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How To Make Good YouTube Videos On Your Phone

How To Make Good YouTube Videos On Your Phone

Shooting better video on your mobile
device isn’t difficult and it shouldn’t be overwhelming, you just need to follow
a few simple rules and follow some of the tips that I’m gonna show you in this
video. But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Dee Nimmin and you are
watching the Master Your Mobile video series where I help you take your mobile
device and turn it into a pocket-sized production studio and so much more. So if
you’re ready to go let’s dive into the tips and start making better videos.
Okay first things first! Unless you’re shooting for Facebook or
Instagram stories or something that requires it, do not under any
circumstance hold your phone like this when recording for YouTube. Just don’t do
it. Resist the temptation and please for the love of all things Holy,
do not shoot like this for YouTube. Turn your phone in landscape mode,
horizontally, just like this and shoot the phone. If you shoot it like this (vertical) it’s
kind of look crazy with the black bars and you’re gonna have all this wasted space
on the side and it’s just not gonna look very good. Moving right along to that
“well duh, of course” part of the tips is something that we need to discuss. I’m
guilty of this myself but, uh yeah, we need to have this talk. First thing you
need to do is clean the lens on your camera. Second thing you want to do is
check the storage space in your phone. There’s nothing worse than being out
there getting ready to shoot something and BOOM you’re full, out of space,
and that’s it that’s a wrap, you’re going home. Also, when you’re shooting the video
keep editing in mind. If you shoot for the edit it’ll make the entire process a
lot better. Be it if you’re editing yourself or you give it to an editor, and I
promise you that if you give it to an editor and you’re shooting with the Edit in
mind, your editor is gonna love you, and it’s just gonna speed up the whole process. Oh!
And this is very important… put your phone on airplane mode! You don’t want to
be recording or in the middle of doing something important and you don’t want
your phone to buzz or ring, and you don’t want a message to disturb whatever it is you’re
working on. Put your phone in silent mode, airplane mode, or whatever mode that is
gonna shut your phone up, do that now. When it comes time to actually film in
your device it doesn’t really matter if you have an iPhone or an Android device
both are basically going to do the same thing, they both operate basically the
same way, what does matter and what really helps is if you have manual
controls so you can control the exposure and you can control the focus.
If you don’t have those controls it might be helpful to download an app to
help you do that that way so you can really dial in what it is you’re trying to
shoot. If you do want to download an app I’m gonna put links in the description
below. My favorite app of choice is Filmic Pro but if you’re on an Android you
can use that as well as Cinema FV-5 Lite which is another great app and it is
free. The next important thing is probably the most important thing, lighting.
You have to be mindful of your light. You want to make sure that the light is
facing you or coming at you in an angle to give a flattering flush of light over
your skin. You don’t want to shoot with the sun behind you or a light directly
behind you unless that’s the effect you’re going for, but it’s not going to
look very good. For example right now I am shooting with a light to my right side here
and a smaller light over here. The two lights are coming down, one stronger than the
other, and this is how they’re lighting my face. I’m gonna turn one of them
off. *snaps finger* So I’ve turned off the light here and you can see this side of my face has
darkened up a lot and I still have the light over there, so let’s turn off that
light as well, *snaps finger* I don’t have expensive lights in here, I actually have the kind
of lights that you can buy at Home Depot or your home supply store which is
basically a “can light” and I put a daylight balance bulb inside of it. When
you’re shooting at home make sure you have light facing you but it’s not too
harsh and when you go outside and make sure the light… if you’re outside looking
at the sun, which is by the way the absolute best source of light, if you can
get natural light coming through a window that’s gonna be fantastic – you
actually don’t need any lights at all if you have a nice big window that you can
get light from and the sun actually looks better if you go out early morning
or late evening, it’s softer it’s got a nice glow to it and it’s gonna look
better on your skin. Another important tip is stability. The last thing you want
to do is run around holding your phone with one hand trying to film because I
guarantee you it’s gonna be shaky even if you have some sort of an anti-shake app stopping it from bouncing all over the place, it’s going to be
smoother if you’re holding it with two hands and it might even be smoother if
you’re holding it with an accessory to help you get your hands off it and
really get a good grip on it, but it’s a very least hold it with two hands and never, ever ever hold it with one. It’s just… it’s just not gonna work, trust me on that.
Now there’s an endless amount of accessories that you can get and they’re
all inexpensive, one of them is just a simple handle with a phone mount on the
top you basically put your phone right in it and you can hold it you’re gonna
hold out like a sword if you want you can get it out there for a selfie, out there to take a picture if you want… not shooting video with one hand… photos
are okay… but if you’re gonna shoot the video get it out there with two hands
and it adds… this particular one is a little bit heavy and I like it because
it it adds weight to it and it makes the footage a little bit smoother because I
have to hold it in a sturdier way so I actually kind of like this, I keep this
on my backpack it goes with me everywhere I go. Another option is to use
a gorilla grip style tripod here this particular motion Joby, Joby makes
awesome products so does Manfrotto, they’re a little bit
on the higher end when it comes to prices but you get what you pay for your
phone basically goes in here just like this
now you can use this as a tripod you can set it down these are flexible so I can
want to shoot something down on the ground you can do that you want to shoot
back at yourself you can do that too or you can bring it out curve it and I’m
sure you’ve all seen so many of the vloggers running around with their bent
gorillapod like this vlogging you can use something like iOgrapher, there are
a couple of options out there that are similar to this you’re gonna have to
play with them and see what works best for you personally I think diag refers a
little bit white for me I like things that are a little bit heavier. This has
weight to it, this has weight to it, and out of the box
this doesn’t until you put your microphone and your LED light on here
then you put your phone in here and then you get some weight behind it and it
makes it a lot more stable now one thing you need to do if you’re shooting by
hand is make sure don’t don’t put your elbows out like this bring your elbows
in and tuck them into your body you want stability I’ll lean against the wall if
you have to lean against the wall sit down put your hands on something rest
your elbows on something whatever you have to do but both hands
go for stability I was just getting ready to give you another tip and it
dawned on me that this thing looks like the alien for War Of The Worlds, you
remember that right? The alien is walking through the town zapping people
with lasers and Tom Cruise is running around and yeah… so moving right along
and this is one thing that so many people just look over is audio audio is
so important if your audio doesn’t sound right he’s gonna turn a lot of people
off now it doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy an expensive mic that’s not
the case whatsoever but you need to set your room up you need to you have to be
mindful of what’s around you right now for example I have a cuticle foam around
me to stop in my voice from bouncing around when I speak the sound waves go
out they don’t come back you don’t have to spend money on acoustical foam it’s
just I had to do it for this particular room if your room is bouncy with sound
you can hang blankets on the wall you can actually get under the blanket if
you need to record audio I know it sounds crazy but trust me it works if
you’re outside be mindful of airplanes be mindful of chickens dogs whatever it
is that can disrupt your sound now you do not have to go out and buy a bunch of
expensive microphones however a microphone even a budget
microphone really helps a lot you can get something small like the rode
videomic me that plugs right into your phone it goes right into your headphone
jack just like this and you don’t have to do anything else and automatically
records here and I will be doing an audio video in the future where I do a
bunch of comparisons and show you the with and without as well as a bunch of
different mic options so you can choose from to see what sounds best for you but
something like this it’s easy to run and gun but note that if you have one of the
newer iPhones you do have to set this up with a dongle so it does give you an
extra step and I have lost $2 gold so it happens but if you do have an iPhone and
you want to set it up with your dongle and I’ve already mentioned the ir a–
fir which is basically a handheld system where you can snap your phone right
inside just like this and you can put your microphone in the
shoe here you actually can put it on a tripod if you want you can put a light
over to the side and the way this works is this gives you two hands it gives you
a little bit more stability and you can also put your microphone and your light
on top and that’s what you want to do and that brings us to our next tip which
is this set where you shoot now here I’m shooting in a corner of the studio where
we do our live stream in our live streaming set is just right over there
but you can do this in your bedroom and your living room in your kitchen
whatever works for you just clean it up a little bit you don’t want cables and
toys and all kinds of things cluttering up your set it looks sloppy take a few
minutes take the items that are in the shot and move them behind the camera put
them in a box put them under the sofa whatever you’re going to do to clean up
your scent and make it look nice but most importantly make it convenient so
you can go in there set up your camera and shoot you don’t want to have to tear
something down and set it up all the time because if you do that it’s going
to become difficult it’s gonna be tiresome and you’re probably not gonna
do it so keep your camera set up if you can and have your little area put
together so you can just come down flip on the camera and just do whatever it is
you’re gonna do thank you so much for watching this video I greatly appreciate
it if you learned something or this video helped you in any way, hit the
like button and share that with somebody you know and if you haven’t already
hit the subscribe button followed by the notification bell so you can be notified
of all future videos so you don’t miss anything
and I can continue to help you Master Your Mobile, so once again thank you so
much, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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