! I just can't make any sense of this whatsoever and
    I'm so frustrated.

  5. my name is ankur pratap singh. i m from india. i hv an Ice Cubes business. please tell me how to tackle costumer from phone.

  6. this is actually pretty informative… I work from home and don't get the daily/weekly training I once did.. it's needed in sales industry.
    daily motivation or little tips are helpful. would love to see more of these!

  7. All this is garbage at the end of the day it depends if the person you're calling needs the product nothing you can do or say can change their mind if you don't want it the only difference it makes if they're going to buy it off you or a competitor.

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