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How to Make the Apple Logo on Your iPhone Light Up Like a Macbook (iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus)

How to Make the Apple Logo on Your iPhone Light Up Like a Macbook (iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus)

– If you have an iPhone,
it can be kinda hard to stand out in a sea of iPhones. You can either jailbreak
and change the icons on it and that’ll change what it
looks like when you use it, or maybe you can go out and
find a really cool case for it. But other than that, it’s pretty much it. So, what if you want
something that’s maybe a little more unique? Today I’m gonna show you
how you can make the back of your iPhone 6 and 6
Plus actually light up like it does on a MacBook. Now it should go without
saying, but this tweak is not for the faint of
heart, and would probably void your warranty. Now if you’ve had your
phone for more than a year, your warranty’s already expired,
so no harm really there. But again, this tweak is
not for the faint of heart, and proceeding, you will be
proceeding at your own risk. Now with all that out of the way, here’s what you need to get started. First up, we’re gonna
need the light kit itself, which comprises of an LED strip,
some tape, some insulation, and a tool kit. You can get this kit by
clicking the link below. Once your kit arrives in
the mail, we’re going to turn off our phone, and using the provided pentalobe screwdriver, we’re
gonna remove the two screws from the bottom of the phone. After that, we’re gonna
use the suction cup that came with the kit
to stick to the screen. We’re going to use this as
leverage, and we’re going to actually pull that, and use the pry tool to get underneath the screen, and then slowly separate it from the base. Now when you pull this
up, make sure that you pull it straight up, and you
also don’t pull it back too far to where you’ll break the
cables that are holding it to the motherboard. Now this part is optional, I’m
going to show you how you can remove the screen to just
make this a little easier. But if you wanna give it a try
without removing the screen you can, it just means you
have to hold the screen up and make sure that it doesn’t fall while doing all the other steps. So to remove the screen,
we’re going to remove the five screws that hold
down this metal plate, then we’re going to unconnect
all of these connectors, and once that’s done, we
can separate the screen. And I always have a white piece of paper next to me when I do this, and I put the screws that I take out in the exact same order
that I took them out, as you can see here. This just makes it a lot
easier to put everything back together when you’re done, as some of these screws
are not all the same size. Next we can remove this
metal plate that holds in the battery connector
down here at the bottom by undo-ing these two screws. Once that’s done, we’re
going to pry up the connector in the same way we did for the screen, and we’re going to remove the battery. Now this is the most
difficult part of this, because for some reason
Apple glues the crap out of this battery. So, optionally you can take
a blow dryer to the back of the device, make sure it
doesn’t get too hot obviously because you don’t wanna
damage the internals, but this will sort of loosen
the glue a little bit, but this is optional, you
don’t have to do this, it just might make it a little bit easier. Then, we’re going to
flip the phone back over, and you can use, say, a
butterknife like I’m using here or one of the pry tools,
something that’s strong enough to get underneath this battery
in order to separate it from that horrible glue that
I mentioned earlier. Just be very careful not to puncture the battery while doing this,
which is why I recommend something like a butter
knife that’s flatter, as opposed to say one of the screwdrivers. But it’s up to you, just
be careful when doing this. If you do break your
battery, just throw it out and you can actually click
the link below to find a cheap replacement battery from Amazon. Once you’ve separated the
battery from the glue, you can peel out the rest of the glue, and this is what you are left with. Now, we’re gonna take our pick
that came with the tool kit, and we’re going to just peel
off the two pieces of tape that are holding in the metal Apple logo. Once that’s done, we need
to pry this out of here. So we’re going to use our flat
screwdriver that came with the kit, and slowly and
carefully kind of pry this up until we can just peel it away. And then you’re going to wanna save this in case you ever wanna undo
this, you can put this back in. Then, we’re gonna take the
LED that came with the kit and we’re going to put that onto where the Apple logo once sat, and you can flip the phone over and see that this will
actually sit inside of that. And you wanna make sure
that it’s kind of flush before you continue. Once you’re happy with the placement, you’re gonna take the
same two pieces of tape that held in the metal Apple logo, and we’re gonna just put these on here, doesn’t really matter where
you put them, just so long as it kind of helps to hold in the LED light. After that, we’re gonna
put our battery back on but don’t reconnect it yet, we wanna set everything else
up first before we do that. So now on the screen, there’s
actually a small piece of tape that is sitting on top of the connector that we’re gonna use to light the LED, essentially what powers the screen. So we are going to have
to scrape this off, you can do it with your fingernail, it might take a little bit of time, but you want to reveal
the three metal connectors that are underneath. This is where we’re going
to attach our LED to, and what’ll happen is, this
means that whenever the screen lights up, the LED will light up. If the screen dims, the LED will dim, so on and so forth. When you’re done, it
should look just like this. Now we can reconnect the
screen by pushing down these little lego-like connectors
back onto the motherboard. Then, we’re going to replace
the metal plate and put back in the five screws that were
originally holding that down. Then you’re gonna take
the tiny piece of foam that came with the kit, and you’re gonna make it like a “T” on top of the top of the
light kit’s top cable, literally just perpendicular
at the very top of it. And then, we’re going to push
that carefully onto those three metal connectors, so that it now covers all three of those. Then we’re gonna take
the other piece of sponge and stick that on the
side, so that it’s kind of like a piece of tape
holding in the right side of that cable, so half on the cable, and then half on the back of the screen. This is going to create
a little bit insulation, when we now add the final piece, which is this large
piece of electrical tape that we’re gonna stick on the back. Now if for some reason this doesn’t work when you start turning it on, chances are this is your problem. Either go get another
piece of electrical tape, maybe your own, it doesn’t
matter if it didn’t come with the kit, most people have it laying around, and just make sure that
this is entirely covered because it needs to be
completely insulated in order for that LED to grab
the current and light up. Finally when that’s done, we
can reconnect the battery, and then put on the metal
plate and screw that back in as well. And you notice there is a
little piece of extra cable coming out of the bottom of the battery, you’re just going to wanna fit that wherever it’ll fit basically, down here at the bottom and tape that down with
another piece of tape. Then, we can set our screen
back down very carefully and slowly run your fingers
along, pushing very slightly in order to get it to pop back into place. So just be careful that
you obviously don’t crack the screen while doing this. Then, all we need to do is put in our two bottom screws again, and then turn the phone back on. And when we do, it should light up just like it does on a MacBook. There you go guys, I hope
you guys enjoyed that and if you did, please
thumbs up it or share it, it is greatly appreciated. And don’t forget to click the link below to check out my blog. You can also follow me
on social networks at DCogen, or at The UnLockr and as always, thanks for watching.

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