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How To Make Your Phone Footage Cinematic Fast | Tutorial For Premiere Pro CC

How To Make Your Phone Footage Cinematic Fast | Tutorial For Premiere Pro CC

I don’t think the phones will replace DSLRs anytime soon, but I’m a big believer in creating with what you have available, and if that’s your phone I recommend going hard on the editing. It’s quite easy to make a fake cinematic look in post-production. Why fake? Because I think that true cinematography lies within lens diversity and true manual controls, but that doesn’t mean that phones can achieve something similar to film look. This was shot on the samsung galaxy s5, which is now a five year old phone, and it still has a beasty camera. I hope that gives a fair playground for everybody. Let’s start. If you haven’t shot the footage you want to make cinematic yet, here are some tips. You want to go as manual as you can with your phone, you don’t want your white balance to jump all over the place, you don’t want your ISO to keep changing, you should probably use manual focus, and if your phone allows you to change the shutter speed, set it to double the frame rate which you should be setting at 24fps and if you have some of the stuff that LG has been making, shoot it in log profile. If your phone doesn’t have some of the settings that I mentioned don’t worry too much about it. Let’s jump into Premiere, now if only a portion of your video is cinematic, create a new sequence with a DSLR preset at 1080p 24fps. If your whole video is gonna be cinematic you’ll want to make a 21 by 9 aspect ratio sequence. For this case I’m gonna assume that it’s a regular video with only a portion that’s gonna be cinematic, because it has an extra step. Now my footage happens to be 60fps because I needed to slow it down a bit, but I’ll just stop premiere to interpret it like is 24fps. For the black bars you’ll need to find a PNG file on Google that will make your 16 by 9 ratio look like 21 by 9 without changing the whole video, then for the color grading you’ll need to create an adjustment layer and place it just above the video layer. Now let me make this part clear, this is not actual color grading and if you ever aspired to be a filmmaker, you’ll need to learn proper color grading and color science and framing and all the settings on your camera and all the ins and outs of your editing software, I know it seems intimidating, but it’s not gonna bite you. I’m not saying to do today but you’ll have to. Until then here’s where you can find the cinematic presets in Premiere Pro and apply them to your adjustment layer. Then go to the effects panel and play with the settings because they are usually too harsh on your phone footage. They are actually made for videos that are shot in log. Then find some cinematic music and you’re done. That is a quick way to make cinematic film footage. My name is Mario, I’m also known as MrPleaseBeSerious, check out my Instagram I’m posting daily motivational wallpapers for all the creatives out there. That’s all from me. Peace .. Out !!

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