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How To Make YouTube Thumbnails On Your Phone (With FREE App)

How To Make YouTube Thumbnails On Your Phone (With FREE App)

– One of the most important
elements of growing your YouTube channel is
creating great thumbnails. But you don’t need a
fancy camera or computer to get started. All you need is your iPhone. So in this video, I’ll be
breaking down my three easy steps for creating thumbnails
with just your phone. (upbeat music) Hey, it’s Heather Torres
here with Think Media, helping you build your influence with online video and social media. And on this channel, we do
tech reviews, strategy videos, and tutorial videos just like this. So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. So I know when you get started on YouTube, it can be scary actually
having to figure out cameras and figure out the editing software to just create a simple thumbnail. So I’m gonna walk you through
the three step process that I use when I create my
thumbnails using my phone. So let’s jump into the tips. One of the first major
points of understanding how to make a great thumbnail is really, not even using the phone yet. You want to think about
starting with the end in mind. So you wanna think about
what type of emotion should you have in your face when you’re making your thumbnail? Or, are you gonna have words on the side that you need to be pointing to? Or, where are you going to be looking at? So before I even get started
making the thumbnail, really think about the end in mind of what you want that
thumbnail to look like. You know, on YouTube,
the type of thumbnails that get the most clicks are
the ones that have emotions. Yeah, it’s great to smile
sometimes in a thumbnail, but really when you evoke
emotion when you’re pointing or when you’re looking towards words that actually express
what they should click on, that’s the start of a great thumbnail. The second part of the
process is that you want to actually take a lot of pictures. I usually take about 10 pictures every time I’m going to do a thumbnail. And the reason for that is
because you want to make sure you find the right one,
the perfect picture. And if you only take one or two and you get to the editing process, you’re gonna be disappointed because you don’t have the right thumbnail that’s gonna get those
clicks and grow your channel. So here’s some tips you
want to keep in mind. I have the camera right in front of me, but I’m over actually to the side because I want to use
this side to put words on, on my thumbnail. I also have the camera
about arms distance away, and the reason for that
is I want to make sure that I don’t have too
much in the background. I want it really to be my face so you get the emotion that’s happening. Now, I’m using an iPhone
8, I have a tripod. We’ll link all of the
gear, really the tripod, down below, as well as
the apps that we’re using. But I do have it on a tripod. Now, you can also do this in
selfie and hold the phone. Or, like I have it here, I have it set up so I
can just set a timer. Now, on the phone itself, I actually want to move
it to portrait mode. Again, I have the iPhone
8, it has portrait mode. The reason for that is because it instantly gives me a blurry background. I don’t want to do a lot
of editing to this photo, so I already want the blurry
background to have the effect. In order to take the picture, I want to put it on the timer mode. It can be off, three, or 10 seconds. I’m gonna choose three seconds and I’m gonna have to
hustle back to that couch so I can take this photo. There we go, I took a photo! Now, we’ll do that about 10 times through, and then we’ll get into
the editing process. (calm music) So now that we have the
photo that we’re choosing, we’re gonna go into the editing process. And I like to break
this up into two phases. The first phase is actually
editing and cropping the photo, so let’s do that. Open up your photo app. You can get right to the
photo that you want to choose and you hit the edit button. Then, you go into the three dots, and you have all of
these different filters that you can choose from. I really like the Vivid filter because it really brightens up the photo. When you’re thinking about thumbnails, you don’t want dull and dark,
you want bright and vibrant. So I like to hit the Vivid. Now, I also am going to
click the crop button. And then with that, I’m
going to click it on the side and click 16 x 9. That’s gonna actually
crop the photo in for me so that I have the right photo. I’m just gonna move it around so that I can get my face in the 16 x 9. And get my fingers in it. But again, I want a lot of space
on the side to put the text and I want my face and the
fingers to be pointing directly so that that’s what someone looks at. And you’re gonna hit done! The second part of the phase
is to go into the Phonto app. I like the Phonto app
because it’s a free app that you can add text to. So we’re gonna go right
into the Phonto app for Android and iPhone. You’re gonna click the
little camera button and you’re going to go to “Photo Album” and you’re gonna import that last photo. Hit done. And now you’re gonna
click right on the screen and it’s gonna say “add text.” This is where you’re gonna add the text. And I like to do less than
five words on a thumbnail. So I’m gonna choose three words. This is a video that I created about what I wish I knew before
I started homeschooling, so I’m gonna put on the
thumbnail “before you start.” I’m gonna separate that up
into three different words. And you can play around
with the text and the font and the colors, and you can
move that around on your screen. I’m gonna adjust it around. You can add a background
onto it if you’d like to. So you can go into
“Style,” hit “Background,” and you can put a border around it. I like to always think, when
I’m creating thumbnails, that someone on a phone
is gonna look at it. So I want the words to be
large enough for them to read, I want it to be clear text
so they can read it easily, and sometimes I like to
play around with the color. Background. Alright, I like how this thumbnail looks, so I’m gonna go ahead and
save that to my camera roll. And now, the thumbnail is done! So if you got value out of this video, go ahead and smash the like button. And just so you know, this
video is actually part of a four part video series
where we teach you how to create YouTube
videos with your iPhone. Everything from shooting to
editing to uploading your video. So we’ll link that in the YouTube card and we’ll list it in the
description box below. Question of the day: What editing software or
app are you currently using to edit your thumbnails? Let me know in the comment section below, and I’ll see you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “How To Make YouTube Thumbnails On Your Phone (With FREE App)”

  1. I use iMovie for my kids YouTube an vlogstar on my phone will be for my videos.. I could do my YouTube videos on the iPhone an use iMovie because I absolutely love the iMovie app! I wish Android Google pixel would create a similar app be the iMovie app is perfect

  2. Superb!!! Thanks for an amazing video yet again. I have recently started my YouTube channel and I try mix matching a lot of apps like canva + photoshop + adobe spark. Any feedback would be appreciated

  3. I use Canva for my thumbnails – one of Sean's first and most valuable tip I learned. For my running videos I search any frame I like from the video itself, I don't bother shooting it on the run because I know I'll find a nice frame to do the job.

    For any other of my videos, then I look to shoot some few photos to act as thumbnail.

  4. I use PixelLab app for my Thumbnails, I also use Ripl and Canva for short 10 to 15 second videos…it's easy to use and it's free! Great tips for us new users and Youtubers! Thank you!

  5. iMovie is great because 1. It’s free but 2. They updated it and you get a lot of functions out of it. Like you use green screens, add pictures in your video or it has some good transitions! 😊🙌

  6. Great content 👍. I make sure to take multiple pics and decide what pic will be The best for my content. Canva and Adobe sparkl are my favorite.✨💢 Any New YouTuber, let's hug each other 🤗

  7. I use an app called Typorama to add my text. I love the idea of using up to 3 words on the thumbnail, I have to implement that more 👍🏼

    Make sure that your thumbnails matches with your brand so that it is easily recognized!

    👉Apps I used to make Thumbnails:
    ✔Pixel Lab
    ✔Background Eraser

  9. Great video, in the description Part 2 link says coming soon, but I believe this current video is part 2. God bless you and multiply your subscribers!!! Jesus loves you and greater things are yet to come!!!

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  14. Well, I use Instagram and its story mode to create my thumbnails on my phone… Cheapest and easiest way possible, probably 🙂

  15. Another thing I would Love to learn how to do it, how do you edit/put what you are doing on your phone while showing us in the video? Like while you are typing your thumbnail, it moves along in real time lol.

  16. QOTD ⚡️ What editing software or apps do you use for YouTube thumbnails? Let us know! 👇 **** Looking for the best camera & equipment for YouTube? Download the new "Think Media Video Gear Buyer's Guide" for FREE here ➡️

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  20. I use Photoshop most of the time as i often need to embed a PNG logo and as far as I know there isn't an app that keeps translucent background, however I have used Snapsed before but erasing the white parts of a logo often leaves it looking messy.

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